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Our custom searches for TROMjaro -

From the menu or app finder, you can easily search for news online, images, videos, scientific articles, or even to download files. All trade-free. check it out! #tromlive

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Here it is a quick TROMjaro release with the awesome Layout Switch:

Six layouts:

- Windows
- MX Linux
- Unity
- Mac OS
- Gnome

The switch is much faster and reliable than before. Thanks again to @Future is FOSS !!

From now one we hope no more big changes. Keep TROMjaro stable and awesome. The only big changes will be:

- Maybe moving from Firefox to Librewolf
- Adding a few webapps for and such
- Creating packages for all of our scripts (4-5 or so packages)

Enjoy a trade-free Operating system! #tromlive

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Its librewolf, not librefox, haha 😁
Ah yes corrected. Thx

Make TROMjaro look like Pop OS! - this is how badass XFCE is! #tromlive

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Brain Health.

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I belong to the UK depression community(for curiosity). I will introduce them to this mental help ;) let's see go it goes.
I agree with these points. But let's not forget we can't change people by naming and shaming. I'm Dutch, so I'm used to direct criticism, it's part of our culture. But some people tend to shy away when you address their ways as bad (such as not using open-source). I hope I'm wrong of course and we can just tell people to use something that aligns with our RBE goals without drama. But humans are emotional beings :)

How many people are involved with TROM? You're doing a lot!
impressive that you are able to do all this with a handful of people! and are my efforts to change TZM more towards open-source. Practice what we preach. The server also runs on renewable energy.

I think activism is luxury. People need to have the time and energy to work on it. For some it's a bridge too far to switch to open-source software and decentral platforms. It's very sad. Also since some people stick to Discord. We should do better.
Oh that's very nice! We should then keep in touch. We do a lot in that regard. We have a ton of tools and such. We can help each other ion that regards ofc. I like that you have Jitsi Meet on your server, it is something we do not have. We are on Matrix so if you wanna join our Discussion chat here - we can give you some tips if you want, and help here and there to setup some open source services on your server.

We see the value in the open source not simply because it is open, but because many such projects are trade-free. They do not want anything in return from you, the end user. And that creates better incentives overall.
hi! Sorry for the late response. I was super busy with work.

Let's indeed keep in touch! I'll install a Matrix client this week so that we can chat. I now use Element, which uses the private server from work. Multi account is not yet supported, so I'll use a GNOME Matrix client to connect with the regular Matrix network I guess.

I agree on what you say about open-source. But let's not forget that much work is done by Intel, RedHat, IBM, etc. It's not purely trade-free :) It can be though
For example we contacted TZM, Peter Joseph, and others to ask them to move from the ad-networks to the networks we have that are trade-free. But no response. And I think they do not see the value in this. We have to showcase to the others that there are trade-free alternatives out there and maybe we can build more of them. But if you guys and others fighting this nonsense society, feel it is difficult to merely change your online presence to a saner alternative, how can we change this society? I am glad to see you on the Fediverse. What is the TZM Community Forum?

So in essence if we bring people to these alternative networks we also make a point about how facebook and the like are "bad" and why they are "bad" (because you have to trade with them - your data, attention, currency - and this incentivizes them to do a lot of "bad"); and at the same time we showcase that we can create trade-free social networks that are decentralized. We showcase how alternatives do work. Not to mention that we can keep people a bit more sane by nit having to use those ad-networks.

The TROMjaro homepage is the best way to understand what TROMjaro OS is - you'll get to see all of its major features and such. We updated the page a bit to reflect the latest features that we've added. #tromlive

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Here's the awesome TROMjaro Menu with custom searches #tromlive

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The blame game

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We are releasing a new experimental feature for - The True Smart TV - Designed to make people smart, not to collect their data or steal their attention.

All of the VideoNeat library condensed into a single thing. Enjoy growing a human mind, so we can prosper as a human species and move beyond this primitive trade-based society.


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Can TV make people smart ? At least studies that youngest children (beyond 5)looking at TV loose big part of their cognitive, language and motor development.

I do not know what kind of TV or age group they studied, but it definitely is healthier to watch the TTV we created, full of scientific content, than Netflix or any other TV channel out there probably.

Our monthly funds-update: we have around 2.100 Euros for all of our TROM projects. A big thanks to those who are still supporting us month by month. Thousands of people use our services and materials, and all that we produce is trade-free. Any donation helps to keep this mini universe as it is. #tromlive

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Thank you Stefan for becoming a new TROM Patreon! We have a ton of projects as you can see at and - and we keep them updated + add new stuff + work on a new TROM II documentary. So any financial support is really helpful! If you can support us see . Thanks! #tromlive

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Happy to help where I can!~ It's a small thank you for all of the awesome trade-free knowledge TROM has created over the last several years. Thank you for helping open my eyes to the true way the world works in my youth, that slingshotted me info a whole world of understanding and learning.

Is this MacOS?

Niope. It is the trade-free TROMjaro and it is so simple to make TROMjaro look like MacOS. Here's a video tutorial all about that #tromlive.

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Thank you DARIUSZ for the 27 Euros donation! Very much appreciated! #tromlive

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Today it is an important day and TROM wishes you happy....happy launch-day! Instead of people celebrating the "birth of Jesus", a crazy man walking around telling lies and jokes to those around him about the origin of ourselves, instead of people pretending to actually celebrate that and instead buy more and more shit, we should celebrate the launch of the new James Webb Space Telescope !

A telescope that is built to see the first stars that were formed after the big bang. How amazing can this be!?

So instead of this:

Humans should celebrate this:

The fact that most people, the vast majority, will celebrate christmas today and not this launch that happens the same exact day, says a lot about our primitive society. For those who are curious about our existence and reality, here's the link to follow - watch it live there! In only 1-2 hours it will launch.

And watch this video to know a little bit more about this telescope and why it is so important


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Thank you so much Benjamin for the $30.00 USD donation! The dnations help us keep the many projects we have, alive and relevant. #tromlive

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We have 250 people using our Social trade-free platform . We, who are the most active at TROM, are all there. It is an amazing platform and allows you to follow and interact with millions of humans. No ads, no tracking, no bullshit. Read more about it here


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missing some mobile site fixes ;)

Yeah no mobile optimization....I hate mobile phones - they are all owned by google or apple. So unless there are some proper linux phones out there, trade-free, I won't spend too much time adapting our websites for mobile :D . Sorry.
well, there are some great developments in that area - #Librem, #Pinephone and co - which I am monitoring with great interest as I too want to get rid of my #Android-phone.
Also, screen sizes can vary among existing devices - for a proper movement you should be considerate of that :)
Our websites should work great with non-mobile devices. I do test our websites for multiple resolutions. If I could snap my fingers and optimize them for mobile I would. But takes a lot of time and I (Tio) personally do not use a phone more than checking the weather and calling a few friends. So I am not willing to spend time on this, and test our websites for such resolutions.

But if any of the Linux phones out there would become usable, then I will spend some time fixing our websites for such small and narrow screens. I have that on my list for quite some time. But imagine that we have around 40 websites....and they have many pages fix them all for such small and narrow screens is very time consuming....

In any case most of our websites are ok on small screens too...the above example is a part of a page that is messy.

I fixed the above issue for mobile....but I can't check every website and every page....
do you build them manually? I am pretty sure there are Free responsive design builders out there that would make accounting for such issues much easier.
they (trom) do some very nice work. That's also a nice friendica instance.
I use many "builders". Some are wordpress plugins, some simple scripts, etc.. Many websites built in many ways. Some are built for a while now and have custom CSS that is time consuming to adapt for small screens. Such websites been around for years.
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If this happens frequently with the, then why not disable the custom design on mobile screens like we did with other services ?
I do not know how exactly. Since it is a theme we are using...and that's a custom theme....
@linmob how did you stumble upon my post? Do you have a federated Abonnement for related hashtags or something?
Anyways, checked out your site, good work! Hope I find something that fits me as an #Arch user sometime soon to finally escape #Android for good :)
Yeah, I am subscribed to multiple hashtags :)

If you can help us design more icons for the trade-free TROMjaro apps we recommend via our library here , please contact us

We would really need some help with that! :) #tromlive

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Here's a project made by @Alexio - - a TV-like project where many of our TROM videos are streamed live. Thanks Alexio! #tromlive

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Doctors Without Borders—50 Years of Humanitarian Action

This is a great example of a trade-free service. No questions asked. Go and help others. If we could replicate this in many areas of our society, and multiply its powers, we may have a chance to move away from the many problems we face today. #tromlive

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I'm sad seeing how little attention these videos get. These people are literally heroes saving lives, all for free without asking anything in return ! Hats off to them ❤️

If we find 10 more @Aaron then we can start new interesting things and spread TROM and its message a lot faster. Then we can find 10 more. And so forth. Much love Aaron! Watch his video #tromlive

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Now you have one more source for downloading all of our TROM files (videos, books, audio files) (Mega).

And for our TROMjaro ISO we have 3 main sources now that are automatically synced - so 3 different servers to grab our latest ISOs from.

I think this is enough for our needs :). #tromlive

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Why Trade Condenses Wealth - Interview with Bruce M. Boghosian

Interesting interview by Colin. #tromlive

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29. The Money Game and Beyond - Systems to Organize Societies - Part 2


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Our monthly "financial report". We have 2.200 Euros (total money). We are still supported monthly via Patreon/Liberapay, so thank you so much. We run over 30 websites, and have a lot of different projects and materials that we have created. We help out thousands of people, daily, in many different ways. Thank you for supporting us, and if you can donate here's the link . All we do is trade-free of course! #tromlive

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COVID Concerns

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I had to open that link in my browser, like how I would read an article if you just posted its link. I went back to my mastodon client to reply.

Not all of your posts are shown like this, but the articles definitely are. From what I understand, it'll detect if its an article by seeing if the post has a title, so on mastodon these ones will show the title with the link to the full article.
I actually did try out friendica using an account I had on because you said. Now I thought to give it a second shot since they made it work with all mastodon clients. I can have that old familiar look of mastodon while having the awesome features of friendica. So I tried it using fedilab and it was just too buggy, I couldn't even see my global timeline button. But I think this is the issue of the app itself and not friendica.
I tried using the @Tusky client and it was much better, 2 issues I had were these:

1. It truncates long posts under a "show more button", and there was no option to disable it.

2. If you @ mention someone on a post, it should bring me to that profile when clicking on it. But this doesn't work properly on tusky, it just says "Performing lookup" for a while and then opens up a random post. IDK if its a friendica issue or tusky issue.
Yeah, I'll give those other clients a try too when I have the time. Unfortunately, the client I use for mastodon, fedilab, just don't work properly on friendica. I just like tusky's UI out of all the others, that's why I tried that one next. I'll keep using that one if they fix the issues.

It'd be nice if there was a good friendica client with nice UI and all friendica features. These mastodon clients are made for mastodon and thus lack a lot of features provided by friendica

The show more is a useful feature, else you`ll see massive posts...
Yeah maybe, but I'd still like to have an option to disable it. I see all of your long posts without that "show more" button on fedilab right now, so I'm used to it. So now it'd be hard for me click the show more button for every long post I see.
Maybe it'd be best to have an option that allows you to set what "long" means to you, so you can set the number of lines to truncate and the ability to disable this truncation completely by setting the value as 0, that's how fedilab does it.
Fedilab is currently trying to rewrite some of their code to improve UI and stuff -

I'll just ping @apps here so maybe they would look into fixing these issues. Fedilab is actually the only app I could find on fdroid that explicitly said it supports friendica. But the friendica support on it is pretty bad right now, and there's definitely room for improvement.

Friendica is so underrated right now, and part of the reason is that it don't have a good mobile app
Yes, we have an issue where fixes will be brought to the new app.
@Tio @TROM

Wow thanks to a huge donation from @Aaron we can now backup everything to the cloud!

We will have full backups locally, and to another server. All encrypted. That means for everything we do. From and all of its services and files, to our books, documentaries, videos, and its materials, and everything else. Massive thanks to everyone who donated!

The synchronization of data has begun! :) #tromlive

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We've already raised 70 Euros out of 200 that we need to backup all of our TROM files/servers for a year. If you can help out, see this campaign of ours

We will wait until we raise the entire amount, then we can safely backup everything to the cloud. Including the upcoming TROM II documentary project. #tromlive

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I did try that via Syncthing. But now I do not have "another building" available. The only solution is to ask a friend to store some 8TB of data for me, which is a lot. We need very good speeds, I have to encrypt all data so whatever it reaches my friend's computer is encrypted so even he cannot access it. We need 20h uptime. It is too complicated and I did try.

We moved to since it makes more sense. is the main website. While is a project of tromsite. ;) #tromlive

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We have removed because it was not fully trade free. The code was using some google analytics in the background. Thanks to @miku86 for reporting it! We have opened 2 issues with Yunohost and the main code developers about this.

If they fix it we will bring it back! #tromlive

Trom LT reshared this. (Matrix) will be upgraded today. There might be some down times. #tromlive

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A big thank you to those that keep on supporting us monthly/weekly! We have enough money to make it till (maybe) March. See

You support 39 trade-free books, hundreds of videos, a documentary + one in the making; You support a curated news/videos website that is updated daily; another website full of trade-free documentaries and courses; a trade-free Operating System + hundreds of hand curated trade-freee apps; 24 trade-free services that are alternatives to big online services from google services to facebook and so forth; you support our Trade Free Directory and more.

We do a ton of these and we push this trade-freee idea!

If you can, please help us so that we keep on doing these. Being low on money will put a pressure on us and the project. #tromlive

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We plan to remove from our services. Unfortunately it does not work properly. Unless we restart the service manually every day, it won't work. And even when it is not down is not working well. There are many Invidious instances out there that are much better maintained. I suggested to Yunohost to remove the Invidious package since it is not working properly.

We are also going to give up starting december so make sure you save your music collection somehow.

Our Friendica instance is not working properly it seems but we won't give up on it. Our Nitter instance works ok but at times is down. The rest of our websites seem to be working well.


3 people reshared this is throwing some 502 nginx errors at times. We will investigate why. Likely becuase we updated it yesterday and maybe the update was not 100% ok. Sorry about that. #tromlive

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Folks we are going to update our at around 00:00 Madrid time, on 20th. meaning in a few hours from this posts. We advise you to not use much any of our services in that period of time since they may be down or we may have to restore some server snapshots in case the update and restore of our will fail. #tromlive

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There were some issues with our latest TROMjaro ISO, probably the way it uploaded to our Nextcloud. Now is all fixed it seems. Grab it from here - Sorry about that. #tromlive

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We are sorry the registrations for were not open when we released it. We fixed it now. #tromlive

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We are releasing a new service! Git (Gitea) - registrations are open. We have also moved our TROMjaro source code there . Clean, no bs. Trade-free! #tromlive

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Here it is our interview with Cory Doctorow #tromlive

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A new tromcast - 70. TROMjaro XFCE! #tromlive

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Our most important posts are here. That's our tiny blog on the fediverse.