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Such a shame the total solar eclipse was not visible in Europe...but well you can see some super amazing photos on :) - here is my favorite:

I love our TROMnews website...I visit it every single day.

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Some people still think that humans, or other creatures, are born one way or another. But is that true? See

Civilians and aid workers killed in Gaza: "Is this a war against Hamas or a war against civilians?"

#Israel #gaza #war #doctorswithoutborders

Welcome to planet Earth. A random rock in the Universe where the most "intelligent" species only cares about trade. Trade this for that. So that the members of its species spend all of their life trading. That's all it is.

It is not about creating smarter and relaxed humans, and a nice environment for everyone. Not about exploring and learning, or enjoying. It is about trading.

Primitive species.

#TradeRuinsEverything #capitalism #work #jobs #slaves

EDIT: Funny that this fits so well with the latest bit we shared from TROM II - You are a disposable tool .... weird coincidence.

TROM II: You are a disposable tool

Watch the entire documentary here -

A book years in the making

I don't know why I still care about this society at all.

This organization was "featured" in the TROM II documentary. They are doing a fantastic work - they feed the ones that need to be fed. That's all they do. And now 7 of their volunteers systematically murdered by the tribe of Israel. (source)

Russia destroying big chunks of Ukraine, Israel leveling Gaza, and I bet Trump will become president again. How's China doing? Still enslaving the Uyghurs? Navalny dead?

Fucking terrible world.

Trying to stay away from these sort of news, but it is hard to. They are everywhere.

I'll try to reorganize my brain this month and star to film for the new TROM video series. Will see how that works ;).

#israel #war #famine #ukraine #russia #WCK

Oh look Youtube disabled the comments for our latest video that we mirrored on their ad-platform.

More reasons to use #peertube ;)

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Oh look, the Jews doing the Nazi move....

Also, how hilarious is the notion "war crimes". As if war was not a crime in the first place. Israel killed so many innocent people... to still "wonder" if what they are doing is wrong, is wrong!

Also this:

Our place in the universe, galaxies and galaxies that we can see from our little rock. How shameful to create a society where humans are divided into little groups: nationalities, beliefs, patches of land, etc.. And to kill each other and destroy this planet....

But if we are to get ourselves out of this shit, we have to first understand why this situation was created in the first place. What forces pushed humans to end up in this disastrous situation.

#capitalism #TradeRuinsEverything #war #gaza #israel #money #warcrime

I bought this telescope camera with 1 Bitcoin many years ago:

It was about 60 Euros back then. Now 1 Bitcoin is 60.000 Euros.... Good investment.

Oh look if you buy a "modern" car that has a "cool-screen" and useless features, it costs you money to update that shit.

How cool. New business opportunities for the traders. Since you can't really make these boxes on wheels more useful than they already are, now they are adding more and more useless "Features". That's the incentive in a trade-based society.

#TradeRuinsEverything #capitalism #money #cars

!Friendica Support Is there a way to remove individually the topbar buttons for network, contacts, global communities, of whatever one wants? I think now that the awesome channels are introduced we'd need a bit of decluttering. In my view we only need the Networks button and not the Global Communities one for instance. Also not everyone may want to use a calendar and so forth :)

If you use our Friendica instance you will see older posts popping up in your newsfeed - it is because the 300.000 or so unfinished "jobs" in the queue are finally dealt with by our system after the latest Friendica update. In a sense that's great since I was wondering what can we do about those, why can't our system "finish" those jobs. And by jobs I mean things like getting the posts from that friend, getting the updates from the other, etc..

Soon (perhaps today or tomorrow) all should go back to normal and our Friendica should work better in that regards.


I am working on the new themes for our Friendica. From scratch and this time with the least amount of changes so that they will be compatible with future changes to the core friendica theme. And I will share these ones with the Friendica devs maybe they wanna include them in the official Friendica release or get inspired idk.

I think I will be done with them in a day or two.

So for now the friendica update went well. All seems to work. Except that I see a ton of processes in the queue...

The old issues....will have to check these days in more detail. I hope Friendica won't collapse because of that 😄


We provide Mastodon/Peertube/Nextcloud/Friendica and more, as a service. For a cost. Just order and have your own instance, no headaches.

I always do trade-free stuff, but since I am trapped in this trade-system and I do not get enough financial support via the projects that I do, I have to also trade a bit.

WebApe is what I do to trade. Basically we create websites, install Mastodon/Friendica instances, Peertube, Nextcloud, etc.. We setup, manage, update, customize.

We try to do something decent and make some money with that, to then support our free projects.

So if you want a Mastodon instance for example, or any other website/service, please see I have lowered the prices now, so a Mastodon instance starts at 30 Euros per month.

We will take a limited amount of websites so to not overwhelm ourselves.

Please share if you think others might be interested. In a way, we can make the fediverse more known and accessible via the WebServices that we provide.

#foss #opensource #fedi #fediverse #mastodon

Hey folks, it's time to break up from capitalism that's destroying everything! Buy my book, I'll tell you all about it!

The irony of this society is astonishing.

Insane world.

#TradeRuinsEverything #idiocracy #capitalism #socialism

This Rats Search app is amazing - it lets you search on the Bittorrent network and download from there. No website needed. Unfortunately the interface really looks like some rats on a boat did it...

Does anyone else know a similar application? I'd like to even include it into TROMjaro if the Interface does not suck like this one does....

#bittorrent #p2p #opensource #foss

Thank God that companies are now starting to become more environmentally conscious!

100% recycled paper. Tell me that does not give you more confidence that we are going to, finally, make this world a better place.

So what that inside of it are 2 plastic bags full of chips!? I mean, they are at least trying!

I find it so hard to take this idiocracy of a society seriously. I think it is me who is in the wrong here, trying to think that this society can become sane. But perhaps I should take it for what it is: a total joke.

#TradeRuinsEverything #money #assholedesign #idiocracy #capitalism

The American way of motorhoming

The Moon and Jupiter tonight:

The image is a composite - I took separate photos for each with the telescope and the phone. The original photo looks something like this through the binoculars:

But you can zoom into the first photo and you can even see Jupiter's moons :)

#astrophotography #nature #moon #jupiter #nightsky #photography #pixel4a

Nice :) - I took one with a Pixel 4a the other day too:

What phone did you use and app?

Another binoculars + phone photo. Zoom on the islands:

And you get this :)

Not that spectacular but still cool :)

#photography #nature #pixel4a #islands

This photo looks fake, but it is not, and it is taken with a mobile phone. Plus I did no editing:

These are the islands where I live, and the wonderful night sky. You can see the Pleiades in the left top side, and that bright one top center is Jupiter:

4 minutes exposure with Pixel 4A.

#nightsky #astrophotography #nature #islands #photos

A perspective photo that I really like. The moon and the bus. This is straight out of my phone - no telescope or binoculars, and no editing.

#moon #nature #perspective #photography

Look at this....just a few hours at the beach collecting plastic. At one of the most clean beaches around, that they clean almost daily:

It is terrible....

#waste #pollution #plastic #beach

This is the best photo I could take of Saturn...

Only edited a bit the contrast/luminosity. Taken with Pixel 4A and Celestron 130 SLT. I know that people usually take such photos from lots of frames and they stack them together with specialized software, plus do a lot of editing after. Yeah their results are many times better, but for one right now I do not feel like spending hours to edit/create such a photo, and second when is the editing too fake? Too much? If you use special programs to reconstruct pixels on a low quality photo....then is almost like adding bits that are not even there....idk...

At least this sort of photo is one that I enjoy taking by looking at Saturn through my phone's camera live, and taking a brief photo. Then edited it for less than a minute.

#astrophotography #pixel4a #telescope #saturn

This is Jupiter and 4 of its moons at daytime :)

I find it fascinating to see Jupiter when it is daytime. A bit bizarre. And beautiful.

#astrophotography #pixel4a #telescope #jupiter

From my experience people have a lot of phones at home that they do not use, and are perfectly fine. Ask around instead of buying. Speaking of that I did the same and a friend gave me his old Pixel 4A. I installed CalyxOS OS on it with Android 14. Works like a charm. Amazing camera, I am doing astrophotography with it (see my profile). You can buy this phone second hand for about 100 Euros/Dollars, almost new.

I took this photo of the Orion Nebula last night. With the phone and my telescope. No editing except lowering the gamma, but colors and all from Pixel 4A. Highly recommend. It even has the useful headphone jack :D - and is a smaller size not tablet-size like most phones nowadays.

The Orion Nebula with a mobile-freaking-phone:

Pixel 4A + Celestron SLT 130, 10mm eyepiece.

My telescope was in auto-tracking mode and the exposure time was 4 minutes with the default Pixel Camera app.

I am astonished by this photo! You can see freaking color! COLOR! I only tuned down the gamma a bit but that's all of the editing I've done. Here is another unedited photo with a 20mm eyepiece:

I was soooo surprised to see this coming out of the phone :D - damn so fucking cool! 1.3 thousand light years away, stars mindblowing!

#astrophotography #deepsky #orion #pixel4a #telescope

A better shot of the Moon tonight ;)

Again this is taken with a phone, Pixel 4a, through a telescope.

I have a cool video too but I will share it another day.

None of these photos are edited. Straight out of the phone.

#astrophotography #moon #nature #photos

Here's a photo I just took with my telescope and my phone:

It is difficult to find the right spot for these kind of photos and tomorrow I'll try to do it better. And I will also record a video (I have one but I will share it when I will do it better) :)

#astrophotography #moon #nature #photos

The Moon on the Rock, taken tonight with 2 different exposures (pixel 4a):

#astrophotography #moon #nature #photos

Want to see a cool video of the moon from tonight and raw reactions to this beautiful beast? :) Here

And here are some photos:

#astrophotography #moon #nature #photos

Raw video of the Moon through Celestron SLT 130 and Pixel 4A

This is the raw video we took through my phone. And our genuine reactions. We were mesmerized by how crisp the Moon was. And this was not the best night to see it since it was a lot of humidity in the air. Enjoy!

This is what I have to put up with with my driving exam in Spain, in English:

The correct answer is A....even tho it is the same exact meaning as B....

And then you figure this out:

Because the correct answer is C....

Unbelievable. Such a mockery. I will make a blog post about my experience and I will create interactive quizzes for anyone to play with, that have the exact questions and answers from the Spanish Government in English. So you understand the level of retardation.

Anyway, I will announce the TROMcast Live date/hour later on tonight. A lot of things to talk about :).

Yah here:

And actually they are not comfortable to look through them since the eyepieces are so tiny...

But that makes them perfect to attack to the phone. As you can see they are quite small. They feel like toy binoculars. My family found them when cleaning a house basically.

Photo of the night sky taken with my phone from within a castle on top of a mountain :)

#Astrophotography #photos #nature #photography

Ok here's one more with the binoculars :D because I love these. I was standing here taking this photo with my Pixel 4a phone:

Then I added the binoculars to my phone and pointed here:

And I got this:

True, I enhanced the colors, contrast, etc., but with GThumb in less than a minute. Nothing crazy.

Here are more:

Mind you, this is a phone that was around 350$ new in 2020 that was given to me for free. Plus binoculars that we literally found somewhere. :) Nothing pro, yet the photos look super cool.

#photos #nature #photography

A photo I took from a castle on the top of a mountain at night. Some stars and the town I live in :)

#Astrophotography #photos #nature #photography