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Behavior is Environment

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Carbon Offsets: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Trade trade, trade trade, trade long as we are compelled and trained to trade, that's our priority. Does not matter if it is a company or an individual. #TradeRuinsEverything #tromlive

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Thanks a lot for sharing that video, its very informative. I've heard before that these so called "Carbon Offsets" were a scam, but I didn't know they were this much harmful and outright ridiculous. I should've known, because how can you use trades to solve an issue that has been created by this trade based society in the first place!?

And all of these companies showing you ads saying "Zero carbon footprint", please don't fall for that BS. You can't "undo your emissions" by throwing money at it 🤦

cc @Ernest-Frankie @Émilie Fecteau

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From the video: "We cannot offset our way out of climate change." 😢

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I think your initiative was quite interesting because something I think is missing is a repository of images (like Unsplash) that can be used on websites and news but that is also social and libre (like Pixelfed). I think some kind of tweaked Pixelfed would do the job.
It is still a project that we think about and we have not filly abandoned...but too many things under the TROM umbrella. It is quite a challenge to maintain everything at this point. Maybe after the TROM II documentary is released we can look again into this. I'd love to see such a website.