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Thank you for the anonymous 230 Euros donation! Much appreciated! #tromlive

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TROM-Cast: Managing our Peertube, Space Exploitation, and some updates

TROM-Cast is coming back, at least for now. Live on 30st this month (30.07.2021). 11:00PM Madrid time (23:00).

We are going to discuss about our Peertube instance ( and how we've been forced to limit it and perhaps moderate it in the future; we talk about what happened and in general about conspiracy theorists (or crazy people) and what can be done about them.

We will talk a bit about what's happening around the project, but also about other things that happened lately: the space exploitation of billionaires, new apps, and more.

Anyone can subscribe to our Peertube channel here and be notified when we go live. Or keep an eye on our live or simply follow us on our social network

All of them are free to use via RSS or create free accounts on these platforms that we manage and are trade-free.


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Our is public again. Lets see if the conspiracy crazies are going to invade us again. #tromlive

Future is FOSS reshared this. : User upload quota is limited to 5GB for now, except past channels that still have an unlimited quota. But we will monitor this instance and if we start to see more and more conspiracy videos then we will definitely manage this instance and only allow uploads from channels that are not fully conspiratorial. It is up to you, the users.

Unfortunately we won't provide unlimited quota from now on, since it is mostly the conspiracy crackheads that "take advantage" of that because they are banned by youtube and facebook. The other ones are just not motivated to use another platform. The lube that youtube uses to stick the dick up their ass works wonders. As long as their videos are not deleted, these going-with-the-wave "creators" are not going to be bothered by the fact that they trade their attention and data to youtube. We made this instance thinking that others from similar projects like TROM will start using it too, in parallel with their YouTube presence. And we invited them. But no one has used it, despite the fact that it is feature-rich and works super fast and reliable.

Anyways, we do not have the funds and motivation to allow for unlimited storage on this video platform when over 80% of the videos are 100% idiotic (conspiracy theories).

@polarhive was recently posting about the shutdown of, maybe he can join your instance now if he's interested. I'm sure there'll be others from looking for a new home, maybe they can join you as well.
The main issue is that we are forced to limit the user quota. And I know from experience that if you make videos you won't be happy with 5GB storage...that's why we tried unlimited storage until we got bombarded with hundreds of idiots that forced us to limit the quota. Would be more than happy to see many saner users on our Peertube tho...but at this point I understand that we do not provide a very tempting service because of the quota...
I'm sticking to @tilvids as of right now. With plans to host my own instance (after I graduate college). I think Trom's instance officially syncs with tilvids so no need to re-upload. Federation is cool!

Keep on going!

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Our does not work with youtube currently, making our curated videos also not working. It should be working soon, but so you know...this may be because youtube may temporarily block our server. #tromlive

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We have temporarily closed out . We got invaded it seems, by trump-and-god lovers, and conspiracy crackheads. Until we calm them down, we do not have the resources to deal with them any other way. Right now our and our tromchat got invaded. We will deal with this, but yah it is a sad world... #tromlive
Wait....they invaded TROMchat ? WTF ? 🤯
haha yeah with messages like
You are either a Friend or Enemy in this War on Freedom and Information. Do you or do you not Know about Event 201 and the Deep State Network all around the World?

Tio Trom we know who you are.
just wait till the rest of the Anons come

These people are so lost.

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We are talking about the Peertube situation on our public chat here - if anyone is curious or wants to engage. It is something we have to deal with. #tromlive

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Our registrations are open again. We've added a captcha + limited the user uploads to 1GB for now. Lets see how those goes, but yesterday was a reminder that these trade-free tools will get overly abused in this overly idiotic society. We will have a TROMcast next week (will post the date in a few days) and discuss all about this issue. If anyone wants to participate and has better ideas about how to handle these situations, would be great. #tromlive

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Our Peertube instance ( got blasted with over 100 user registrations for the past hour or less. At times more than one registration per minute. This is abnormal and for sure these are bots. We've seen some "qanon" conspiracy crap videos being posted immediately after these registrations on our instance. Until we investigate further we've closed the registrations and restricted user uploads. So yah.....there we go....the internet's and facebook's garbage is trying to find a new place to post their nonsense.

It is very unfortunate but we will come up with a solution. Our Peertube instance will never die. #tromlive
I thought you were pretty confident that they're bots. If they're actually humans captcha won't stop them.

This would be really hard to deal with. I think you might have to start censoring these, this sucks :(
I was sure they were bots, at least most of them. Since they registered every minute. Like 5 a minute at times....I opened the registrations again with upload limits + captcha to see what happens...and it seems they keep on registering. So yah...challenging....

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We have some great news about our! Our Facebook/Twitter trade-free alternative is now up to date and it works with native mobile and desktop apps. Which means you now have no excuse not to move from Facebook or Twitter, to :).

On desktop Whalebird works fine. On Android: AndStatus, Tusky, Fedilab and Husky work great.

We will add more info about this on our soonish.

We've also updated all of our Dark themes for the web version and they look much better now. Easy to use, clean. We default now to TROM Red Dark until we fix the light themes.

So yeah, our social network is now up and running, updated, and available on all platforms.

I'm a #fedilab user. Good to know it works fine with friendica, I'll be testing it when I have time and maybe move to it 😀

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GDPR is nonsense

Of course this GDPR in Europe thing is pointless

Trying to force people to be good in today's trade-based society, is moronic. You can't "dictate" that these online giants be honest about what data they collect about you, when data is their main trade asset. They will lie, deceive, and have so much money that suing them is futile.

Also, at least if EU understood that data collection means data trade and it is the same as any form of trade. The same way you walk into a supermarket, take some food, and then you have to give them money (trade), the same way you visit Facebook and have to give them your attention (watch ads) + your data. The difference is that these are new trades and no one understands them it seems. Plus, another difference is that Facebook "takes your money" the moment you come into their supermarket, without being very open about that at all. That's how it is: like a supermarket that charges your credit card the moment you come into the store.

Maybe EU should have at least understood that. Probably this "economy" needs a complete down-to-earth definition: it is a trade based society. That's all it is. We trade labor for food or other needs/wants, we trade data for entertainment, we trade our attention for services, and so forth. And we at times use currencies to represent these trades: money, cryptocurrencies, tokens, likes, views, etc.. SIMPLE.

I suggest to the EU to at least understand that, and then name their "GDPR" as W.A.I.T. - What Am I Trading?

This way, you try to force companies to be open about what users have to trade to them, the same way a supermarket has to put up the prices for the items they sell. And if EU did that, at least we may educate people about what is truly happening in these "data mining and collecting" scenarios.

People are obsessed about new and fancy words and theories: privacy-friendly, privacy-oriented, data mining, the attention economy, surveillance capitalism, freemium, freeware, and so forth. All of these are describing TRADE. It is simply trade going online, and different rules, norms and practices forming around them.

In the end is the same folks....the same supermarket charging you for that food you want to grab. And the same way the supermarkets put those .99 prices to confuse you, and deceiving marketing and labeling (natural products, organic, fair trade, etc.), the same exact way happens online with Facebook, Google and the like that are simply supermarkets that sell you services in return for money, other currencies, data, attention and so forth. It is just a different medium, but the same practice sprinkled with different approaches.

Don't get confused!

We explain all about that here

And in the upcoming TROM II documentary. #tromlive

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A quick tip for the current TROMjaro users that got the latest updates. if your left side menu doesn't work properly - like when you right click a favorite app the menu displays in the up left corner and you cannot click any menu options, or if you can't right click the apps icon (bottom left) to then go to the menu (Dash to Dock) settings, do these two commands:

1. Open the terminal.
2. Paste "cd /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ " and hit enter. Now paste this "sudo mv schemas schemas-bak" and hit enter.
3. Restart your desktop by pressing ALT+F2 then write "r" and enter.

Done! Now works. #tromlive

works now,thanks

This is how you can add any type of file to making it a great alternative to Evernote. #tromlive

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You ever wondered why Elon Musk has not yet changed the world for the better, like he gave us the impression that he will? It is because he was busy making himself the richest man on Earth. But hey, you know maybe he will do good things with all of that money...right? right!? right...?!?!?

In the meantime you can pretend to be Musk and spend all of his fortune here and even get a receipt for it. Go ahead, see how many houses you can buy, how many cars, or digital collections or yachts. Try to spend it all.

Cheers #tromlive

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This is one crazy thing people don't understand about billionaires - they can't even spend all their money even if they try to. Then you may ask - why do they keep making more money then ? 🤔
I honestly don't know. No one knows, its a sort of craze/madness that keeps them doing it. A craze for making money, if you will.

But the end result is always the same - that money goes to waste, even the ones making the money can't spend all of it 🤦

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"Historic Power Plant Decides Mining Bitcoin Is More Profitable Than Selling Electricity"

This power plant is "experimenting" with mining Bitcoin. For now. In the future it may very well be used entirely for that. These are our current values: whatever makes you more profit, is better. And it is understandable in a trade-based society. It's all about that trade....'bout that trade....

In our world cost-efficient does not mean energy or resource efficient. It simply means cost efficient. So if a power plant is more "efficient" in this "cost" context, to mine Bitcoin because they can make greater profits, then anyone is tempted to go for that.

This insanity is ridiculous. And those who propose that mining cryptocurrencies should rely more and more on renewable energies, are as idiotic as those who may propose that guns should be more eco-friendly. We do not need any: guns or cryptocurrencies.

Are humans ever going to wake up from this deep sleep mode? Are they gonna ask simpler questions like: what do we really do on this planet? Are they ever going to sit down and think about what is this society? Probably not. Everything is traded in this society, and time+attention is one of those assets. If your job doesn't take that away from you, then your phone is.

Jobs+Facebook/Insta/TikTok+Youtube+Ads+Shopping+Netflix+Supermarkets+Spotify+.... there is no way humans can understand the water they live inside, when the water currents are so strong they have to always swim somewhere.

Those who think that cryptocurrencies are different than money, are clueless about what a currency is. #tromlive
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I'm sure you read this article about the rising lake temperatures in lake Seneca due to mining from another local powerplant, disgusting!
Well...what can I say...utterly retarded.

We are happy to release a new and very useful service part of our !

NOTES: this is a fully featured notes app that can be accessed via any operating system or via the web directly. You have several text editors at your disposal so that you fine tune each note as you want: form simple editors, to markdown or code editors and more. A bunch of extensions are freely available together with several themes.

It is the ultimate note application! And we will detail all features the following days.

For now, if you want to test it, create an account at and then to use it on any device, install the application Standard Notes. There, login with the same credentials + do one more thing: in the advance options replace the default Sync Server with our own: . That's all! Now you can enjoy your notes on any device. Synced offline and online, and you can back them up offline at any point.

Another thing: all notes are fully encrypted. So no one can read them.

For now you can read more about this at - they offer a trade-based version of the service, but we offer it trade-free of course. All of those "pro" features we provide for free with the support from the people who help us financially

Enjoy this great Notes application! #tromlive
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Reducing the working hours....

This is a study conducted between 2015-2019 - basically they reduced the salves' working hours from 40 a week to 35-36. A mere 4h less per week. Not per day, per week! And the results are "shocking":

""workers enjoying a boost to well-being, an improved work-life balance, and “a better cooperative spirit in the workplace.”""

Oh enslaving people a bit less is a bit better for them. They may feel better, more relaxed and's for sure an astonishing discovery.

How about, and I know this sounds "outlandish", but how about instead of creating mountains of waste every year (gadgets, electronics, food, clothes, and so forth), we give them to people so they don't have to enslave themselves to get them. And you fix 2 issues: waste and slavery.

Reducing the working hours in a trade-based society by 4h a week, is like reducing the war causalities by 10%. And yes you may say that's really good. Lots of saved lives. But that's besides the point. We need no wars. Like we need to jobs. These are primitive and outdated systems.

Human beings have no chance to change anything in this trade-based society if they think the above study/news is of any relevance.

We should provide for people with whatever they need, and as much as whatever they want. As trade-free. And then they will work but have no jobs. They will have the time, the motivation, the energy and relaxation, to engage in meaningful work that helps everyone.

Jobs are enslaving and idiotic mechanisms in an abundant society. #tromlive
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Trade-Free alternatives to:

- Facebook/Twitter
- Dropbox/Google Drive/iCloud
- Youtube/Vimeo
- Google Search/Bing
- Google Docs/Microsoft Office
- Wetransfer
- Pocket
- Google Maps
- Spotify (desktop)
- Windows/MacOS plus most of the apps found on these operating systems

Plus more such services here

Help us keep them trade-free and add a lot more. Donate if you can

Interesting (will safe the world?) but dubious: .rf, no impressum
Another genius system?

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We have added two more trade-free services to our (they are in testing mode for now) :

1. MAPS: an almost complete alternative to Google Maps. You can create your own maps and save them, edit them collaboratively, import routes, add points of interests and a lot more. All without an account and without limitations.

2. PASS: a trade-free alternative to LastPass and the like. Mind you: Storing your passwords on a server is always a dangerous idea. We try to protect our server from attacks and data leaks, and we keep everything in check and updated, but we are a small team and we can't guarantee it. Keep that in mind before you use this service.

These are meant for testing for now, so please let us know if you experience any bugs and such with them. Contact us here


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Now everyone can access OpenStreetMap and Bitwarden from a trade-free provider. This is amazing ! 😀

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We hope people use such tools. And we will add more. We are testing a notes app that works with any device and is fully encrypted. So you can have a proper Notes app synced across all devices. So yah, thanks to yunohost we can provide and maintain such tools. ;)

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A new service added to our - :

SPF Toolbox was created to be an easy, free open source way for people to get information about any domain. #tromlive
I don't know what this is or how these info could be useful, but I'm giving it a boost anyways 😁
Please visit for the explanation.
It is useful to check any domain out there, like who owns it, where is it hosted, what ports are open, and so forth.
Yeah, I know. @alexio sent me link that explained it very well :)

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We are still testing new services for Two we am excited about are a trade-free alternative to Trello (the tool that so many use to organize tasks and teams) + a Google Maps alternative. The latter already works super well, but we need to fix some stuff. All thanks to @yunohost who provides such tools in a way that's easy for us to install and maintain. #tromlive

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The boats that do not sail -

This is another video about our society. We live in an abundance of stuff, yet many people don't have access to that, because of this trade system, where you have to trade something in order to get something. #tromlive

26. The boats that do not sail

This is another video about our society. We live in an abundance of stuff, yet many people don't have access to that, because of this trade system, where you have to trade something in order to get something.

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Now all works good with our Peertube instance! So, ditch youtube and come there upload your videos! - unlimited video uploads ;). Trade-Free! #tromlive

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Our Invidious instance now has an anti-captcha integration which should make it pretty resilient from being blocked. Youtube is the largest video platform out there, so we need a way to access it trade-free. lets you do that. You can even create an account in seconds and subscribe to any youtube channel. No ads, no bs, no trackers. Pure video watching! That's the beauty of trade-free! ;)

And as a reminder, for those who do not use TROMjaro (why aren't you!? :) ), you should install this awesome browser extension which will replace youtube, google maps, google search, twitter, instagram, reddit, google translate, with trade-free alternatives automatically. And our instances are already added to the list. Take care of your brain because it is the one controlling you ;).


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We removed because we have that provides a similar service/feature. #tromlive

Apparently the Peertube was not fixed, was broken even more. I restored the previous backup. Now all works, except installing plugins/themes, which we didn't really use anyway. You know we said we should wait at least a week after any update is pushed to any such big service so we make sure there are no bugs. Maybe in a week others will complain about a potential bug and ynh will solve it. However we ended up opening github issues ourselves before others, and thus help identify such bugs and eventually have them fixed by ynh or peertube. So...we will see. The good part is that is working perfectly fine for everyone at the moment. #tromlive

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We updated and fixed our Peertube instance's plugins issue. We also updated our Cryptpad that is now featuring a Forms module, instead of Polls. Seems very useful and interesting. See it here - because this feature is present in Cryptpad we will probably remove the "forms" service from since it seems like an oldish service and it is not properly translated into English.

Tomorrow we will release a new TROMjaro ISO with the latest Manjaro updates + a minor fox for the Calamares installer theme. #tromlive

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Our Liberapay support increased a lot over the past weeks. From some 10 Euros a week, to 55 Euros a week. We do not know if this is a bug or something, but if not thank you to the people who support us there - ! #tromlive

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We've added a new services to our - a simple internet speed test that is trade-free. Here it is - it is not yet visually customized but it is fully working. You should not trade your attention (ads), or unnecessary data while testing your internet speed! ;) #tromlive

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This is the "united" states of America where many people are homeless. They are many things-less. Healthcare-less. Family-less. Respect-less. Food-less. Comfort-less. Security-less. And so forth. The "united" states of America spends a ton of their resources/energy on their military power, meant to kill others. Also, it produces a lot of so-called "billionaires", humans who have so much money that is impossible to imagine.

It is not like USA cares about its citizens. Or being a citizen means much. It is a crazy world of trade, where everyone wants more for themselves. The game makes us like that. We should, all of us on this planet, have by now at least the basic needs of all humans met, trade-free. Like a "default" thing once you are part of the human race. The fact that we don't even have that, says a lot about our trade-based society. #tromlive
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fuck the usa

"Tax details of US super-rich allegedly leaked" -

Of course the rich are not paying the taxes, or pay very little of. It is not the fault of the government, not the billionaires' fault either. It is no one's fault. It is this trade-game, this monopoly cardboard, that we all play. This game will make someone like Bezos not willing to pay the "fair" share of their taxes since that means a huge loss for him, despite him being a multi billionaire. For every player, there are competing players in this game of trade. You compete with your neighbor, Bezos competes with Musk. Playing "fair" will make you a loser, so why would you!?

It is beyond ridiculous to accuse any human, when the game of trade is such a powerful driver of bad behaviors. Unless we change the game, we will change nothing. And to change the game, we must at least start by understanding it. #tromlive
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If anyone wants to criticize TROM in any way, there are two big open doors for them:

1. Our TROM Live chat - - no registration required. Choose any username you want (stay anonymous if you wished to). We are almost 24/7 on that chat. Go ahead and use it.

2. TROMcast. If you so desire, we can make a special TROMcast and invite you so you can criticize TROM, live, uninterrupted, uncensored. Let us know on our TROM Chat or contact us about it here

Over the years a few people have voiced their criticism towards TROM. This is very helpful if the criticism is valid. And we've always listened and gave anyone a voice to express that. Don't be shy! It is important to know if there are valid criticisms, so we can change and improve.

Please stop using Facebook/Twitter/Youtube for such things since these are ad platforms that we do not use directly (the posts there are mirrored and automated from our social network - so we will not see your comments. Second, it is extremely difficult to have a meaningful conversation on any of these platforms.

Go ahead, the door is open! #tromlive
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Thank you so much Taras for this message (refereeing to the latest blog post by Tio):
·· Hi Tio, I just saw your post and I would like to explain why I decided to donate 2000 to the TROM project. It is not just because you posted about your situation. I think you are creating an important educational base that can lead to changes. Information by itself will not change our world, but ideas like "trade free" may influence people who will start this change. quote ··

And for another 100 Euros donation.

What makes me the happiest is that he understands the importance of this trade-free idea. I think this idea has a lot of potential if it becomes popular. And we will try to focus on it more and more in the following years. Thanks Taras again! #tromlive

Thank you so much Seb for the 72 Euro donation! - These people are so amazing. Thank you very much! #tromlive

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We have received a 2.000 Euros donation from Taras. With this message:
"Thank you for your amazing work. Don't give up!"

Ok. So. Taras, I do not know who you are, but I am sure you may see this message. I just woke up, took a nap to be more fresh later in the night to work on TROM II editing. Last night I was talking to Sasha about our financial situation and we were so sad trying to find ways for us to continue our projects. We were calculating that we have enough to pay for food for the next 3 months and luckily my family is hosting us in their house and we didn't have to pay for anything else. So it was a very sad and emotionally intense night and I felt like I have no answers. I wanted these days to try and look for some online jobs that I can do in parallel with TROM II.

So I woke up 30 minutes ago and I saw an email with the donation and I thought I was dreaming. I had to check and recheck 5 times to make sure.

Taras you saved my ass and you allow me to now fully focus on TROM II and all of our TROM projects for the next months without stressing that much about money. I also have another "secret" project for which we recorded before we had to leave from the apartment, so I hope to release that too.

I am amazed at such acts of kindness and they for sure fuel me to keep on working on these projects. I surely want that. If I had the minimum necessities met, so enough financial support for that, I could keep on doing these forever and never get demotivated or bored to the point of giving up. I did it so far, I can keep on doing it if I have enough financial support.

With that being said, I can now focus a lot better on TROM II and the rest of the projects. I never gave up, is just that I was very stressed and was difficult for me to properly do my work to the point of not know how to go further.....

Taras I cannot thank you enough. #tromlive
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Thank you Tara for being amazing.
wow, that's awesome! Great to know that people support TROM :)
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Big thanks to those who are still supporting us on LiberaPay or Patreon, monthly and weekly. In these times of being broke, even little donations are making an impact. We keep TROM alive because of these humans. Thank you very much. And if anyone can donate, you can do so here #tromlive

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Here's another awful example of how our trade-based society pushes clusters of people, under the religious name of "business" to destroy everything in their paths, just to trade this-for-that.


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Beginning of the month money count for TROM. We are left with around 900 Euros total to run all of our projects. Which is desperately low. We have to pay around 50 Euros a month for hosting, and some 50 for the Internet maybe, in order to keep them. Also, what do we eat? Well....

If you can help us, please make a donation here

Mind you, we provide a ton of tools trade-free for everyone. So if you consider this work as important, and you are able to help, that would be great. +

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It seems is working now. But when it does not, use ;) #tromlive

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