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in reply to Sasha

One little notice: it was quite a puzzle for me to find a PDF version to get into. I didn't think that the picture is actually a clickable e-book! :D Probably there should be an additional button like "Read PDF book" as the last one in the buttons row.

It was puzzling because some people are offering their books for a donation/free fee, like you can enter "0" on a platform and get access to a book - so I thought that a BuyMeACoffee had that option... xD Confusing a bit.

DLed on my reader, will share my review after a read, if will still be alive xD

in reply to Eugene

Ok, thanks for letting me know, we'll add a button or explanation there then 🙂

Shit I hope you are okay. Let us know if there's any way we can help you escape 😬