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Unfortunately our is currently not local videos are loading. It seems that an update broke it. Restoring didn't fix the issue. Sorry about that...and do not worry all of the videos and settings are backed-up. Probably it is a permission issue. We reported the issue to the developers. So let's see. We'll keep you posted. #tromlive

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Thank you Francis for the 20 EUR donation! And the wonderful message:
A little help for all your great work and services


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@Tio : Today we are going to record @Georgi for TROM II :) - then make a pizza night haha. Lets see if we can record it all in one go, if not we will record the rest tomorrow. @Aaron should also arrive this week for the recordings and @Sasha is getting ready for her recording. We have around 1 month left in this apartment so we want to do the recordings faster. Unfortunately we do not have enough money to survive on our own (me and Sasha) so we are forced to move to my parents' house. It will be more difficult from now on, but what can we do!? Unless a complete miracle happens and we get a lot of financial support in the next weeks, nothing will change.

It is funny how this society makes someone like me, who dedicates so much time trying to understand it and explain it to others and create a ton of free tolls and help others, move away form this behavior and maybe get a job in order to survive. A job that is the opposite of that: probably one that scams people, sells more shit so we create more waste, ruins the internet (see SEO), and so forth. In other words, this society pushes me to go from "I want to understand the world and create nice things for others" to "I need to make money at any cost...scam others, waste, consume...don't care"...

Anyways. I will keep on pushing myself to stay sane and be able to do these projects. But of course, any financial help helps a fuck ton. #tromlive
I'm sorry to hear about your financial situation. I think all of us who understands the problem with trade faces this dilemma, the society forces us to trade in order to survive. Most people spend the better part of their life doing jobs, they don't even get enough time to spend with their loved ones. How can people understand and learn about the problems of society and try to solve them if they don't even have the time for it. Its really sad 😞
yes that's very true...
our chapter provide permanently free shelter/accommodation is available now. main feature of the city, multi layered city system, vehicle are moving underground, high-tech & smart feature. for more info how to move to this city, join our facebook group
Please stop spamming us with this. You posted a lot about this on all of our posts. We understand.

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Latest TROM-Cast can be fully watched here - sorry for the interruption...we do not know what caused it. It is similar to the last TROMcast so maybe it is a setup issue or a bug. We will investigate. #tromlive

65. Movies

We recommend our VideoNeat collections of movies and our book "The For-Profit Entertainment"
I couldn't watch the live stream cause of my bad internet. I'll probably download the video and watch it later. I'll talk to you then 😄
Sorry to hear that....I wonder how bad your internet is...can you test it and tell me? The most reliable way is to go into the settings of your ethernet or wifi connection and see what type of connection you have. Internet speed tests are not really reliable...
I just watched the tromcast about movies. This time there were more people than the last one, I think it made it more interesting. You've talked about all the important stuff there, good points, good discussions. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for live, but we can discuss things here I guess.

BTW, watching y'all talk on TROMcast was more entertaining and educational than any movie or documentary, it made my day 😄
Oh wow you are way too kind! So the live was choppy for you, but how about streaming the video now? Does not load ok? In 1080p too?
Video streams ok after the live. But I just downloaded it cause it was 2 hours long. Also the internet speed fluctuates here, so it can be slow sometimes.

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TROM-Cast: Movies - scheduled for tomorrow - best part, anyone can participate ;). #tromlive

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Next TROM-Cast: Movies. Sat 17th, 19:00 Madrid time.

We will discuss the topic of movies. Anyone can join. It will be live-streamed here - tomorrow we will schedule it on our Peertube.


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Big thanks to the people who keep on supporting us financially via Patreon, Liberapay, Paypal and other means. We need to pay for our serves and to "buy" some free time for us to work on all of our TROM projects. We have a lot of them as you can see here . From books and videos and documentaries, to websites where you can watch thousands of documentaries/movies/courses for free, to a custom Operating System and hundreds of curated trade-free apps, to a trade-free directory or trade-free alternatives to youtube, twitter/facebook, wetransfer, google and its services and a lot more. So please help us if you can!

The more donations we get, the more reliable what we offer becomes and the more relaxed we can be in order to create more stuff. Go here and support if you can . Thanks! #tromlive

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It is all about trade.

When you go into a supermarket, you take some food, you then expect to give (trade) a currency for it to the cashier. Simple. We are all used to that. This is a "trade". To unwrap this a bit, you have to trade your skills, time, energy and so forth in this society (and you do that via a job), to then get a representation of that called currency (money in our case), to then trade that for your needs and wants.

You trade your skills/time/energy.
You get a currency.
You trade that currency for food/services/stuff.

That's how our world-wide society works.

In the digital space these trades have become more shady and hidden. You go on Facebook and you get the impression that it is free. However what Facebook wants is your data/attention and at times currency (buy this, promote that). It is like going into a supermarket that has no prices and cashiers, but it knows your credit card information because when you entered the store you "agreed" with their "terms and conditions". And so they charge you little by little without even telling you.

Therefore, Facebook, Google and pretty much all websites out there are trade-based - similar to any supermarket. You have to trade to them your energy/attention/data/currency in the same way that you trade to any store out there.

If we want to create a sane society overall, we have to provide trade-free goods/services, much like Wikipedia does, or Doctors Without Borders, and many nonforprofits out there.

And that's what we do see: or or

Well I encourage people to discuss it here rather than fb where you are forced to have an account and trade your data/attention/currency to them :P. So tell us more about this please. I've seen many fancy looking and futuristic cities but the solution is not in how futuristic they look, it is in understanding how this trade-based society is ruining pretty much everything. So, in this city they still rely on trade right? Like you go buy stuff, maybe they collect your data, insert ads everywhere? Tell us more about and what is your connection to this project. Cheers!
Hi Tio, ok, if you wanted to understand the intention of the commune housing project, here it goes

Everyday millions of people wake up and enslaved by the system
Capitalism and exploitation will remain
TZM is advocating basic necessities of life such as water/electricity/shelter/food/etc should be made as fundamental human rights even though all human is not working, there is no one need to be sacrificed nor being exploited by fully embrace/implement today's available automation and technology.

But outdated monetary and capitalism has hindered progress of automation and commodify those basic necessities
Therefore war, poverty, deprivation, economy inefficieny, drudgery workplace for the sake of labor for income continue to exist
It is not about blaming certain human or society is bad, but economy structure is designed similar to monopoly game/musical chair game, victimize player, aka violent structure

Hence the idea of commune housing was born
Commune housing itself is a project modifying violent structure (on permanent basis) to a more civilized version
Free facility is giving members/resident a space/meeting to focus on relevant project/real world solutions
I have been following TZM for more than 10-15 years, im not gonna wait for others to take action
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.― Richard Buckminster Fuller"
Moving from primitive (self-based capitalism) to a more civilized/advanced & sharing society
As a transition project, moving towards post scarcity model
The new human rights movement

hope i answered your question
Thanks for the answer. I am very familiar with all of these. We've been around for 10+ years and I worked with TVP directly for more than 4. There are a few points I'd like to make and questions to ask:
  • When I moved away from TVP I did so after writing this book: The Money Game and Beyond - I realized one fundamental thing: when TVP/TZM and others talk about the system, capitalism, the monetary system, and so forth, they are all using a lot of words to describe the same simple thing. TRADE. We live in a trade-based society, regardless if you call it capitalism, free market, markets, communism in china or whatever. Therefore money, cryptocurrencies, data trading, attention economy, social credits and so forth, are all very well explained by this trade-based society. I then wrote a huge book explaining all of that: - so, if we are to talk about what we are up against, do we agree we are up against this trade-based society?
  • After writing that second book, The Origin of Most Problems, I realized another thing: we need a problem not a solution. Self driving cars, automation, blockchain, dome houses, 3D printing, vertical farms, whatever, are not really important. What's important is to understand what the problem that we are trying to fix, is. And we describe it in detail. It is trade. Whenever you see trade (give me this to give you that), you see problems. Regardless if you talk about futuristic cities and so forth.
  • Those being said, what is your connection with the that city? Are you part of the project in any way?
  • Are the people who manage the city or parts of it, aware of this trade issue? Who are they really? Are they aware of TZM/TVP and come from that line of thinking?
1.) yes, trade is main source of the problem. so in my approach to creating a trade free society, im offering free facility for members, so they can either stay or use, there is no limit

2.) yes, trade free, thats why commune housing is free to use, but at the moment only for members due to limited resource

3.) i dont have any connection with forest city, i am the property owner in 1 of the small unit there, im tzm members myself, and trying to contribute what resource i have to offer, so im telling members you now can use my facility. thats is all

4.) property developer do not know i m trying to start a commune housing project there, it is only 1 unit of apartment out of 9999 they have there, they wont bother. but to create abundance and post scarcity, i wanted to collect donation in future, so those member who are not able to get involved but still wanted to, the easiest way is donation, i will keep buying another property and property, snowball the effect from there and hopefully movement will grow bigger
So basically this city is just yet another trade-based city. And what you are saying is that you have a "small unit" there. You mean an apartment? And you want to let others use your apartment trade-free (you don't ask for anything in return)? Am I getting it right?

If so, that's very nice of you, but it means it has nothing to do with that city, since that city is just like many others. It is about providing some trade-free accommodation. And of course, who can come and stay for long on Malaysia? You need a VISA and all that. Seems complicated. Plus trust of course.

We would like to do a TROMcast and discuss about this idea of building communities or a city. Is it feasible? Is it relevant? Would you like to participate?
yes i have a small apartment there, and already paid off the loan, no debt. only member and those who understand the idea behind trade-free allowed to stay, otherwise normal people is not allowed, as they wont appreciate it. but as an apartment owner or if members stay there, they must pay a maintenance fee, which is in RM (ringgit malaysia) approx RM200 plus, and you need to pay your own utilities, electricity and water bill. lets say RM100 plus per month, total about RM300 plus a month & your own food

RM300 is around $US72 dollar & your own food a month maybe RM700, more or less depend how much grocery you are spending. RM700 is around $US169. so total RM1000 (US$242) a month

for your question about VISA, this is the reason why i buy at forest city, it is situated between malaysia (johor) and singapore, it is meant for international community. forest city have resident from 33 nationalities, but at the moment majority is foreigner from china

for visa workaround, lets assume after covid is resolved, you can use tourist visa travel back and forth as many times as you want between singapore and malaysia.. lol. you can check google map it is only 16km to reach singapore.

im not sure how tromcast work, but idea of building community of city requires a lot of money, i can participate if you give more specific instruction, but keep in mind, at the end of the day, money still talks...
I see thanks for the explanation. This is more clear to me now. I've heard of many many such initiatives. From Mauritius to Cuba and in-between. There are a lot of people, especially around TVP/TZM who want to provide such free accommodation services. But I haven't heard from any of them for a while now. I do not know how practical this is, but I appreciate the initiative.

We can talk more about such approaches of creating little communities or the idea of a city in tromcast. We have a chat at we can talk more about it there, but for sure we will make a tromcast soon about this topic. So if you can participate that'd be cool.

this is the apartment interior

before renovation this is how it looks like :

ok, i will try participate if the time zone permits
I see thanks. Ok let's schedule one at an hour that best suits us all. I'll get back to you about this later on today.
it is still have some sort of relevant to the city, first of all it is high tech and with multi layered transport system, it is city of future, and also with spectacular beach and outdoor park for resident to use, this particular property developer also acknowledge the importance of conservation, they have a course teaching kids about eco-system, the whole city is using water conservation as well, also built an eco system museum, it is place for those wanted to live in some sort of sustainable city, which is already built in
I am highly skeptical about it to be honest. Any trade-based system tends to go into waste and destruction mode. Very skeptical. But we can discuss all of these in tromcast if you are interested ;).
bro.. its real

their ecology course here :

plant dictionary :

"..Forest City has built 4 sewage treatment plants with a total capacity of approximately 170,400 P.E. After an advanced ecological sewage treatment system and a wetland treatment, the effluent water quality is able to meet CLASS II B standard, which is higher than the ordinary discharge standard in Malaysia. The effluent will then be used for irrigation of roof gardens, vertical greenery, outdoor landscapes, as well as public toilet flushing, etc. Currently, most of the water for irrigation in Forest City comes from reclaimed water. In the future, desalination will also be implemented to enhance the efficiency of water resources utilization...”

source :
I did not say it is not real. I doubt it is going to be used for more than making more money out of it. You have to trade for this "amazing" technology. See the Masdar city. is not technology that we need, is a new system that's not based on trade. You know what I mean?
yes agreed, as long as trade exist, we have to continue perpetuate the idea of infinite growth, which at the end means still not sustainable
Looking more into it....they want to grow an economy there, they look for business opportunities, they want is this different from Barcelona? Or any other city in that regards?
at the moment, it is normal capitalism city. the rest of the detail already described previously
Free accommodation, meals, health insurance....for people working there... - I mean I get free healthcare in Spain and I don't work in Spain or ever did + pay 0 taxes. I don't get it, what this city has to do with moving away from this trade-based society?
already answered above

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This week we will make a TROMcast about MOVIES.

Lets talk about movies. Are they really dumb nowadays? Are they just ads? Are they relevant in any way? Are they just made so that companies make profits?

But also, what are some good movies out there? How could movies look in a saner future? What about educational movies?

Lets chat about that ;)

We invite anyone to participate. Please use this poll to tell us what day/hour suits you best


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Our is now fully functional and no more security issues. It is a trade-free alternative to Pocket. Enjoy! #tromlive

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When Facebook proclaims to be a place for people to stay in touch with their friends and families, connect with others and such, it is like a Mall pretending it is not a shopping center, but a place where friends and families can meet and greet. Just because Malls have added some benches, trees, and playgrounds for kids, it does not make them a communal place for people to meet others, relax, and have a fun time. They are still shopping centers and all they want is for you to consume their products. To trade your currency for their stuff.

Similarly, Facebook is a place where you trade your data/attention/currency to them - it is an ad platform - regardless if they added "benches and trees", or messengers, photo albums and a comment section for posts. They still are an ad platform.

Don't be fooled!

Malls are shopping centers, and Facebook is an ad (trade) platform, together with youtube, twitter, tiktok, google search and pretty much all websites nowadays.

So, fuck them. Use for your own sanity. #tromlive

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Our latest TROMCast about deplatforming can be watched here or here . It got suddenly interrupted at 1:30 , we do not know why, maybe my (Tio) internet connection dropped for a second. We recorded a second part and merged them all in one single video. Enjoy! #tromlive

TROM-Cast 64: Deplatformed!

We are talking about this new word "deplatforming" and what are the implications of it. How a few companies can mute anyone they want, and what repercussions does it have.

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We will go live in 1h and a half, here and anyone can participate. The subject: deplatformed. We will talk about how big companies have the power to silence anyone and what to do about it. #tromlive

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Two more applications added to our - but both are under "The following may not work properly, or are not fully trade-free:". So please be aware of that. We added Wallabag as and Framaforms as

Right now we provide 18 trade-free services! 12 work perfectly fine. 1 is not customized. and 5 are mostly not properly customized/configured or are not very stable. #tromlive

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Tomorrow, a new TROM-Cast live here

We are talking about this new word "deplatforming" and what are the implications of it. How a few companies can mute anyone they want, and what repercussions does it have.

Anyone can participate via chat or video/audio. The info links will be posted on our live-chat a few minutes before or after the live will begin. If you want to follow us directly on Peertube see this link

See you there! #tromlive

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We have a new trade-free service available for ! It is a meme-maker.

A simple tool that allows you to create “memes”. Add text, background images, change colors, font types, save them in the browser or on your computer. #tromlive

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We want to release a trade-free alternative to Unsplash, videoblocks and the like. A huge gallery of free to use videos and photos. We have tested it and so far so great, but for now it will be invitation-only so if there is any of you out there who is passionate about taking photos or making videos, please tell us so we can give you access. All that we will upload there will be free to use for any purposes: trade-free in other words. So, there is your chance to make things just a little better in this world, by taking interesting photos and adding them to our Trade-Free Media directory ;). #tromlive

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yes, I could.
Sounds great! I'll get back to you later today or tomorrow with more details. Thanks! ;)

We tweaked a bit our Quiz - enjoy it! Whenever we will have more time, we will add more questions to it. #tromlive

I am happy to announce that we released TROMnews in german on

I was working all day on this and it looks great. Furthermore the move from our websites in german to our new server went very smooth and everything seems to not only work, but everything is faster than ever before. Loading speeds of website and books decreased a lot and all of that is possible thanks to @YunoHost who provide such an amazing tool to host digital services (wordpress-websites, social media platforms, video platforms, search engines etc.) by yourself!
Also thanks to @Tio who worked a lot on moving all websites to our new server!
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Ladies and gents, we are releasing yet another service for our! A real and quite complete trade-free alternative to Google Docs - read more about it here . Create documents in seconds + kaban + polls + whiteboards. You don't even need an account, unless you want to save your work for more than 3 months. Everything is fully encrypted. Share, comment, work collaboratively. Take advantage of it! #tromlive #tromimg

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Poke 👉 @cryptpad

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Introducing a new amazing category to our tromnews: PHOTOS - amazing nature photos from all round the world. Let your eyes have sex with the screen :) #tromlive

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Planned Obsolescence -

Our trade-based society is an idiotic society that will never change as long as most humans are forced to trade in order to survive. No regulations will change anything. No rules, no education. If people who care about climate change, environmental destruction, slavery and so forth, are not up-in-arms against Apple, Facebook, Google and the like, then they have no idea what they are talking about. In fact, they should be angry at the society that produces such monsters.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Spotify, Netflix, all of these apparently "in the cloud" entities, are as bad as any oil company or banks. They destroy everything for their own sake. And people still use them...

But is the society that needs to be changed, never forget that! #tromlive

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Our FInteresting category on TROMnews is back! - it is a mix of very interesting SubReddits, such as Showerthoughts, Data Is Beautiful, Ask Science, Today I Learned or Explain Like Im Five. The great part is that we use teddit for the job, a trade-free reddit browser. So when users click any of the cards in FInteresting, they can read the post and comments in a trade-free way. Awesome! If Teddit will become a @yunohost package we will implement it on our ;). We would like to do the same for our curated videos and pull them from our Invidious instance. We could do that, but out plugin does not support pulling feeds from Atom, only from RSS and Invidious only offers Atom feeds. If you know any other very interesting SubReddits let us know. #tromlive

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You could also use instead of teddit for a more modern view
They do not provide an RSS feed - and teddit's RSS is very robust it seems. We need that to pull the items to our newsfeed.

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Last recording with @Dima ! Very good one! Total of 2h or recordings. Awesome! #tromimg #tromlive

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We did the recording with @Dima today! Very good one! Some 2h long. Tomorrow we will do a much shorter one - not much left to record ;). All great! TROM II is back-on-track! #tromimg #tromlive #trom2

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A new service added to ! Nitter : It allows anyone to browse any Twitter account without having an account on, and without trading their attention (ads) or data. On top of this, anyone can subscribe to any account via RSS. #tromlive

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Now anyone can translate in any language. No account or approval required. The downside is that it s not 100% trade-free since there is 1 google tracker in the translation module when you use it. Not sure how to remove it for now... #tromlive
Done(easy translating).

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Added more sources to . Honestly it is super difficult to find good sources of news nowadays. For 3 major reasons:

1. Many want something for you, be it your attention (ads), data, or currency (subscriptions) and this practice of trade pushes them to create click baity news, and bad quality ones. It is damn difficult to find more objective news even when it comes to science. Like most tech websites are either paid articles (ads), or talking about "fahionable" nonsense tech like the new shitphone. No real tech news about real tech discoveries. On top of that they are incentivized to post a ton of news, constantly. So we get spammed on

2. News sources are very politicized. And we need no politics if we are to remain sane. Politics is a shit show and will always be biased and full of crap. But even sci/tech news is full of "politics" and interests.

3. News sources repeat the same "big" story, even when it comes to sci/tech, and thus we end up with duplicates.

We want reliable news from sci/tech and if possible society (bit not politics). And that's hard to find. If anyone knows any sources, please tell us. #tromlive
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Thank you Brandon for the 12 Euros donation! #tromlive

We have scheduled 1 trade-free app for our TROMjaro library for the next (almost) 2 months. So keep an eye on that, or subscribe here via RSS or just follow us here on ;) . #tromlive

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Thank you Luka so much for the 30 Euros donation and this great message:
Love your work! I try to share the pictures that contain text from Trom ebooks, try to form 5-10 pictures long story from them, it helps me understanding some things better and hopefully some others find them interesting and educational aswell. Much love & greetings from Slovenia to the whole team! :) #tromlive

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This is how you can interact and follow almost anyone online: Facebook, Peertube, Youtube, Websites... without having an account on any of these -


Thank you Huan for becoming a Patreon! :) Anyone can support TROM here - and we really need that support to keep this project sane, relevant, and in fight-mode! ;) #tromlive

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We enabled Diagrams for our Files too - so we provide that app as a standalone one, or part of our Files (Nextcloud). We will add more services and improve the existing ones in time ;). #tromlive

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About the big video-on-demand companies and the harm they are doing:

Take this documentary, The Dissident. About a very known journalist killed by Saudi Arabia for speaking against their primitive regime. It is a confirmed story by any major journalistic investigative organization. But the distribution of the documentary is either super slow or non existent, and that's likely because Netflix, Apple, Amazon and the like, do not want to lose business opportunities with Saudi Arabia. It is business-based-censorship. You can read more here and here.

Yet people still use Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Youtube and the like. And do not feel angry about them censoring content, especially based on business plans. These big-boys don't really care about "ethics", or "gore", or nudity, or conspiracies, or stuff like that, since their platforms is full of these. All they care is about their business doing well, and if that means nudity has to be censored, they will; if that means stuff criticizing China or Saudi Arabia, then that content is out!

It also goes to show how "paying with currency for content" is neither better or worse than paying with your data or attention. In other words, a streaming platform that runs on ads and data collection, is as bad as one that runs on paid subscriptions. They all are incentivized to put their profits first.

On another note, based on the above example, how ridiculous that we are trapped by these imaginary entities called companies for such things, when we can so easily distribute such documentaries or any media to everyone in the world that has an Internet connection. Via Bittorrent, via Peertube, via many means.

We make the documentary available via VideoNeat and directly via Peertube, because the world needs to be aware of such stories and get away from this primitive imaginary boundary of companies, patents, copyright, money, and so forth.

Enjoy! Share! #tromlive
Applies to any large company unfortunately.

"Business is business".
100% true. Actually it applies to most, if not all companies. Just that I wanted to focus on the above topic of video-on-demand and the like.

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A new TROMjaro ISO is out - not much, just updates mainly + adding our services to Privacy Redirect ;). #tromlive

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So, you can follow TROM on Friendica: or PeerTube - have fun. Here's a tip, listen to our latest TROMcast at 0.50 speed. It is funny as hell :)). #tromlive
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Newsletter sent! This is the newsletter:

We walk the talk.

Listen for 2 minutes please.

Since 2011 when we released TROM documentary, we've been fighting this trade-based society. For one, to expose it - and we created many hours of videos, thousands of pages of books, tools and so forth. And second, to provide alternatives (from educational materials, to tools). Everything can be found here

If people would just pay attention to what we do…

Here's the problem:

In the Internet era pretty much every brain is being consumed and conned by ads and data collection, or limited through paywalls . Brains move hands and feet, and today the war for the minds is getting very intense. Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, and so forth, are trapping minds into an endless stream of nonsense and ads, to keep them on their platforms, in order to make more money. And so, they kill everyone without leaving them physically dead. Humans have become confused zombies. They trade their minds for mindless entertainment. Their heads are full of conspiracies, clickbait, and nothingness overall.


We won't be able to change anything in this society if we don't take care of people's minds! And so we don't just talk about the walk, we walk that talk. Today we are releasing a new extraordinary project that is meant to provide trade-free alternatives to Facebook, Youtube, Dropbox or Google Drive, Google Search or Docs, Wetransfer, Microsoft Office Online, Spotify and more. (TROM dot Trade-Free)

We need people not to trade their minds to these tools, but to use these tools to grow their minds!

Join us for the release at - live from our own trade-free "youtube" #tromlive
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We have made our much better now. Every time we will have a TROM-Cast Live, a box will appear on the page with the live video and our TROM Discussion Chatroom. As such:

So that anyone can watch our live and also comment live on our chat. No need for an account to comment on your chat btw. We wanted to do this for a while now and it is finally here. So great!

See you in 1-2 days, live on our TROM Live page! ;) #tromlive
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TROM-Cast will be live on 12/03/21 at 19:00 Madrid time. Scheduled live here - we do it on peertube for the first time and we will keep on doing it there from now on if all works well. We will discuss about, our new mega project. #tromlive

TROM-Cast 63: - starts 12/03/21 19:00 Madrid Time ( is a new TROM project.

What is so special about it? It has the balls to provide trade-free alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Spotify, and more.