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fuck that. The idea of an ownership society, where every thought and thing must have an owner, and every exchange related to that thing has a transaction cost, is a disgusting sickness that must end. I often do find it very painful living in this present world. @yogthos

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Its sad to see projects like Internet Archive supporting web3.0, trade seems to be so integrated in this system that we can even call it trade2.0 instead, lol 😂 I also would like to sneak into a rocket and leave this shitty place, haha.

But on a positive note, @aral made and its showing that there are saner people here too. I hope people realize the truth and move to a truly decentralized internet without of all the corporate trade BS like Meta
in the case of internet archive, I could see why they would want and need an immutable log of site snapshots past. That one aspect and kind of use I am okay with.
so maybe they can use a backend blockchain itself to archive, but they don't need a web3 for anything....
Also I think IPFS had all these stuff long before, right ?
Yeah I think IPFS and the like can deal with such things. There are ofc all kinds of ways to label unique content inside of a system. But to push for NFTs and to think it is ok for people to keep on trading their digital nonsense or whatever sense, it is wrong. You fail to see the greater and more important influence of all that, that ruins our entire world and ourselves.
Check out the org that makes IPFS… hint, they’re VC-funded.
"...improving the IPFS developer experience and toolset as part of making IPFS and its sibling web3 protocols Filecoin, libp2p, IPLD, and Multiformats a seamless, ubiquitous part of the future web..."
they don't identify people, so who funds this? What VC? What people? Depending on who, I may have a lot more to say on this, too...
I dug my way to , but feel less enlightened...
what's the problem, you don't have to care who made it, ipfs doesn't have any dependencies on any service. It's basically analogous to bittorrent.
Well here’s what I do know: some folks invested $5M and they want $1B back. So how’s it going to make them that $1B?
That's fair. They could start doing evil things to it in the future. (I'd just fork it then lol but still yeah)
amazon?? ;) Let me ask a different way, do they have people from the eff/cyber-libertarian community like say Cory Doctorow, or Whitfield Diffie heavily involved or promoting it??
whose lives are being ruined by trading NFTs?
Trading makes us change this for that like the players of the monopoly board game. And we then become profiteers, charlatans, and mindless creatures that all they care is to trade. And make some profits. This mindset is what drives the problems we see in the world today, where instead of NFTs humans trade endless and useless digital stuff, clothes, useless gadgets, and so forth, with no regard for their brains, or this planet. I wrote a book all about this craziness

So if humans are going to promote the same mindset in the online world, which they do, then we move the shithole from offline to online.
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so you don't want to live in a world where the friction for sending money to people is basically zero which would drastically increase the velocity of money in the western world and lift tons of people out of poverty as well as opening to doors to every internet user from a *consumer* into a *creator* where they can make a living as a self-employed entrepreneur without having to get permission from any corporation, government, or bank to do so?
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This is the future we need to get to or we will end up with war against China as they take over the world with their Belt and Road Initiative.

Well that summarizes how far deep into the religion of economics you are and how you obviously understand how such power like China, is to be feared. You brag about their economic growth (imaginable currency growth), and at the same time fear their expansion.

China is one, if not the most, polluting and waste creating tribe int the world. Not to mention their gov control powers or billionaires and inequality it has created. The tens of millions of empty homes, the oppressed minorities there. I don't think you chose your example right.

You want to see my arguments as to why this trade based society is such a shithole?

The Money Game and Beyond book I wrote
The Origin of Most Problems book that I wrote

I have way more but that's a start.

The "economy" is a human invention that makes no sense when we live in an abundant world.
If you measure the success of humans via a currency, then you are sadly lost. Reality is not close to you. Success should be in how many people have access to their basic needs for free; how much or little are humans stressed; their health, the state of biodiversity on this planet, the knowledge humans have about reality (from atoms to galaxies), how good they are with each other, how much free time they have, and so forth.

Relationships, trees and rivers, curiosity and exploration, helping others, better health and so forth, are real values. Trade gave rise to currencies, and currencies have value only inside of a trade system. Like a painting being more expensive than saving 1000 cancer patients, a car more expensive than an entire forest, and so forth.
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I don't think we actually disagree that much, except about how we get there. And we don't get there with societies built around a fiat currency.
There, from my perspective, is to a world where trade is obsolete. Meaning no currencies in any form or other trades. People's needs are met trade free and we rely mostly on "volunteers" for all aspects of our society. And I argue that this is not far fetched in the books above or in many at We provide examples of how millions of volunteer humans are already the backbone of many parts of our society already, and so forth.

Do we agree about this place called "there"? :)
trade can never be obsolete as its ingrained into our psyche. It's instinct. Even animals do it.
Of course that's not a scientific claim. I do not want or like to trade. Same as millions of people nowadays. And the rest are forced to. Our behavior comes from the environment we grow into. The better and more caring the env, the better and more caring the humans. The more competitive the env, the more competitive the humans. And so on.
Yeah NFTs are the craziest shit ever, I can't believe people are falling for this 🤦‍♂️

I think Meta is the manifestation of it all, a big corporation with the only goal of profit in mind, is promoting NFTs, what could go wrong ? Not to mention its one of the most privacy invasive and addictive platforms ever, there's lot of issues with this......
ironically they are the ones that know too well that nothing on the internet can be owned hence why the internet archive exists anyway
also they deleted my comment about anything that is against this bullshit. looks like they don't like criticism.
@Tio seems like capitalism is becoming (or has always been) just as totalitarian an ideology as fascism.
It is just the game of trade. Regardless if this is china, us, cuba, europe... Humans have become insane because of this trade environment and they still want to trade, without asking what's the purpose of trade in the first place. If we have an abundance of stuff, why keep on trading useless shit just to keep us in the game.
Can't say I agree with this 100%, but certainly some provoking and poignant thoughts here. 👍
The capitalist system is inherently hostile to an open and free internet, as it has trouble monetizing it. NFT are it's tool to enforce artificial scarcity in a place where it doesn't belong

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"the last NY Times article only cost .001 Bitcoin to access, but 10 bitcoin were deduced from my legally mandated internet wallet by the times for the month..."

Yes, I see where this will go...