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The internet is not built for brains.

Hey how cool that I can follow any Youtube channel via Invidious, on my Friendica! Copy the RSS link - >> button very visible

into your Friendica search or contacts. Then click follow. Done!

And you can do that with any RSS source. And you can enable notifications for new posts for any of them. Friendica is better than RSS readers haha. Together with Federating with all other platforms, Friendica is really the gold of the fediverse.

Actually Friendica has become my RSS Reader, my social platform, my newsfeed, and my blog. All into one.

Hi there. I fully understand that. It is great that you open sourced your software. However isn't your free plan freemium? Meaning, can we define it as such?
Freemium, a portmanteau of the words "free" and "premium," is a pricing strategy by which a basic product or service is provided free of charge, but money (a premium) is charged for additional features, services, or virtual (online) or physical (offline) goods that expand the functionality of the free version of the software.

The "free" plan lacks certain features such as:

Oh hey guys check out our FREE project WebApe . It is free just tell your friends to use it. Awesome!

Sure...if you look carefully we only provide paid-for services...but hey the software we use is FREE and Open Source...

Should not be confusing, right?

BitWarden is also free isn't it? I mean you have to pay for their services but else the software they use is "free" and open source, as in you can implement it on your own server.

So please folks, never say Bitwarden and the like are free and link to their services website. Say the Bitwarden software is Open Source and link to that source code. Easy. No more confusion.

Damn this world....the word "free" truly has 0 meaning and it is so loosely used that you can use it as a comma in a sentence and will have the same informational value.....

TVP and TZM....are they dead?


I see a lot of FetchFeaturedPosts and UpdateContact

This is what I get:

If you do not want to be exposed to "bigots" then you can simply not search for them. You can easily control your news feed to only see posts from your chosen friends. I think that's default in friendica for example. Like a search engine, you won't see content unless you search for it.

By the way when you comment it posts twice.

I hope you're amused!

Today I learned that the youngest female to give birth was only 5 years old. This is insane. Here's a photo:

The mother is the girl in the bed. More info here. She is now 88 years old...

That's quote mindblowing to me...the things that you learn by following TROMnews FInteresting - my mind is blown every other day by seeing crazy shit there.

The original was the most unique perhaps website I ever made and especially since it was designed for a massive documentary. You can see it archived here

Click those "i" buttons and such. I designed it in Photoshop then build from scratch. This is the second version, even better built by a friend called Erico. The guy was brilliant at making a website anyway you want to. The website was unique, simple, clean and very functional.

Yeah...10 years ago. Now we have too much stuff and the website-making is different...was more fun a decade ago. It still can be of course if you have the time and skills to create one. Who knows maybe I can try to release the next TROM II documentary in a similar fashion...but you can't replicate these things really. And you should not. #tromlive

You know all of the drama surrounding Gnome and their Libadwaita? You want a quick fix? Ship apps with Libadwaita but also allow for system's theming. GIMP, Krita, Kdenlive, OBS and so many other are doing just that. Easy. If the system's theme is "broken" then users have selected that and you, as a developer, do not have to worry about them bitching about it.

Here's GIMP with their default theme:

And here it is with the system's theme:

See? Choices! And we are all happy. How about that!?

Free Software Nonsense.

Maybe I am blind, but where?

some with free-tier plans?

That is trade-based nothing to do with free. 😛
what is this based on? the landing page that you link to lists subscription plans for the product

On this page, and I suppose it is the main page, they do not say this is a paid-for product. They never mention that from what I could see. In any case, they make it entirely confusing by:

This, to me, sounds like they provide a free VPN since they call their competitors "free VPNs".

So Mozilla VPN is "free" but you can cancel your subscription withing 30 days and get a refund. REFUND FOR WHAT?!

This world has lost its marbles entirely. The word "free" has no meaning at all anymore. Yeah it is free....psst just for like 10 days or it is so limited you have to purchase the "pro" version....

Fuck them! These charlatans.

That's why our trade-free project that we launched and are making a documentary about, is fucking important. It cuts through this shit like a knife through butter.

Apply W.A.I.T. : What Am I Trading? A simple question. What do they want form me in return for this product/service? If they want my data, attention (ads), currency, something else, then it is trade-based. Never follow the money, follow the trades to see where these charlatans are hiding.

So yeah, wtf is Mozilla doing? If they want my currency then fuck them, this is not "free", it is trade-based. #tromlive

UPDATE: For those who may be confused since they see prices, I and millions of others from other parts of the world than you, we do not see any prices. This is what we see:

That post is private or doesnt exist:

This is one of the coolest apps I've seen recently. You can create a second screen in seconds out of any device. Highly recommended!

The trade-free app of the day:


Deskreen turns any device with a web browser into a secondary screen for your computer.

I don't see any Friendica process under mysql:

I also allocate a lot of memory and hardware power to Friendica:

I suppose it uses MySQL / MariaDB.

They do not look that bad, I mean the CPU is max at 70% but we have 24 services on this server.

Friendica is not the biggest offender of CPU usage.

Yeah watch this documentary....what we are talking about for years now, how trade fucks things up. It is not just about money, money is just a form of trade. Likes, shares, comments, can be traded for products. #TradeRuinsEverything

Kids nowadays are growing up in an even more fucked up society. We are FoCkEd. #tromlive

Newly added documentary on

Fake Famous

Fake Famous is a 2021 documentary film directed by Nick Bilton. It is a social experiment involving three non-famous people who attempt to become social media influencers by “faking” fame.

Watch it here:

Lots of Message queues

!Friendica Admins Around 2180 - 43849 for a week or more. Is that very bad? These are my "workers" settings:

Am not sure if I can improve anything and what in this regards, or if I should or not.

Funny this is what you get after editing some 4 thousand photos in 2 days:

The new Thunar's Split View (TROMjaro's default file manager) is super duper useful:

I am testing the dev version but lots of great features will be shipped in the 4.18 version of the XFCE release. Cannot wait! 😀

Damn I think I finished the first part of TROM II. Well of course I will need to fix a few little things, but that's when all of the other parts are done. I have added 20 more minutes to it. I still have to watch it all tomorrow to see if all makes sense. But since I watched it, and parts of it, sooo many times I feel like I can't judge it anymore. Thing is I will never ever be able to experience this documentary like the rest....I wish I could somehow just to see if I like it or not and if it has an impact on me haha. But this cannot be done.

Anyways, tomorrow I'll watch it all again and then probably I will move to part 2.

This is the monster:

At least 1 of the 4 parts of the monster 😁 .


Did great today with TROM II. Lots of work. Less than a week and the first part is done. 😀 - Excited to then move to finishing part 2. I only need to make this part coherent and edit it a bit. Most of it is already edited.

And by teh way the concept of appimages is fantastic. Now I realize how much it helps. I have a half a year old Kdenlive appimage that I use for the first part and that allows me to work on the video project for a long time without being concerned that an update may break something. Appimages are truly contained so in theory I should be able to use this appimage version for years without an issue. From what I know flatpaks are not truly contained. They share libraries and stuff. It is a reason why in TROMjaro we have integrated the support for appimages.

Except the heat all good with my life for now 😀 . I hope to continue like so. #tromlive

The Online has become the Offline

Oh look another funny video on reddit - I mean is funny. I get it.

But considering you won't be allowed to post naked humans in the same CGI environment and have a similar funny scene, says a lot about our society. You can however post a scene where a kid is dead and then 2 adults are killed. Good job humans, you are obviously drunk as fuck.

The most "intelligent" species in the Universe, glorifying guns and violence, while vilifying nudity and sex. :facepalm #tromlive

Last post about the WEBB telescope 😀 - follow TROMnews to get the latest news about it here - check the photos section for the latest images and check the videos section because there will be lots of educational videos about WEBB these days

TROMnews is geared for this! Education at its finest. Hundreds of curated sources. #tromlive

Drafts are a much better idea in my view. do you add notes?

I do not see anything on the Notes page. I wonder if it is our custom theme....can you send me a screenshot from yours?

Did a decent job today for TROM II. Adding some new footage to it. Can be a bit tricky to insert it now but am managing it so far. See how I have to make a gap like that in the project and work within that. It is not as easy as it looks like because you have to be careful not to unsync parts of the documentary.

And damn look at how many clips are in the project hahaha. Nuts. #tromlive

That's how we should all be. Kind to each other. Help each other. But we do not have time for this...we have to trade for the sake of trading...what a waste of humans. #tromlive

Newly added documentary on

We Feed People

A chronicle of how Andrés and his nonprofit rebuilds nations in the wake of disaster, providing healthy food to those affected.

Watch it here:

It is great that XFCE's file manager Thunar will get a proper search function. This is really needed and basic. But XFCE takes ages, literally, to push updates to stable....luckily in TROMjaro all I have to do is search for the git version in Add/Remove Software and click install. And voilla I run the latest Thunar:

With search and new cool features. Cannot wait to get to stable so that TROMjaro has a proper file manager.... #tromlive

Very good documentary. About a world we do not know much about. If you take all living creatures that are on the surface on the planet, put them somewhere on a scale. Then take all living creatures that live in the Earth's crust and put on the other side, then the ones living in the Earth's crust far outweigh the other ones. In other words, far more life under the ground than on top of it (what we see).

Newly added documentary on

Secret Life Underground

Secret Life Underground The underground world is so unfamiliar to us that you only have to dig down a few yards to reveal a totally unknown realm, just beneath our feet. Today, only a fraction of the rich biodiversity that inhabits the soil has been studied. Scientists estimate that the ground is probably home to 70% of the living organisms yet to be discovered.

Watch it here:

Your health will get better

Here's the only "philosopher" I like haha - Karl Pilkington.

Watch these two series: An Idiot Abroad and The Moaning of Life.

The guy is so funny and quite genuine :D - and I think I am kinda like him in many instances, complaining about shit haha. He says some interesting things at times. You can grab them from here.

These are some of the funniest things I've seen. 100% recommend :D.

From Fireworks to Drones