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Wow, someone wants peace😀
Bravo....the world needs more if this!

Saudi Arabia & Iran Sign MAJOR PEACE DEAL w/ China’s Help

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Not everyone is happy about it

The reaction of Yair #Lapid, the former prime minister of the Israeli government, to the de-esclation agreement between #Iran and #SaudiArabia
Lapid: "The agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran is a complete and dangerous failure of the Israeli government's foreign policy."
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@Farhad A yeah, I don't doubt it, what a sad statement: ( These psychopaths want endless war. The same is true for the US, but for all their efforts they will ultimately push their enemies into each others arms.

Only in Western journalism would you get a "# expert" that doesn't speak Chinese and has never been to China. A "# expert" that doesn't speak Russian and has never been to Russia. Etc...

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But their titles say "expert" what else do you need?;)

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Congrats idiots, by sanctioning Russia you're causing the unification between Russia and China. How long after the new silk road initiative is completed will US currency no longer be accepted? Russia has gold and minerals, China is the most advanced manufactuing state on the planet! #rusdia #ukraine #china #usdollar

Russian banks rush to switch to Chinese card system | Reuters
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Russia will then be able to trade with partners outside of China using the Yuan as their reserve. BRICS has been built up since 2012 for the express purpose of getting outside the US monopoly of the world financial system. How hard is it to imagine all the "enemies" of the empire getting onboard and fast. Venezuela, Iran, North Korea the list gets longer as time goes on.
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Last point. The current system is a bad deal for EVERYONE in the world except the US, which simply prints funny money whenever it likes.