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My thru-hike Day 25-27-
Here I walked from Tavascan (Spain) to Lake Maurici, passing by a few small villages and finding camping wherever possible. I also learned a lesson here: never put your bag on the ground in these small villages- as there are plenty of dogs there!

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Its interesting to see all the things you have to worry about when camping. Will there be enough water for the day? Where's the next source of fresh water? How's the weather? Am I on the right track? Do I have enough food? Is my backpack too heavy? Is there gonna be a storm? Will my tent hold up in the storm? Are these horses gonna steal my food? Will dogs piss on my backpack? 😄

Damn there's a lot of things we take for granted when we stay at the comfort of our homes.
I also gotta say that lake view is amazing, a perfect camping spot. These beautiful scenery is what makes it worth it 😀
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haha yeah there are many things to think about 😀 and from here on out the scenery was really spectacular 😁