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Unbelievable this guy.... I even tried to return back the money, at least a part. This guy is so friendly, helpful and amazing I have no words...

My dear friend @Roma thank you for allowing me to have a great laptop that will help me with all of the projects I am doing.

Speechless 😁

A huge and massive thanks to one of the most friendly and overall amazing friends of TROM, @Roma who helped again in a tremendous manner. 1.000 Euros donation for the TROM Laptop campaign. Unbelievable.

Now the campaign looks a lot more different and doable. Amazing help. Unbelievable! #tromlive

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So welcome my friend, glad I can help you! 😊 I do not know anybody who deserves some powerful hardware more than yourself with all the amount of the nicest projects you do..

If you can help.... 😁

Laptop Donation Campaign -

By Tio:

This is a donation campaign to help me, Tio, buy a new laptop that will allow me to become more mobile while having all I need to work on TROM and its baby projects. Please see the donation campaign for a detailed explanation and help if you can.

Basically I need to take what is in this photo (except those galaxies):

With all of the shoeboxes full of HDDs and cables:

And put it into this:

Thank you very much if you can help out! 😀


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The UN has done it! We will fix it. Finally!

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finally some good news 😁
right?! awesome! :facepalm

FIFA World Trade

The current FIFA event shows a few things that should have been obvious anyway:

1. Slavery was not abolished, it was reduced and redefined at best.
2. High level sport is a business, nothing more.
3. Greenwashing is the most popular practice of pretty much all companies and organizations.
4. Not many people care about climate change, slavery, dictatorship regimes, and so forth.
5. The ones in power (from states to organizations like FIFA) care only about profits and lie endlessly.
6. We are fucked, nothing changes. The same trade based society keeps on being in the driving seat, deciding where we go.

"The OTHER big problem with the Qatar World Cup ->>


A massive thanks to Olaf for the 200 Euros donation! If you want to support TROM and all of our projects (see them all here), please consider a donation! Again thank you so much Olaf! #tromlive

Tomorrow I will 100% finish the first 40 minutes of the TROM II documentary, part 3 of it. So fast! Awesome! Basically I am almost done with those 40 minutes. Only need to work for an hour or so to finish it. After that I will probably be able to finish the next 10 minutes or more this month. But the rest is a bit unknown and needs some serious work. In any case, am doing it much faster it seems. And so far I love it. #tromlive

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Thank you InfinitelyGalactic for the TROMjaro review: Why we NEED new distros! - TROM Jaro Review

He is one of the few Linux reviewers that takes time to look into distros. So we are more than happy to see this review and the context he puts it into.

Awesome! #tromlive

I finished 29 minutes for TROM II, 3rd part! So much progress these days. I like it. I work like a crazyman! I want to finish it! go go! I will for sure finish around 40-50 minutes this month! Which is fabulous! But that's my only focus now. Be fed, be warm, be relaxed, be hydrated 😁 and work on the documentary! #tromlive
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Carbon Capture, yet another "green washing" that won't help us at all -

When the trade based society we live in, makes us all want to trade like insane robots, then you can't fix anything unless you fix society. Period. And these "technological" solutions are a mere scapegoat for the best players of the game, who have no interest in changing the game. After all, they are having lots of fun.

So, carbon capture is no more than a scam. #tromlive

My plan for the next year.

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Have fun! 😃
yes it was great to visit them! 😀
Nice plan! I wish you good luck, and hope that you will succeed ! Go out and see the world!

18 minutes from the 3rd part of the TROM II documentary, done! The work is faster than I first thought. I worked today a lot on color correction....I usually do not bother with these but I had to do it better for TROM II since when we filmed the interviews we did not do a great job at dealing with the lights and camera settings.... But now looks great in my view.

The next bit, how I approach it, will be defining for the rest of the 3rd let's see.... #tromlive

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07:30 in the morning...worked like crazy on TROM 2 tonight. Very happy with the work I've done. These next few days I can have a clearer picture of where I am going with this 3rd part and perhaps how long it will be. #tromlive

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I finished some 10 minutes from part 3 of TROM II. And these days I will finish more for sure. Super happy with the work so far. Managed to do it exactly how I had imagined. I personally really like it. I think I got better at editing with Kdenlive. Anyways, this is a long journey still....a lot of work ahead. But will do it! #tromlive

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I am getting better at editing with Kdenlive. I swear you can make some really cool (pro) stuff with it. You just have to combine effects in the proper way and always use audio effects. Makes everything a lot better. I am working on the very beginning of part 3, and that's a bit challenging but am getting there.....probably will finish the first few minutes these days. Takes tweak stuff....I want this documentary to look the most professional that I can personally make it....

I think except 3D stuff, and some motion tracking, Kdenlive is suited for all video editing needs. Oh and it is quite difficult to do awesome transitions in have to spend a lot of time on those...would help a ton if they had some pre-built stuff, and am not talking about their pre-built simplistic fading transitions...

Anyway....I feel good that I am finally working again on TROM II. #tromlive

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I started to work again on TROM II. Part 3 of it. Making some progress already...too early to say much, but let's see...

Kudos to @Kdenlive for being such an awesome video editor. I can throw at it any files and it handles them. Also, so far so stable! #tromlive

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TROM-jaro OS - Beautiful Trade Free Linux OS -

Another review of TROMjaro - Much appreciated! Also, fantastic that he got to talk about the trade-free idea quite a bit. That's very important! #tromlive

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If you have not seen this Linux Usability Test review for TROMjaro, you should watch it ! We showcase how we managed to implement a plethora of fixes and features to make Linux more user friendly. #tromlive

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Sorry but now...I could enable automatic subtitles but they are really bad....partially because of the way I talk it is true, but generally they are not good...
Thank you for honesty. Subtitles are usually an afterthought.
#deaf #accessibility

So Ubuntu is adding ads inside the terminal?


I mean I would not be surprised. They injected the Amazon services into their distro for many years now.

You want me to sound like a broken record? When you trade something, even when it is about Open Source Software/Hardware, you'll become a little or a big charlatan. You will try to deceive, lie, exaggerate, and so forth....there is no way around it. When others cheer for Open Source Software, I am not excited. I do not care as much. I care if the software is Open Source but also Trade-Free, meaning it does not want anything from you. Not your currency, not your data, not your attention...

We need to remove these really bad incentives! And trading is a practice that will make humans fuck things up. #tromlive

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Should be "run ads list --upgradable"
I understand your point. Maybe I'll try to do that. Thanks for reminding me about this.

The idea of launching satellites to display ads to humans, from space, sounds like an utter idiocracy. But it is something some are thinking seriously about. See here.
"Space advertising turns out to have a potential for commercial viability."

A trade based society where humans need and want (because of constant training) to trade this for that, even when we have enough to provide this or that without trading anything in return.

If we keep this trade society alive, humanity will get trashed. And is likely to be too late anyway....

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TROMjaro 2022.09.30 (important fix)

QT apps stopped working...but we provide a fix. Plus we achieved the holly grail 😁 - we do a better sync now across libraries (gtk and qt) and support font syncing too! Check it out! #tromlive

FINALLY! I wanted to do this for a year now. And we did it! Now TROMjaro is a lot better and much easier for us to maintain it. If you use TROMjaro you need to read this release's notes! Enjoy!

A very important TROMjaro Release

We worked a lot to make it so much easier from now on to keep your TROMjaro updated without making manual changes like you had to do before. This is mostly thanks to the wonderful @Roma and @Rokosun who did a wonderful job.

ENJOY! #tromlive

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We are getting closer and closer to releasing a new TROMjaro ISO that will come with some really useful features for every TROMjaro user. In short, the changes we usually recommend for people to do (most of them at least) for each of our release, will be now pushed by us to everyone automatically. Thanks to @Roma and @Rokosun for the great work they've done for these past days.

As soon as we release this new TROMjaro ISO, the focus will shift once again on the TROM II documentary.

TROM is alive. And it has been since 2011. And we will continue to be. We plan a new TROM Meeting for the next year. We will let you know more details towards the end of this year. #tromlive

These days I am spending quality time with @Roma and when I have some time I fix our websites for mobile screens. So far I fixed most of them. Should be done in a few days time with the rest. Recently I fixed:Not perfect, but good.

These days I'll also work with Roma to make a few packages for TROMjaro for our scripts Something I wanted to do for so long. If we do that I will be over the moon happy.

Next week I hope to start the work on TROM II again! #tromlive

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Kings and Queens are an insult to humanity. We are all humans. We are all important in our own way. We should work together and see each other as one species. Social classes, queens, bosses, rich people, doctors, celebrities....are all imagination. Human imagination. Some posses some skills (true), and we should focus on that (such as doctors), but it is mostly a sick game of labels in a messed-up society.

Wake up, reality is calling! #tromlive

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A new TROMjaro ISO is out with integration for our trade-free library and videoneat. Access hundreds of trade-free apps and many hundreds of documentaries and courses, as trade-free of course.

We wanted to do this for quite some time and now we had the time to do it. And works quite well. Check it out! #tromlive

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So this month I am focused on the software side of TROM. Towards the end I will get back on TROM II tho. And I will struggle to push my focus more and more away from the software to the content. Not that the software world isn't great, but it was never meant to be taking so much of the TROM space. And we've done a lot in that area, and what we have no is working great and we may even add new stuff.

But I truly need to focus on the content, on what TROM really is about! It is great that we have money to stay away from trading for almost a year or so. Ofc idk what we'll do after and any donations will add up to prolonging this time that we have. But I have now all of the resources I need to finish TROM II. And that's relaxing. #tromlive

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Our Trade Free Directory is back - there might still be some bugs but we will fix them in time. #tromlive

Thanks to the brilliant @Rokosun we now have a script that checks all of our apps from library (our trade free selection) and alerts us when it finds broken packages or those that need to be moved from AUR to repos and such. Brilliant work! This guy is not only brilliant but such a great human. I am so happy he found TROM and me. He is the most active now when it comes to TROM. Helps a lot. Also the other wonderful one, @Alexio who is always helping!! Wonderful beings. #tromlive

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Thank you my friend 😃

You know I like writing scripts to automate things :blobcatgiggle:

@alexio @roko

American's have been lied to about so much. And everybody lies to us. Now we find that we never could trust the pharmaceutical companies. Thank God for computers. Had it not been for them we never would have recognized that the USA is as good an example of a third world country as any other.

I plan to release a new TROMjaro ISO these days. A big release. It will be a Beta release for now, with the chaotic-aur out of the box. I need to release else I lose tracks of the changes I've made and need to detail for the current TROMjaro users....

Once that is done should be less work for me on TROMjaro. I have been so trapped into the software world lately, and I'd like to be less so. Probably the next month I won't be very productive, but I want to also have some outside time. My dear friend @Roma is visiting so I'd like to spend some time together. Talk about TROM-like subjects and more! 😀

I try to feel less guilty about not working on the TROM II documentary lately....but should be ok. We can support ourselves for the many months to come, if we spend no more than what we normally do (basic - food and such). So I should have time to finish it and also enjoy life while doing that.

But hey....TROM is alive and well. And we still work on stuff! #tromlive

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Going out from time to time will clear your mind, it might even be helpful for your work on TROM II. So its not like you're wasting your time if you go out, you actually need a clear and healthy mind to work on things, and so taking a break can be good 😀

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I think it should be possible to write a simple qt cli program to do that, to both read and modify the Qt setting file. It's basically a serialization of a QVariant.
we are already modifying the qt settings file via a script but unable to deal with that formatting...if you can help that'd be fantastic!

We are testing TROMjaro with the chaotic-aur repo. So far so good. This means many thousands of AUR packages pre-compiled. Meaning, you can install them super fast no need to build on your own machine!

Thank you @Alexio for the original proposal months ago, and @Ilia for bringing it up again. If all goes well with our tests, the next TROMjaro will ship with the chaotic-aur repo! #tromlive
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Until now, over 150 trade-free apps from the TROMjaro Apps library are available on Chaotic AUR:

We have created a page where we list all of the abuse that happens against, when we are forced to remove certain services or pages. Please check it here - #tromlive

Awesome Kdenlive release - added support for animations and such. Really awesome project! #tromlive

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it's amazing how a motivated team that are passionate about a project can be so much more efficient than a commercial project. How many people, for example, do you think work on an adobe application?

no idea....but behind Kdenlive are a handful from what I know. Just a few that is

The hosting company:
The complaint seems to be solved; thus, we have closed this case and no further steps are requested from your side at the moment. If we should receive further complaints about your used services, we will contact you again.
The good news is that for now our server is ok. The bad news is that we can be bullied into removing links, even if it is illegal and unfair. And our complaints are not heard by the Contabo company.

I will voice more about this later on, or the days. We will make a page on where we showcase all of such requests and our dispute with them. Our fight with this insane world. Changing the hosting provider won't work, since pretty much all will bend like that.


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