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The wonderful Roma (a very special TROM-friend) is visiting us.

On top of having a great time together and very interesting discussions, we worked on TROMjaro these days a lot. We will release a new ISO soon that brings something we truly needed: packages for our scripts. We have a bunch of scripts for fixes, and for the layout and theme switcher. Now we won't have to ask the current TROMjaro users to do this or that change, everything will be directly pushed by us. We also fixed a few things and such.

We achieved a wonderful synchronization for theming. Basically now the theme, the icon pack, and the font sync across apps: GTK, GTK+Libadwaita, QT, QT5, QT6, flatpaks that accept theming. So awesome!

But the best part is that we can now improve these packages and push updates automatically to all users. Stay tuned for the release! And thank you Roma for being such a good human. A true human being 😀. #tromlive

According to our Friendica instance, is the 7th Friendica instance in terms of total users, and the 3rd in terms of monthly active users.

That's great! We are only one and a half years old or so. We will continue to grow and overall Friendica gained almost double the users in the past year.

It is still a drop in the ocean, but adds to the big fediverse network. Happy to see that. Please join us! #tromlive

We are integrating a few things into the new TROMjaro release:

Our Trade-Free Library of apps. We are adding it as a webapp.

It is pinned to the apps-panel by default. Browse through some 650 trade-free apps. We have screenshots from TROMjaro, description, and an install button. Click it and install. As easy as that!

VideoNeat - fast access to hundreds and hundreds of quality documentaries and courses.

Click any magnet link and it opens by default with WebTorrent so you can stream everything directly from p2p. This one is also pinned to the apps-panel.

On top of this we are adding to the Documents folder a PDF about our Trade-Free initiative.

This is very important because TROMjaro is not just another distro, it is fueled by a "movement", an idea, that trade is the origin of most problems and we want to push it aside by providing trade-free goods and services. TROMjaro is one of these goods/services that we provide. If you are curious see the PDF here -


Behavior is Environment

The ruining of "free" and "donation".

Libadwaita still sucks and they have no reason to implement it

Our TROMnews Illustrations is back !! We gave up trying to pull an RSS from instagram accounts, and we do so from Twitter now. Luckily these accounts have twitter. This section is perhaps the most TROM relevant of all of the TROMnews section, as it represents important ideas and criticisms of this society, via illustrations. Very very powerful.

If you know more such artists let us know so we can add them to the mix!


What if we treated everyone like they were babies?

Read our books at

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Read our books at

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Presenting TROMjaro in detail (video)

Here’s TROMjaro in its full glory :smiley:

This is a long series of videos, but we go in depth about all that TROMjaro is, and why TROMjaro is unique.

All about properly customizing a Linux Distro:

How to make it functional

Perfecting it.
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Read our books at

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Read our books at

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We have a new homepage for our Peertube instance -

It is featuring some channels from our instance. Unfortunately people do not use our instance much....but we at TROM do. That's our main video platform. Feel free to join us there. #tromlive

Read our books at

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How small we are, how big our eyes are

TROMjaro 2022.07.07

Changing politicians is like changing hats to become smarter. We don't need new politicians, we need a different way of organizing our society, to move away from a trade-based society, to a trade-free society. #tromlive updates:

- We've added - a complete Trello trade-free alternative.
- We've added a simple and useful online sketch whiteboard. Draw together with others and share your drawings.
- We've added another one geared towards learning programming and creating animations.
- We moved to the original Do not worry, they are linked so it does not matter which one you use.

As you can see we are adding new trade-free services. Thanks to the people who donate to TROM. Now we have 27 trade-free services that are well maintained. So if you can, please donate to TROM here to keep these services alive and relevant, and add more in the future.

We will make some "info" pages for some of these newly added services, soon. Enjoy! #tromlive

Our TROMjaro LInux Distro comes with a customized Firefox. We removed all Firefox annoyances and trackers, plus added addons to block all ads and trackers on any website, also the sponsors from youtube videos; we added LibreDirect so that it automatically redirects youtube, twitter, instagram and the like, to trade-free front ends. We added an addon to unlock scientific papers, and one to allow you to download any video/audio file from any website.

All in all, we setup TROMjaro's browser to protect you from the pesky world of the Internet and the insidious trades humans are exposed to.


A reminder that we have built a massive infographic showcasing how 175 companies in the world, own everything

It is part of our book: The Origin of Most Problems.


Our Peertube got updated. There are some cool new features:

1. Automated subtitles based on machine learning. Select the language of your video and an automated subtitle will be created. We do not know how good this feature is, but it is worth a shot.
2. Ability to edit any subtitle.
3. You can cut any of your videos now, using the Studio. There you can also add an intro, outro, and watermark. Basic video editing in the browser!
4. Ability to auto save the permanent livestreams - don't lose those again!
5. Live streams now get converted into multiple formats.
6. Share on the Fediverse:

Please join us! If you are making interesting videos about science/technology/activism in English, you have unlimited storage space with us. We already have over 1.000 registered users, but not many are uploading. #tromlive

Soon we will add a Theme Switch to TROMjaro :)

You will be able to click any color combination from the list and change your theme based on the color accent and dark/light mode. And unlike Pop OS, Deepin, Ubuntu, Gnome and the like, our Theme Switch changes the theme for some 90% of all apps out there, compared to some 10-20% for these other distros.

Stay tuned! #

People are saying that Time is Money in this world. The better and more realistic and important saying is that: Money is Time, and time is non-renewable. No sane society would look at time in this shallow manner as humans do on this planet.


A gun, a nuclear bomb, a spear, are not dangerous unless humans decide to use them against each other. Never forget that.

Look at why humans use them as weapons, not at the weapons themselves. #

Our server's diskspace is getting kinda full. We have a ton of services so this is to be expected. We are trying to be more restrictive with our Peertube instance so that we may be able to remove more content that does not fit the thematic. When we reach 80% diskspace full we will need to do something about it.


We can migrate our Peertube storage to an object storage. Maybe we will do a campaign to raise the funds for that. May be as low as 250 Euros for a year of 2TB storage. That is twice as much as we have for Peertube right now. And we can free up some space on the server for Nextcloud and other services. Right now Peertube takes up about 70% of the storage on the server.

The ice melting cult


You're born with wings,
You learn to talk,
You have no time to fly or walk,
This world is empty,
You're just a stock.
Shut'up and listen.
Now go to work!

Your time is running,
You're getting old,
Your wings are gone,
You barely walk.
There was no loss,
You're just a stock,
A trading value, in someone's flock.


Diversity is not created by "capitalism"

Climate change is not the problem. It is one of...

It is your fault!!