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The Covid-19 Scam Big Picture

I have had lots of issues with lots of pieces of the covid-19 story but, like most, I have missed the totally amazing big picture of the scam. I have had all the information for ages but, somehow, the whole picture just didn't click.

Remember when Trump was using Hydroxychloroquin and said it works and everyone pounced on him? And all the "medical truth" came out about how it didn't work, it was dangerous, ...? And now, today, HCQ is no longer on the "bad list"?

In order for the new vaccines to get the Emergency Use Authorization (rather than actually complete their approval cycle) there had to be no existing drug that worked. If HCQ "worked" then the new covid-19 vaccines could not be marketed until they were actually completed the approval process.

This has got to have been the biggest scam in the history of the planet.

Top vaccine scientist warns the world: HALT all covid-19 vaccinations immediately, or “uncontrollable monster” will be unleashed
This sounds real and it doesn't sound good. At the very least, we are giving an experimental vaccine to millions of people. That can't be good.

An Objectic Evaluation of Electric Cars

From some email feedback, I guess I missed explaining that this article is about electric vs. petroleum-powered cars. It is not about cars vs. other transportation methods. Having not owned a car for years I am well aware that a car is not the only way to get around. And, maybe, I should write an article about that but this isn't it.

Fighting with the Car God