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Our TROM Live stopped working.

We are perhaps going to change our TROM Live page for good. You see in order for us to post live updates on this page we had to do a hack that involved RSS + Google’s FeedBurner + a paid for plugin. The posts were not properly formatted at times, plus for the past days the hack stopped working. We guess is because Google’s FeedBurner is discontinued, or in the process of.

But why complicate things? We are on the Fediverse already! That’s a proper social network. So from now on keep an eye on our page. Make an account with our TROM Social and interact with us and so forth. You can also follow the TROM updates that the TROM members post: Tio, Sasha, Aaron.

So, come join us on the Fediverse!

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I think people can also simply just follow the #tromlive hashtag to get new updates, sometime you might accidentally see someone else's post too but this tag is mostly used my TROM members.

This link also works in the browser -
Yes but it is too sketchy to share that officially. Anyone can use the hashtag...
I understand, let's see if there's a better way.... 🤔
Yeah we may find a better way, but for now if people follow this TROM page then they will get the most important updates from TROM.