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Even the category menu. As big as you want. Or only use icons for them ๐Ÿ˜€

You can even resize the menu window. Anyway. Just showing off with XFCE here haha.

At the end of the day I like that we have many options across distros, that's for sure.

I think that's nitpicking ๐Ÿ˜€ - In many cases, such as XFCE, you can make them as large as you want ๐Ÿ˜€


Actually that's what I love about XFCE how easy it is to customize things without any external "extensions". But that's offtopic.

You know I used to say the exact same thing when we were using Gnome for TROMjaro, and after we switched to XFCE and using the more classic menu, I like the classic one more. Granted our classic menu has a grid of apps.

With decently big icons.

It simply is faster and easier to not have to switch your attention and mouse cursor to the center of the screen after clicking the corner of the screen.

I've used the Gnome DE for several years before switching to XFCE. For our custom distro TROMjaro we use both a clickable menu (icon, you click it, you see the apps and categories) and a centered window for when you press the Super key.

In my view that's the best approach for using the mouse and keyboard. If you use the mouse the menu follows that, not like Gnome where if you pressed the menu icon you'll get a full screen centered menu with apps. Some people are really used with the mouse and for that such a "classic" menu is far better. Your arguments make sense only for when you use the keyboard to open the menu. Also, to have a quick list of apps and categories is super useful when you are not sure what the name of an app is, but you know it is say in Multimedia. I have a bunch of multimedia tools and I want to see which one I am looking for.

Hi Russian Federation, so what are you trying to do to

Blocked 144 attacks over the last 10 minutes.....

I have finished the bloody color correction for TROM II. Again. And you bet this is it. I can't handle it any longer. It is good. I'll make a big post about this "behind the scenes" work for TROM II, after I release it in June. The trailer is almost done too. Next week I will send the documentary to those who come for the TROM Meeting and to a few close friends. I will also release the trailer this next week.

After that the focus will be to first make a transcription of the entire monster, to then have others translate it into several languages before the release. Ideally at the beginning of June we will release it on our Peertube with a Spanish, Romanian, and Russian subtitles. Maybe more. Maybe French and German too. Let's see.


"Google safe browsing" sounds like "Church safe childcare". We all know what they do "behind the curtains"...

Share the waste!


It's all about that trade.

Part 4, the last part, of the TROM II documentary is done! Finally! I still have to check the final render tomorrow but that's only for video purposes to make sure all looks good. I struggled with this part a lot. I hope it makes sense and it is not boring.

I also realized that some interviews look kinda red-in-the-face and some yellow ๐Ÿ˜ . And I may have to take a few days to fix that for all of the parts.

Let's see....

But yeah the documentary is done, except for what I just said.

I really hope the color-fixing won't drive me crazy, but I will do my best to be done in just a few days time. Then send it to all who were part of the documentary. Let's see how it goes....

My laptop also freezes for the past weeks, randomly, when I work on the documentary. I hope it won't go nuts now....maybe be software related, may be hardware although I cleaned it recently...


Part 3 of the TROM II documentary is done!

ONE MORE LEFT. One more! And I am starting the work on it tonight! #tromstuff

The second part, the huge one, of the TROM II documentary is done! Man that was a lot of work to fix/improve some stuff.

I can't fit the entire timeline in one screenshot but here it is:

Could it be better? Of course. Will I work more on it? Of course not. ๐Ÿ˜€

2 more parts left. And these ones, from what I remember, are a lot less work. They are together as lenghty as this second part so there is a good chance I am done with them all in less than 10 days.

Excited to be done with it!


Computer porn:

I'm using almost all of the 64GB of RAM ๐Ÿ˜. That's a bit extreme but I am doing a lot. The Kdenlive project for the TROM II documentary eats some 30GB already. But why have them if you don't use them? So I am happy I use my new laptop at full potential like I've always done with all of my computers.

I am bringing back our Live Updates page ๐Ÿ˜€ - am excited for that. I wanted to bring it back for some time now. Basically I pull the ATOM feed from our Friendica profiles like mine, @Aaron , @Sasha and so forth, and filter them by a keyword like #tromlive. So you get automated updates from us all.

The problem was that Friendica only provides an ATOM feed while the plugin we use for pulling these feeds and filtering them, only uses RSS. I found and open source converter so let's see how that works.

I am getting our more and more ready for the documentary release. I want to make it active again and TROMlive was one of those things that kept the website breathing.

One more because it is so hilarious:

Oh my god I'm dying hahahaha:

Who wants Tio's Reader????

I wanted to check today again on that chatgpt. And it is so hilarious and telling about how these statistical software actually work. It started well, then became a complete fuckery. I'd like to share that here.


Not super bad, but still. So it was better than before.

Now when I asked who is Tio, meaning me, here's what it said:

Oh my jizus-christ! So I am Tio Theodoros Mavridis, I am greek, I created the Zeitgeist Movement and the Zeitgeist Addendum documentary among other things.

This chat is the biggest bullshitter in the world. Can be so confidently wrong. It is astonishing.

This software basically puts words together based on what is statistically more relevant, and many times can create wonderfully written sentences while being full of shit. How can anyone simply trust this bullshitter is beyond me. I can ask it about anything and I would have no clue if it is complete garbage or not.

So, what is this crap useful for except funny poems and lame chitchatting?

Why I hate smartphones. is a website I run since 2012 and all of the documentaries there can be downloaded via the Bittorrent network. Check the "magnet" links for any of them.

Some 47 minutes done for the last TROM II part:

Very efficient today. Only some 15 more minutes till all is done! Wow...can't believe I am getting so close.

Happy with this last part so far. But I have to be honest, I feel like I can't judge this documentary anymore....after 2 years of editing....idk if it makes sense or not. Regardless I'll finish it haha.

I will continue to work on it these days, more and more.

Oh well I suspect your screen has a very small resolution. This is not how it looks on my full hd screen.

I did not test it much for other resolutions but will try to improve it a bit the following months. Am too sick now and also need to focus on TROM II. In the meantime try to zoom out a bit ;)

TROM II documentary update: I finished some 37 minutes from the last part ๐Ÿ˜€ - I am definitely half way and I think I already did the hard part.

As you can see we talk a bit about these beauties too ๐Ÿ˜€ - friendica, mastodon, and the like ;)

Also, god bless the 64GB of RAM:

They do help a fuck lot!

Will I finish this part this month? We shall see! ๐Ÿ˜€

Do people have thoughts anymore?

It is not even accepting a true answer hahahaha

This one seems very stubborn. haha

Two questions, two failures...

I finished some 22 minutes of the last part of TROM II. This was a lot faster than I imagine but I worked a lot too. I feel a bit tired ๐Ÿ˜. And I am a bit stuck at the moment ๐Ÿ˜.

So maybe I'll take it easier for a few days. Th next 5 or so minutes I should finish in less than a week.

In a way I thought "what if I finish it this month" haha. But then I should not put so much pressure on me. I want to make it very good.

In any case, it is February now and I've already finished 22 minutes out of perhaps 1h, 1h and a bit, of this last part. I think 2 months is more than enough for me to finish it. So, before April. Then in April to do the final edits for the entire thing. And in May to manage to create a trailer and get it ready for the release.

It is looking very promising. ;)

The war in Ukraine: 1 year later, 10 thoughts.

TROM II, 15 minutes done. The work is faster than I thought. For now at least. I think in a week or so I'll finish another 10 more minutes because I know what to do next in terms of editing.

First red box is done, the other one needs to be done ๐Ÿ˜€

Not bad considering I only started a few days ago with this last part.

So far I like it.

Yes I too recommend tenacity. Here's how it looks in TROMjaro with XFCE (GTK):

They have a lot more themes. Which is a plus.

And this is how it looks in TROMjaro by default:

And with a dark theme:

We use XFCE but we struggled to make some scripts to make sure QT and GTK, of all shapes or forms, are properly synced so pretty much all apps look ok on the desktop. From themes to icons and text. From my knowledge and tests no other distro does this. I know it sounds like I am bragging but I am not. I wish all will fix the theming like we did.

The trade-free app of the day:


A Trade-Free operating system based on Manjaro Linux Designed for your brain, but you can install it on a computer.No more ads and trackers consuming you, no โ€˜freeโ€™ trials, noContinue readingHOME

Having 64GB of RAM is bliss for me. And I really use them. 32GB was always at the limit for me. Opening 2 Kdenlive projects or more for TROM II, testing stuff in VM for TROMjaro, having lots of opened tabs, and so forth, feels like a breeze now. Oh plus some 70GB of Swap memory haha.

Now I just barely started to work again on my laptop after I moved my stuff to it, so this does not reflect the normal use for me, but still almost 30GB of RAM used without VMs and just 1 Kdenlive project open:

Anyway, I like RAMs. And I use them. God bless ๐Ÿ˜€.

I have started the work on TROM II again. Last part. Little by little I am getting back to it, for the last time.

Let's see how it goes ๐Ÿ˜

I am getting sick of the "google deceptive site warning" for my websites....for fucks sake how many false positives can they intercept? Matrix Synapse deceptive? Nextcloud deceptive? Cryptpad deceptive? The Yunohost install deceptive?

Why is this even a thing? It should be opt-in if you want to be daddying by google and firefox.

Wow making ISOs for TROMjaro is so much faster now. 15 minutes to compile one!? Before it was around 50 minutes at least. That changes things a lot for me. I can make a bunch, fast, and test stuff. Lovely! Thanks again to those few wonderful ones who donated for the TROM Laptop campaign ๐Ÿ˜€ . It helps me, it helps TROM. It helps those who use the stuff that I produce.

Also installing it in a VM, 5 or so minutes. Fast fast fast.

So the new laptop speeds up my work on TROMjaro quite a bit. When I make ISOs for TROMjaro I usually make a bunch to test this, that, fix more, test more. For every ISO that I release I may make 4-5. To build one was taking around 50-60 minutes in total. Maybe more at times. Now?

HALF! At times even quicker.

So yeah, that's super cool. I will test these days the rendering speeds for the TROM II documentary, curious about that. But ofc since this laptop has 3 more cores than the previous one, of course it will be faster.

I am so happy with this laptop.