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Our server's diskspace is getting kinda full. We have a ton of services so this is to be expected. We are trying to be more restrictive with our Peertube instance so that we may be able to remove more content that does not fit the thematic. When we reach 80% diskspace full we will need to do something about it.


We can migrate our Peertube storage to an object storage. Maybe we will do a campaign to raise the funds for that. May be as low as 250 Euros for a year of 2TB storage. That is twice as much as we have for Peertube right now. And we can free up some space on the server for Nextcloud and other services. Right now Peertube takes up about 70% of the storage on the server.

The ice melting cult


You're born with wings,
You learn to talk,
You have no time to fly or walk,
This world is empty,
You're just a stock.
Shut'up and listen.
Now go to work!

Your time is running,
You're getting old,
Your wings are gone,
You barely walk.
There was no loss,
You're just a stock,
A trading value, in someone's flock.


Diversity is not created by "capitalism"

Climate change is not the problem. It is one of...

It is your fault!!

TROM Quiz –

All of these quizzes are based on our TROM ebooks. We are trying to make more and more of them, so this is an ongoing process. The quizzes are not to test anyone’s knowledge, but to teach people about our world. It simply is an interactive tool for our books. Each answer is cached (remembered) inside the browser, so as long as you’ll use the same browser to play these quizzes, it will remember what quizzes you played and what now, giving you new quizzes all the time. Enjoy!

Patriotism/Nationalism is an insult to humanity. Every raised flag lowers the others. We should have no flag, no borders by now. We are one species, inhabiting one fragile planet. We too are fragile. We should take care of us and our environment.

Anything else, is just a sign of the primitiveness of this species.


Tomorrow we will have a live. TROMcast is back. We will discuss "war" as the topic, with the focus on the current events. We will stream at where we will also have a live chat.

Anyone can join. #tromlive

The role of trade in war