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This society is still primitive.

Heads-up, the default theme pack we use for TROMjaro got an update and basically some of the variants do not work anymore. These ones do not work:

Problem is, one of those variants that do not work is the default TROMjaro theme....for now change to a working one.

We will look into it and try to fix it soonish.


One is a billionaire who is selling all of his books, the other one is a quite-broke human who has the courage and decency to provide her book online for free. Trade-Free. No ads, no data collection, no subscribe-here-to-read bullshit.

That's the world in which we live. The ones who make a fortune are trained and incentivized to not even share their "must read" books for free, despite having so much wealth.

Oh look, Bill Gates released a book about "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster"! It must be important.... so it is worth 18$ to read.

Grab @Sasha 's book from here - she also talks a lot about Climate Change, solutions, and a new kind of worldview.

#gates #climatechange #capitalism #TradeRuinsEverything #climate #billionaires

Not just a book.

Our TROMsite book reader has been updated after a few years of no updates. Now we also have a search, something we wanted to have for so long...

Also improved how the reader works on mobile screens.

So far so great :). #tromlive

Our Friendica instance got updated to the latest stable and all of our custom themes were updated and we added 2 more: Brown and Grey.

Go to Settings - Display to test them out.

They will be shared with the Friendica's developers if they want to include them in the default Friendica's themes or get some ideas about future changes.

Big thanks to these people who create Friendica for being so awesome and for keeping Friendica so useful and feature-rich!

#friendica #foss #activitipub #fediverse #fedi

Thank you Wojmir for the 10 Euros donation! Let us remind you that we desperately need help to fund our backups for all of our projects. We need to raise 300 Euros in less than 2 weeks.

To keep on doing trade-free things in a trade-based world is a fight that requires a lot of struggles, almost like swimming against a tsunami. But what is the alternative? Give up and not do anything? That's by far the easiest solution since the water current will push you into the "normal" direction. But for now we are still trying with TROM. We have reached many thousands of minds and with very little funding required. Thus, if you think TROM is still relevant, consider to support it since I (Tio) cannot push it all by myself.

Big thanks to the few people who are still supporting TROM, financially or not.

#tromlive #foss #opensource #privacy #funding

Now TROMnews has categories for the news to make it a lot easier to sort through them.

The homepage also got a bit of a rework for the News section:

TROMnews is now far better than it was before. If you'd like to support this work please consider helping us here

#tromlive #news #science #environment #climatechange #tech #foss

TROMnews now has a search engine

In time this will become better and more relevant, the more stuff we can collect on the website.


This is one of the best depictions, in one illustration, of what war really is:

Found on TROMnews


Now TROMnews has a dark mode :)



Why TROMnews is important, and why no one uses it

We've updated our TROM Videos too. Now Peertube has more cool features like the storyboard - you can hover with your mouse over the seekbar of a video and see thumbnails. Pretty nice!

We are currently generating the thumbnails for all of our videos (may take a while to finish), but any new video uploaded from now one will have this feature.

You can also add chapters to your videos and more. Awesome job @PeerTube !

From now on we will post a "must watch" documentary from VideoNeat on our Peertube's homepage - so make sure you check that out and subscribe to our VideoNeat channel -

This year we will try to focus on the content for our TROM Videos and bring new creators, plus create new videos ourselves too.

So please, if you can, help us here - we only need 160 more people to donate 5 Euros a month to support TROM forever.

#tromlive #peertube #documentaries #documentary

Our TROM Call now requires a username and password in order to create a call. This is stated on the main website. The password and username are "tromcall" and it will create a unique call session every time. Therefore it can be used by anyone.

Now it should be a lot more reliable than before.


@Aaron is going to present TROM tomorrow in Hamburg at the Chaotic Computer Club event. Unfortunately he only has a small, few minutes long opportunity to present the project in a workshop-like way. We tried to get TROM to the main event but there were too many applying (over 600) so we were no accepted. We will try next year.

But awesome that Aaron is there and he is trying to spread the message.

If we will have any videos and photos we will share with you on our Friendica :)


The fact that humans have weapons that are meant to kill their own kind, is a sign of primitivism. It is a sign of a failed society. Regardless if they even use them or not.

If we cannot solve conflicts within our human society without killing other humans, then we are a failure. That, in a situation in which we have more than enough resources to provide everyone with whatever they need and most of what they want.

Shame on humans!

#TradeRuinsEverything #tromlive

Finally on the TROMsite Contact page you can select what projects are you contacting us for -

A simple addition but useful. ;)


TROM II: A Message to The Aliens (documentary) -

Now fully subtitled into Spanish, making it available to many millions of people who only speak spanish. All thanks to the wonderful Rafa and Vicky, and Cesar.

The amount of work to subtitle such a documentary in a professional way is quite intense and these people are doing it without asking anything in return. That's how we all should be. To do the things we feel are important and not worry about how to survive on this planet.

If you want to help us translate the documentary in more languages please contact us.


Our TROMjaro trade-free apps library now displays an excerpt for all of the apps in the library for the APPS main page:

This has been requested for years now and we finally did it. It is indeed super useful to know what these apps are about from the main page, without having to open them.

Enjoy over 650 trade-free apps #tromlive

A lesson about why "free" is not free

@Rokosun has fully rebuilt our TROMjaro Welcome app from scratch. Now it is a lot more elegant in terms of the code, and opens up a lot more possibilities for us to integrate more features into it. Something that we will do in the very near future.

TROMjaro is a Trade-Free Operating System. No ads, no data collection, no free trials, no bullshit.


The trade-free app of the day:


A Trade-Free operating system based on Manjaro Linux Designed for your brain, but you can install it on a computer.No more ads and trackers consuming you, no โ€˜freeโ€™ trials, noContinue readingHOME

Did you know that you could install a Trade Free Operating System for your phone?

GrapheneOS, CalyxOS, /e/ OS and more are already available for hundreds of devices. For a quick list see our Trade-Free Directory.

Or read an in-depth look at the world of smartphones - - how they evolved into a pile of garbage and how we can clean all of that crap from our phones.


Our TROMjaro Theme Switcher has been fully re-written by @Rokosun in Nim and the owlkettle library. Our theme switcher is now made in a more sane way.

When you select a theme it will remain highlighted using the accent color of the selected theme. The notifications are also improved and you can see the theme icon in the notification preview.

Roko had to learn all of these from scratch, in order to make it. He is always improving our custom TROMjaro scripts and on top of that he is a proper human being: calm, nice, smart, down to Earth, and so friendly. How awesome that he is helping TROM so much without asking anything in return. That0s becuase he does not "work for TROM", we all work together to build something important and useful!


TROM Files (Nextcloud) provides 10 GB of storage space for everyone! And we can extend up to 20 GB to whoever needs more storage. All trade-free.

TROM Files is like Google Drive + Google Photos + Trello + more into one single package, but no bullshit subscriptions, ads, data collection.

You have access to Collabora (Libreoffice cloud) - a powerful Office suite that allows you to edit any documents and collaborate on them.

You have access to a Photo Gallery app and the ability to edit your photos directly in TROM Files:

You have access to a Notes app and a Music player. Plus "Deck" to organize your teams and tasks.:

Lastly you have access to a fully featured Calendar:

Please share so that everyone takes advantage of this. There is no catch if you understand what we do at TROM. We've been creating trade-free materials and services since 2011.

And please consider becoming one of the 200 people that we need in order to support this TROM project forever --->>


We are all humans. Atoms that make cells, cells that make us. We are not israelies, palestinians, americans, jews, arabs, europeans....we are HUMANS. And we have more than enough resources to share and live in a paradise on a beautiful and complex planet.

What a shame that the same brains who can understand how the universe works and the complexity that we have discovered so far, can be imprisoned by nonsense ideas and beliefs, and then kill each other because of these.



To change Healthcare and Transportation

Our ZDay presentation is now translated into 4 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Czech and Catalan

Kudos to the people who are translating these TROM videos without anyone asking them to do so or how to do it. At TROM we work in this decentralized and more emerging style: people can get involved with whatever they can, and do it on their own.

We only provide some tools and platforms, like our Translation Matrix chat

Amazing people. One of them actually, Lenka, we meet at ZDay. She came because of TROM and she quickly became our friend.

Now she made the Czech subtitle for the presentation and she wants to work on the entire TROM II documentary to subtitle it into Czech. Awesome people!


TROM II Documentary is fully translated into German thanks to @Aaron ! Watch it here

He is not only part of the documentary but translated it fully! #tromlive

If Jesus or Superman were to exist in today's society, they would not be able to survive just by doing good things, by helping others and so forth. They would have to become social media influencers:

Sell their own shampoo line, advertise for companies...

Watch the entire talk here


The ZDay is over and the reactions we got were really encouraging. We will give you more info and hope to post the recording tomorrow. In the meantime here are some photos:


Tomorrow we are at ZDay in Prague. Tio will present TROM with the focus on why trade is the origin of most problems and why creating trade-free goods and services is so crucial.

We will try to post photos and videos over here to our Friendica page. So stay tuned!


TROM II is now fully translated into Romanian thanks to @Georgi who worked like crazy for the past months to do it.

It is particularly difficult to translate into Romanian because this language comes in 2 main flavors: the official language and the language that people normally speak. And there can be a big difference between the two.

Georgi tried as much as possible to translate in a way that people talk and not in this official robot-like way. She used Kdenlive for the entire translation process.

Huge amount of work!

Watch it here !


This is the schedule for the ZDay event in Prague, on 26th of August, in a few days time:

You can still register here if you want to join. It is free.

See you there! #tromlive


I kinda finished the presentation for ZDay! ๐Ÿ˜€ Am happy with it. Around 40 minutes long and I tried to make it fun and interesting and put things in a different perspective from what I did in our previous TROM materials. So even those familiar with TROM may find it, I hope, interesting.

75 slides, and a lot of animated stuff ๐Ÿ˜€. I LOVE LibreOffice Presentations. Trade-Free software at its best. You can make some really cool presentations with it.

Half the talk will be about what our society is made of. You know, trade...and how it influences everything. The other half is about our trade-free approach. I will also explain The Fediverse, will talk about TROMjaro and our other tools.

These days I need to get ready for the trip. How awesome that I now have a good laptop that I can take with me, thanks mostly to Roma and Gui who donated money so that I can buy it. I definitely use it mostly for TROM.

That's all. I kinda struggled with this presentation and I worked on it quite a lot. But now that it is done I am relieved ;).