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Oh wait, are people still eating 3 meals a day? I've only eaten 2 meals a day for the past....idk....2 decades? :D - and everyone I know probably.... I think 3 meals a day is too much. In fact there is a positive outcome to eating less. You age slower ;).

Anyway, yeah people are being poorer it seems. Prices are rising. Thank God for the mighty Economy and the fantasy money we worship :)

Star trailing...

Pixel 4A. Enhanced with Rawtherapee.

Israel does not kill innocent people or genocide anyone in Gaza. And Hamas killed no civilians in Israel's attack and cares about democracy.

Get over it people! Listen to the leaders of these tribes! They are unbiased and honest.

Sorry I am being silly but this is a truly funny shadow that I saw tonight:

Every night. Same place. Stay silly! :)

This is a photo I took tonight (unedited, straight out of the Pixel 4A):

I have made a lot more such photos for the past few days and learned how to make longer timelapses. I will make an article about it all soonish :).

I so love it. To reveal the universe. To do it yourself. There, where you are staying :). I love the night sky simply because there is no sky anymore, it suddenly is the outside world. A world we cannot ever experience more than being touched by a few photos reaching our eyes and devices. Beautiful and hard to believe this is all real. At times I feel like I am going crazy....

Most people live their day to day lives having no clue that these things are real...

Here's one more:

Only a little bit edited - colors and such.

We went out again with the telescope and we saw Saturn, Jupiter, and parts of the Milky Way. Here are some photos - astonishing that they are made with a phone (Pixel 4A 4G).

Me and Sasha:

Edited a little bit the colors, light, and details. But not that much, a few minutes editing.

An "arm" of the Milky Way:

Improved a bit the colors and contrast. Not by much.

Our TROM telescope (no editing):

And the coolest of them all, Georgi with a head-lamp :)

No editing, straight out of the phone, believe it or not.

Am impressed. So fucking cool: great experience to enjoy the night sky with our own eyes and a telescope, and low effort great photos :).


Took a photo last night of the sky and I just fucking realized that I captured the Andromeda Galaxy by mistake!

If you zoom in you can see it a bit. WOW!

Tonight I will go out to take a bunch of photos, this time in RAW, to see what I can capture :D. These things excite me so much! These fucking things are real. HOW!?


My astrophotography adventure has begun :D - @Roma pay attention :)

Just took a photo now, from our terrace. Half Moon and with light pollution. Not ideal at all.
Device: Pixel 4A

The unedited JPG from the Pixel:

Awesome! No work, just let the phone do its thing.

Now here's the RAW from the Pixel 4A, that I edited for 20 minutes in Darktable:

The sheer number of stars is unbelievable! And the core of the MilkyWay was on the opposite side of the planet....imagine how it would look like when the core is visible and the moon is "invisible"!

I LOVE this! This is reality folks! Above our head.

So from now on I have setup my Pixel to take both RAW and JPEG. Just in case I wanna retouch some photos :). How awesome!


The Smartphone World and how I cope with it -

This is my 20 years journey into the world of the phone. I was here when it started, I was amazed by it, then angry at it. And now I found a way to tame it. To transform my phone into my friend, and protect myself from the pile of shit that the phones are streaming on a daily basis into people’s brains.

I installed /e/ OS on my old Galaxy S7 from 2016:

Really surprised to see that they support this model. Basically I made it functional again. I will try to replace its camera from another S7 that is bricked. I will document everything and it will all merge into a big article about mobile phones ;).

I really like my Pixel 4a with CalyxOS. Control control control. Am excited to start my astrophotography adventure with it :).

@Aaron gave me his old Pixel 4a 4G and now I am doing the unthinkable: I am changing my phone! For the first time since 2016. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 since 2016 and because I do not use my phone that much I did not care. But now that I have a new-old phone, I will go for it. Especially since my S7 started to crumble.

I have already installed CalyxOS on the Pixel and so far so perfect. I will make a detailed article about it all, but yah....happy to use an unused device and make good use of it! :)

It even has an Astrophotography mode so I can already start with that. Here are some quick samples form not-so-great-days to take such photos:


Divorcing myself from this retarded society

Just saying that religion in a lot of BS, and creates a lot of conflict.

We are all humans. A beautiful and real story of evolving from little simple things, to big complex things. We are the universe itself, and this is no exaggeration.

I wish people were not so primitive...

Go Israel!!! Wohoo! Kill those bastards who behaved like animals and killed women and children and innocent people of Israel!

Kill the children and women and innocent people too!

Oh wait... Israel is doing what Hamas has done....

Anyway, good job Israel. Keep on killing! And then the families of the ones you killed will revenge one day, and then you can kill more, and then more of their families and friends will kill your people...


EDIT: A good article about the situation -


Planet Earth!

Pretending to care about humans, while in fact caring about your own humans. Your kids, not their kids.

Terrible planet humans have created....

I see this posted on several websites recently:

Well....Youtube labels itself as a video platform instead of an ad platform or video-ad platform, or something similar. So yeah...people may get confused when Youtube act like an ad company. But they are.

Same way that facebook is not a social network, is an ad network.


Welcome to Earth! Let's kill each other, shall we!?

Forget about us, the humans, one species, one spaceship called Earth, common problems like diseases, climate change, biodiversity loss....forget about creating a paradise on Earth for us all from the mountains of waste that we are capable of creating!

Stupid species fighting over stupid things.

Best notes app

I got a new sort of card from "my bank" in the mail, not that I asked for one. And I see:

CO2 Neutral!

Jizast christ....everything is now greenwashed. It is disgusting and so infuriating. The trade practice is so ingrained in our global society that we simply cannot remove it. It is the most aggressive cancer known to societies. Even when problems like pollution and climate change that arise from this trade-based society are impossible to ignore and justify, the traders EMBRACE them and bullshit all of us with their "green" practices.

Fuck off.

Disgusting species.

Use TROMjaro we even have an ads and tracker blocker system wide, thanks to @TBlock so even when Linux distros will start to insert ads, because some will in the future I am sure, then you'll be protected against this bullshit.

The trade-free app of the day:


A Trade-Free operating system based on Manjaro Linux Designed for your brain, but you can install it on a computer.No more ads and trackers consuming you, no ‘free’ trials, noContinue readingHOME

These people who keep on reporting @Topless Topics videos from our Peertube instance, because of a naked body, are really in need of more relaxed and fun life. And educated. Imagine feeling offended by seeing a human's body. I mean don't look at it if you don't want to, but to report the video....haha. It is hilarious and sad.

So no. Of course, we will never delete videos from our Peertube just because of the naked human body.

I am working on a big ZDay article. About the experience, the people, the everything.

I am also working to find a solution for our server that is at the limit when it comes do the disckspace...we urgently need a solution. Either object storage for Peertube, or move the entire server to a larger one.

Am also trying to release a new TROMjaro ISO but there are some bugs that need to be fixed with the Calamares installer....

All in all, busy like a bee! Busybee!

@Rokosun you on fosstodon right? Did you see this?

Exactly what we were screaming for some time now....terrible when admins decide who you can connect with.

Friendica mobile version is quite good actually. Just visit and save it as a web app.

Am impressed despite not caring about mobile phones. I just wanted to test it while relaxing a bit at the beach.

So the practice of "donation" has been completely bastardized nowadays. Mastodon has a "donate" button on their main page:

That leads to their "sponsors" page :)
Where you can get your logo (ad) for your company, directly on their page that they brag gets hundreds of thousands of views per month:

And their Patreon has all sorts of "levels" of "donations" that "unlock" special features and add your company ads to their websites.

What a shitshow!

Motherfuckers it is not a "donation" when you get something in return for your "donation", such as special treatment, merch, ability to advertise on their website, etc.. This is a "trade". A payment. 180 degrees opposite to a "donation".

Such a weird society we live in, where Mastodon gets "donations" and Facebook is "free".


Updated Friendica let's see how it goes....this is a test post 😀

I have visited Aaron this weekend:

Such an amazing guy! As always. In 2 days I will return home, I am still at @Roma 's place.

After I return I will make a big article about the entire ZDay experience and meeting lots of wonderful people. Then I will focus to update our servers and services, including our Friendica! Currently we need to put Friendica in maintenance mode for some 20 minutes a day to backup the database....but that sucks since you cannot use it for this period of time. So I need to fix that too.

Anyway, I have had a wonderful experience for these past 10 or so days and I hope to have more of these experiences.


TROM Crew is in Prague for ZDay. Tomorrow is the event. #tromstuff

On my way to Prague for the ZDay event and my first time trying Friendica on my phone with Fedilab. The airport is a fucking Mall.

Welcome to planet Earth:

Instead of us killing the cancer cells, or explore the Earth and outer space, humans are dragged into pointless conflicts that in the end amount to nothing. Shame!

TROMjaro 12.08.2023 (big update, many changes)

If people think that TROMjaro is "just another distro" then they don't know what they are talking about. Here's a sample of what we pushed recently to make the desktop experience better than most "distros" that I know, perhaps there is none that deals with theming and HiDPI, and fonts, and consistency and more in a better way than TROMjaro.

You know I watched one of the latest videos from @Nick @ The Linux Experiment where he talks about theming the Flatpaks. So complicated for the average user. Guess what!? We do it better and automatically, and we also sync GTK with QT, and fonts, and icons. If only more people would take a serious look at TROMjaro and by all means use the changes we made for your distro!

Give TROMjaro a try ;)


Some biggish and cool changes coming to TROMjaro these days 😀 - am very happy with the result. No perfecto, but great!

Welcome screen, a new Theme Switcher, an improve Layout Switcher and more 😀



GTK3, GTK4, Libadwaita, QT. Which one is which? Coherent theming across all. Unfortunately with a bunch of "hacks" because of Gnome/Libadwaita mostly. And yet Thunderbird is the odd goose.

Funny someone saw tits on our Peertube instance and decided to report:

Tits are indeed very dangerous! They can produce milk and pleasure. Be careful!

Well there are a few things that look a bit more polished, but not respecting the system's theme, not exporting the menu for HUD functionality, not using the system's native window decoration, Thunderbird is in the same boat as Gnome apps.

Not made for the Linux community, but made for themselves, enforcing whatever design decisions they want. And with some themes the corners look broken, and I tested hundreds of apps but Thunderbird is the only culprit so far.

How come functionality is not something we should be excited about?

The new Thunderbird is not great

As of today I am a certified diver 😀 . Open Water Diver. The first level, but still, awesome. And actually I got the course for free kinda, which is great. Very nice people. Friends of Sasha 😀. I am very happy that I can go dive more now. And I will have to check for my stomach health issues more but as long as I control my diet all should be fine.

To be underwater and breath, is such an amazing feeling. The closest you get to flying. And last dive we saw some very cool sponges, and other creatures. Next time I'll try to get the gopro and record some stuff. Humans should do these things for free, so they understand more about our place on this planet.