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More TROMjaro Thoughts

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in reply to Nail Bender

I am very happy you like TROMjaro so much. It makes all of us who work on it, very happy :).

As for CUPS, honestly printing is something I never tested since I do not have a printer nor is anyone I know. But maybe I can add it to our to-do list to make the experience much better. What other things would you say are hard to setup or have to be setup after installing TROMjaro? We'd like to make the experience better, of course :)

in reply to Tio

Setting up a printer to work after a fresh install, is something I am all too familiar with. I have to do it every time. Unfortunately, I have to because I need it to print off invoices and estimates for my carpentry company.

Installing TROMjaro is pretty straight forward and enjoyable compared to any other distro. Honestly, my only complaint, with linux in general, is that NO distro auto detects my printer when I plug it in. There is a certain amount of work to be expected when setting up any distro to my specific use case. Can't really complain or consider that a huge issue from anyone.

Maybe use calmares installer, and let people select which trade free/ non trade free software they need immediately upon install? Kind of like a fresh Debian install?

in reply to Nail Bender

I see. I will try to look into this issue with the printers so maybe we can improve it. And yes eventually we will tweak calamares to provide such options. It is on the to-do list.
in reply to Nail Bender

Or offer "software suites" like Fedora: Video Production/ Editing, Audio Production/Editing, Photo Editing, etc.