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- We've added - a complete Trello trade-free alternative.
- We've added a simple and useful online sketch whiteboard. Draw together with others and share your drawings.
- We've added another one geared towards learning programming and creating animations.
- We moved to the original Do not worry, they are linked so it does not matter which one you use.

As you can see we are adding new trade-free services. Thanks to the people who donate to TROM. Now we have 27 trade-free services that are well maintained. So if you can, please donate to TROM here to keep these services alive and relevant, and add more in the future.

We will make some "info" pages for some of these newly added services, soon. Enjoy! #tromlive
I had no idea this existed and I love it. Thank you.
Yes many people do not know about this project. I am happy you already love it :).
Keep on tromming, you guys rock ! 😃

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