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Matrix finally works! It was indeed postgres (database) that took a while to fully update. Now all seems fine. Thanks @YunoHost !

The big update seems to be fully done now. All of our services seem to work well. If you find any errors or anything "suspicious" let us know. Thank you Yunohost and thank you Debian! #tromlive

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So all of our services seem to work now, except our Matrix chats folks...I suspect the database is still migrating from PostgreSQL 11 to 13 but it is a super slow progress. Our Matrix database is 77GB in fucking size...I've heard Matrix will push some updates this year that will speed up matrix in some regards by almost a thousand times. Which is crazy...can't bloody wait!

So for now we have to wait and see. I asked for help already but it is too late and developers sleep at this time 😁 .

Stay calm and try to fix things 😀 #tromlive

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@Tio @LPS I don't think that it's sophisticated from an environmental point of view to use so many resources. YMMV.
@Tio @LPS
Sure but it provides video/audio calls, audio notes, markdown support with easy to use buttons for it (we use it a lot for code sharing), big file sharing capabilities, spaces, threads, reactions, and the userbase....i mean it is what i use to keep in touch with many open source projects....

They said Matrix will be improved hundreds of times by the end of this year so let's see...

The YNH upgrade is not going so smooth for I was expecting that. Matrix, Searx, Invidious and a few more services are not working anymore. Trying to fix them. Other services need some tweaks to properly work...may take me hours to fix everything. But I am prepared. I will feed myself just in case 😀 #tromlive
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In a few minutes I am starting the big Debian and Yunohost upgrade for our and all of our services. Be aware, the services might not work for hours. Including this Friendica instance! #tromlive

Today/Tomorrow we will upgrade our and all of its services to the new Debian and Yunohost release. It may take hours and things may not work. Please be aware of that! #tromlive

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Surprisingly we were able to upgrade to the latest Debian and YNH, a big update, all of our TROMsite websites in less than an hour. No error, everything smooth. Yunohost is not a company but a project supported through donations. And they do a fabulous job! The real test is the server with over 20 services....we may update it tomorrow! We will let you know. #tromlive

BE AWARE: The next few days we will upgrade our server to the new Debian + Yunohost release. This is a once in a few years upgrade probably, so it may take a while. Our websites may not work. Here are the websites that will be affected:



For that matter and will also suffer donwtimes from the upgrade.

From now on the registrations on require manual approval. This is to prevent the bots from registering. Do not worry, we are still trade-free in all regards. Everyone will be approved, except bots, spams and scams of course. #tromlive

The internet is not built for brains.

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Would not be nice to assault you now with comments about how I disagree with some of the things you said here. (*)

What I think is important to tell you now is the following : I will never be offended if you don't answer right away to my comments. I know that you are up to many things, and I think most people who interact with you know it as well. Maybe you can doo what most writers do, and dedicate a few (maybe even one) timeslots a week to answer "letters".

(*) Just to summarize, you seem to underestimate the interactions other content producer (scientists, writers, ...) have over their work. I would be glad to discuss that further, if you are in the mood for it sometime. Maybe in private if you find that less overwhelming, although public interaction also has its own advantages.
On Social Networks it is quite difficult not to reply "now" since it ca be daunting to "save" comments to folders in Friendica and reply later. Too inconvenient. This is why email for me is best. So if you ever want to engage in more lenghty discussions you can always use our contact form
you seem to underestimate the interactions other content producer (scientists, writers, ...) have over their work.
Not sure where I underestimated this. I was talking about when others give talks or publish books, it is way different in the offline work than in the online world when you publish them primarily there.
it ca be daunting to "save" comments to folders in Friendica and reply later.
That's actually what I often do, in my comment:plan folder ! Long live Friendica 😀
So I am also doing it with this post so that I can write you an email whenever I have the time and am in the mood.
I have submitted a request for Friendica to implement such a feature - I fully understand that this may be waaay to much for them to implement and idk if others are that interested in this. But I thought to at least give it a try and post about it...

Ok I have fully checked the second part of the TROM II upcoming documentary. From beginning to the end. I tried to see it with some "new eyes" if possible, and is quite impossible haha. Anyway. All is good I think. The ending feels a bit abrupt still, but I am moving on. It is time for part 3 of the documentary! #tromlive

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I am quite sure that I have finished the second part of TROM II. Damn I got stuck for a bit at the end is fine. Tomorrow I should move to part 3. I am quite eager to do that.

The really great news is that we've calculated whatever money we have and whatever we will manage to make the following months, plus thanks to the recent huge donations, we may have money for a year from now on. And this is fantastic! And it is possible because we also spend no more than on bills, rent, and food. Literally just that. And we are fine with it. We need time, not stuff. Me and Sasha, 2 humans in Spain, are able to make it with some 700 or so Euros a month. And this is the extreme low in Spain. We share a house/rent so that's part of the "why and how".

Super tired now...but relaxed overall. At times I get annoyed by the contradictory discussions I have online, but I will try to change, be more calm and see these discussions as important, plus force myself to have more patience. #tromlive

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TVP and TZM....are they dead?

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I always thought that TVP & TZM were much much bigger and had lots of followers, so I'm surprised to know that they've been in decline. I agree this is kinda sad....

I think it was on the TROM website where I read this quote, or maybe on the book, but it said something like "Projects and people die, ideas survive"
So maybe there are still many people who were inspired by these ideas, all is not lost. TROM II and Sasha's book could have an impact, so let's see.....
They were a lot bigger, but now idk...from what I can tell they faded away kinda. They themselves are not active it seems, at all. So even if they have some "followers" those will get bored eventually.

"Projects and people die, ideas survive" - yes I used to say this after I left TVP, as a way to emphasize on the ideas behind such projects not the projects themselves or the people behind them.

But yeah....let's see....after TROM II and the book will be released. They won't be the end of anything, but the beginning of new things to come from us. ;)

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Yes, TROM II especially feels like a new beginning, and the book too maybe it'd attract more people to check out this project. And at this point we already have like a dozen different services and such, its not just a simple documentary like how it was when you first started, its much bigger than that.

I finally got back to work on the TROM II documentary. I got stuck with the second part, the end of it. I think I may have cracked it finally. Tomorrow I'll have to watch the entire part to see how it is. Likely I will move to the 3rd part and if necessary come back to it after I finish the other parts. I am quite curious to start the 3rd part. #tromlive

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I see the Software Freedom Conservancy joined our Peertube instance. Here is their channel - finally saner people joining. Please more! We have plenty of resources. #tromlive

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I hope you're amused!

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Wow...... So now you're a poet too I guess :blobcatshrug:

@frankie @thebiologist837 @catswhocode Hey friends, check this out!
Those lyrics explain some of the dark truths about our world :blobcatgiggle:
@tio @frankie @thebiologist837
What made you confuse initially?

So the whole thing is satire and its talking about issues like climate change, wars, corruption, etc and also about the people who don't care about these things and spend all their day consuming media on TikTok, Facebook, etc, which also gives them a skewed perspective of what's actually happening in the world. Scientists are shouting about climate change saying we don't have enough time, but nothing changes 🙁
@tio @frankie @thebiologist837

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oh because initially I just saw the pictures without the text, that's why @tio @frankie @thebiologist837
Oh, so when you set a title for a post on Friendica, platforms like Mastodon interprets it as a blog post and so it just shows you the title with a link to the full post. Now what doesn't make much sense is that the pictures in these posts are still shown on mastodon, I don't know why 🤷
@tio @frankie @thebiologist837

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hard to say for sure...something in the design but I don't know what aspect causes it to do that 🤔 @tio @frankie @thebiologist837
from pleroma using Tusky I see the lyrics directly
I'm not sure how it shows on Pleroma, but Friendica actually supports inline images, so these images you see they're actually shown in between the lyrics. But on Mastodon all images are shown below the post, even for Friendica posts. And I think mastodon only supports 4 images maximum, Friendica doesn't have a limit like this because its a blogging platform, not a microblogging platform like mastodon.
Ugh sucks that they are limited like that. When I add inline images I add them for a reason where I add them....can anyone screenshots how this looks like on Mastodon, Pleroma or other non-friendica platforms?
See the screenshot. Because you've set a title for this post it'll only show that title and a link to the main post, this is nice when writing blog posts. But if you didn't set a title then the post will show as a normal post, but the images will stay on the bottom 😐

hmmm I see....It is better to show it as a link to the original. But damn...I thought it can show it as it is originally. Nothing against Mastodon I think it is fantastic what they do there, but why are people flocking to platforms that are more limited in the tens of thousands, than platforms that are feature-rich!? Well I guess because people go for whatever becomes popular for whatever reasons.

I mean on Friendica you can also make short posts, but then you can make huge ones. Bot of the worlds.

Anyway....I am so glad I found Friendica and it allows me to express myself fully. I would be unable to do this on Mastodon for example.

But options, whatever works for ya...
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Hm ok...thx. So Pleroma also does not support inline images I see...but at least it shows the entire post. Still not ideal.
Actually mastodon does show you the entire post like this when you don't set a title, but when you set a title for your Friendica post then mastodon will consider it as a blog post and show a link instead.
it makes sense now. I had only seen the pictures because I was viewing it as a preview from this instance, not on Friendica. @tio @frankie @thebiologist837
haha I've always written these sort of things, since my old days when I had a blog in the romanian language 😁 - but I realized i can do them in english too. It just comes to me and I write thoughts like that rarely.

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thoughts with rhymes 😁

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OK, I get it now with the context! Thank you!

The original was the most unique perhaps website I ever made and especially since it was designed for a massive documentary. You can see it archived here

Click those "i" buttons and such. I designed it in Photoshop then build from scratch. This is the second version, even better built by a friend called Erico. The guy was brilliant at making a website anyway you want to. The website was unique, simple, clean and very functional.

Yeah...10 years ago. Now we have too much stuff and the website-making is different...was more fun a decade ago. It still can be of course if you have the time and skills to create one. Who knows maybe I can try to release the next TROM II documentary in a similar fashion...but you can't replicate these things really. And you should not. #tromlive

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Oh wow, I've never seen a website like that before!

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And I thought I was almost done with the part 2 of TROM II 😁 - but I didn't like the ending much so I worked on that. Today I worked quite a lot and I think I am on a good track. But could take me a day or two to truly finish this documentary ever going to end? Probably not 😁. But what can I that I started it I will finish it, but it is 100 times more work than I first imagined honestly...

This is the biggest and longest project I ever worked on so far.... #tromlive

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Free Software Nonsense.

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So Mozilla VPN is "free" but you can cancel your subscription withing 30 days and get a refund. REFUND FOR WHAT?!

This world has lost its marbles entirely. The word "free" has no meaning at all anymore. Yeah it is free....psst just for like 10 days or it is so limited you have to purchase the "pro" version....

Fuck them! These charlatans.

That's why our trade-free project that we launched and are making a documentary about, is fucking important. It cuts through this shit like a knife through butter.

Apply W.A.I.T. : What Am I Trading? A simple question. What do they want form me in return for this product/service? If they want my data, attention (ads), currency, something else, then it is trade-based. Never follow the money, follow the trades to see where these charlatans are hiding.

So yeah, wtf is Mozilla doing? If they want my currency then fuck them, this is not "free", it is trade-based. #tromlive

UPDATE: For those who may be confused since they see prices, I and millions of others from other parts of the world than you, we do not see any prices. This is what we see:
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you're misreading that first part. it's merely a warning about free VPNs and why you can't necessarily trust that. the landing page makes it very clear that it itself is a paid service.
Ah ok I got that part now, but it is very confusing. Why are they calling them "competitors" if they are free? And which ones are free, I am only aware of RiseupVPN. Do you know any other that are free? Also they do not make it clear at all that this is a paid-for service. They tell you how "amazing" it is and that you can join the waitlist.
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yeah that section probably would make more sense to label as something like "Why is MozillaVPN a paid service?"

I don't know of many other free VPNs but I'm sure there's at least a couple 😅 or some with free-tier plans?

> Also they do not make it clear at all that this is a paid-for service

what is this based on? the landing page that you link to lists subscription plans for the product 🤨
some with free-tier plans?

That is trade-based nothing to do with free. 😛
what is this based on? the landing page that you link to lists subscription plans for the product

On this page, and I suppose it is the main page, they do not say this is a paid-for product. They never mention that from what I could see. In any case, they make it entirely confusing by:

This, to me, sounds like they provide a free VPN since they call their competitors "free VPNs".
think it's at the very least implied that it's a service that you pay for given the subscription plans section, which comes before the FAQ section you're referring to. sure, it doesn't say in big bold text "this costs money" but as someone who looked at that page for the first time recently, it seemed clear enough to me.

Again, you have a point in that the section in question would probably benefit from a rewording
So from my region, it seems, they display no prices at all. You probably see some, I see none. No words about any paying fees and such.
oh that'd be a major twist in this debacle 😅 yeah I'm seeing prices for two different subscription options on that page. curious to know what you're (not) seeing. (other option is not show in screenshot due to screen size 😄)
Subscription section of Mozilla VPN site
Ah got it, understanding your criticism better. In that case, yeah they should've done a better job with the wording to avoid making references that don't make full sense 😄
I updated to post to mention this. I had no idea others are seeing a different page than I and my friends do. A friend sent me this from a different location than mine, and he saw the same thing as me....interesting...
yeah probably displaying different things based on if the service is available in your country or not - sorry for the confusion! 😄
No one's fault, we were seeing different things....
Why are they calling them "competitors" if they are free?
They are competitors because they target the same userbase, although they are free in the sense of cost-free.
Also they do not make it clear at all that this is a paid-for service.
Note that they say "free VPNs", not "other free VPNs", so they clearly exclude themselves from that group.

The image you linked also mentions subscription and refund, which don't make much sense for a free service.

What gave you the impression that it is free?
And Mozilla answers: "While free VPNs seem attractive, they do not make the same commitments to privacy as Mozilla VPN."
Read my comment and answer again :
Note that they say "free VPNs", not "other free VPNs", so they clearly exclude themselves from that group.
To rephrase it a bit, they answer what they assume is the actual thing that one has in mind about the competition : "why would I pay for a VPN if there are free ones?"
Someone sent this to me as Mozilla offering free VPN services. I've heard Mozilla gave free access to a selected few before and others talking about it being free.
Why does Mozilla have to bear responsibility for what you heard from third parties?
Couple with their landing confusing page where there were no prices
Just because the price is not on the frontpage does not make it free
and those confusing FAQs it was enough to think that.
Nothing in their FAQ says anything about it being free. Again, I think you are projecting what you heard elsewhere as coming from Mozilla.
The other FREE VPNs are not as good as ours since we have better privacy.
For the third time, they do kot criticise other free VPNs, they criticise free VPNs.
In other words, all free VPNs.
To me that screams that their own VPN does not belong to that category.
Is this a serious question?
It was a rhetorical question. It was a serious comment though. Half of your answers to why yiu charge Mozilla for pretending their VPN is free is that you heard it from other people.
For the third time, they do kot criticise other free VPNs, they criticise free VPNs.
In other words, all free VPNs.
To me that screams that their own VPN does not belong to that category.
Ok we can leave leave at that. You have your own interpretation I have mine. I stand behind my judgement and not understand yours. Regardless, if that was my interpretation of that FAQ then perhaps you see where my argument about their approach comes from.

And no I did not say I reached these conclusions because someone told me about this, I said that's how it started and then I had to look at their website and conclude that their service was not free. The person who told me about this service said it was trade-free. The opposite of my conclusion after I reviewed the website.

Actually that's probably what you missed from my post entirely: I was arguing that Mozilla is not a free service, but that they pretend to be so because of that confusing FAQ.
I actually think that the one reason you find this FAQ confusing is because you came there with the oreconception that it is a free service.

Anyway, I agree, let's leave it at that, I think we got each other's point by now.

Always a pleasure to disagree with friendly people 🙂
I actually think that the one reason you find this FAQ confusing is because you came there with the oreconception that it is a free service.
Well I was told it was free, I heard before it seems to be free, but I was quite sure it was not free. That FAQ sounds the way I described it, for me, regardless of how I read it 😀.

Anyway, maybe we should not prolong this.
Always a pleasure to disagree with friendly people 🙂

I am trying to be friendly. I also work on the TROM II documentary and get distracted by this so if I may seem a bit unfriendly is because of that. But I try to be friendly.
And here's another fun fact, since I could not see any pricing plans on their website only the "join the waitlist" and based on those FAQ, I thought Mozilla embraced one of the very popular tactics of offering a "free" service for a limited period of time or functionality, and then they will charge you for the extension of features or time of use.

This is a tactic many such services use. So I thought that might be it. A projection, but a normal one. In any case now I know they are charging for it, as I was suspecting from the get-go. But my post is valid for what I saw on that website.
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you literally created your own lie for yourself.

Mozilla VPN is not free, it does not claim to be at all
Calm down friend. They are very charlatans in their words. This was sent to me by someone who said Mozilla is launching a trade-free VPN. I had to look in depth on that page to realize that they ask for a subscription. They do not list their prices only a "waitlist" for their "amazing" VPN. Get it?
The prices are clearly listed on the page you linked...
Maybe I am blind, but where?
Ah ok, I get it now. If you are in a location where it is already offered, there is a clear pricing block where you have the "join waitlist" section. that's why the confusion here....but that FAQ about their "competitors" is still highly misleading. So for me, the experience from my location, was entirely misleading.
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I guess that's fair enough.

But since most people here are in the US and such, the price was pretty clearly stated and it was never said to be a free service
I understand I would not have made the post like I did if I would have seen the prices and all that, the way people from say USA do. But my point about that FAQ is still valid. It is a misleading FAQ.
Let's be honest if there is a FAQ titled: "How does Mozilla VPN compare to the competition?" And they answer with "While free VPNs seem attractive, they do not make the same commitments to privacy as Mozilla VPN." then you do not see this as confusing at all? Wh