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Soon we will add a Theme Switch to TROMjaro :)

You will be able to click any color combination from the list and change your theme based on the color accent and dark/light mode. And unlike Pop OS, Deepin, Ubuntu, Gnome and the like, our Theme Switch changes the theme for some 90% of all apps out there, compared to some 10-20% for these other distros.

Stay tuned! #

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does this also deal with gtk4 / libawaita bizarro-land on tromjaro?
Unfortunately no....we do not know how to fix that in an automated way...and I do not think anyone knows. But as soon as we do we can adapt the code. Libadwaita really messed things up
oh sounds promising! I will test it now!
Wow this fixes libadwaita theme issue! So awesome. Packaging it for TROMjaro :). All we need for now is a fix for the pesky flatpaks... Thank you so much for the heads-up!
I think what they basically do is patch libadwaita to bypass itself. So it satisfies the library dependency for the executable, but disables what the library would have done... I suspect KDE will adopt a similar strategy at some point. Maybe LD_PRELOAD can be used in a way to do this with flatpaks.

The problem I see is it may not be a very long-term sustainable solution, especially on a rolling distro. I suggest learning who the maintainer is and what their long-term plans are.
this may have some ideas too...