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Hi, our zeitgeist malaysia chapter is providing permanently free shelter/accommodation. main feature of the city, multi layered city system, vehicle are moving underground, high-tech & smart feature. for more info how to move to this city, join our facebook group
Well I encourage people to discuss it here rather than fb where you are forced to have an account and trade your data/attention/currency to them :P. So tell us more about this please. I've seen many fancy looking and futuristic cities but the solution is not in how futuristic they look, it is in understanding how this trade-based society is ruining pretty much everything. So, in this city they still rely on trade right? Like you go buy stuff, maybe they collect your data, insert ads everywhere? Tell us more about and what is your connection to this project. Cheers!
1.) yes, trade is main source of the problem. so in my approach to creating a trade free society, im offering free facility for members, so they can either stay or use, there is no limit

2.) yes, trade free, thats why commune housing is free to use, but at the moment only for members due to limited resource

3.) i dont have any connection with forest city, i am the property owner in 1 of the small unit there, im tzm members myself, and trying to contribute what resource i have to offer, so im telling members you now can use my facility. thats is all

4.) property developer do not know i m trying to start a commune housing project there, it is only 1 unit of apartment out of 9999 they have there, they wont bother. but to create abundance and post scarcity, i wanted to collect donation in future, so those member who are not able to get involved but still wanted to, the easiest way is donation, i will keep buying another property and property, snowball the effect from there and hopefully movement will grow bigger
So basically this city is just yet another trade-based city. And what you are saying is that you have a "small unit" there. You mean an apartment? And you want to let others use your apartment trade-free (you don't ask for anything in return)? Am I getting it right?

If so, that's very nice of you, but it means it has nothing to do with that city, since that city is just like many others. It is about providing some trade-free accommodation. And of course, who can come and stay for long on Malaysia? You need a VISA and all that. Seems complicated. Plus trust of course.

We would like to do a TROMcast and discuss about this idea of building communities or a city. Is it feasible? Is it relevant? Would you like to participate?
I see thanks for the explanation. This is more clear to me now. I've heard of many many such initiatives. From Mauritius to Cuba and in-between. There are a lot of people, especially around TVP/TZM who want to provide such free accommodation services. But I haven't heard from any of them for a while now. I do not know how practical this is, but I appreciate the initiative.

We can talk more about such approaches of creating little communities or the idea of a city in tromcast. We have a chat at we can talk more about it there, but for sure we will make a tromcast soon about this topic. So if you can participate that'd be cool.

this is the apartment interior

before renovation this is how it looks like :

ok, i will try participate if the time zone permits

I see thanks. Ok let's schedule one at an hour that best suits us all. I'll get back to you about this later on today.
it is still have some sort of relevant to the city, first of all it is high tech and with multi layered transport system, it is city of future, and also with spectacular beach and outdoor park for resident to use, this particular property developer also acknowledge the importance of conservation, they have a course teaching kids about eco-system, the whole city is using water conservation as well, also built an eco system museum, it is place for those wanted to live in some sort of sustainable city, which is already built in
I am highly skeptical about it to be honest. Any trade-based system tends to go into waste and destruction mode. Very skeptical. But we can discuss all of these in tromcast if you are interested ;).
bro.. its real

their ecology course here :

plant dictionary :

"..Forest City has built 4 sewage treatment plants with a total capacity of approximately 170,400 P.E. After an advanced ecological sewage treatment system and a wetland treatment, the effluent water quality is able to meet CLASS II B standard, which is higher than the ordinary discharge standard in Malaysia. The effluent will then be used for irrigation of roof gardens, vertical greenery, outdoor landscapes, as well as public toilet flushing, etc. Currently, most of the water for irrigation in Forest City comes from reclaimed water. In the future, desalination will also be implemented to enhance the efficiency of water resources utilization...”

source :
I did not say it is not real. I doubt it is going to be used for more than making more money out of it. You have to trade for this "amazing" technology. See the Masdar city. is not technology that we need, is a new system that's not based on trade. You know what I mean?
yes agreed, as long as trade exist, we have to continue perpetuate the idea of infinite growth, which at the end means still not sustainable
Looking more into it....they want to grow an economy there, they look for business opportunities, they want is this different from Barcelona? Or any other city in that regards?
at the moment, it is normal capitalism city. the rest of the detail already described previously
Free accommodation, meals, health insurance....for people working there... - I mean I get free healthcare in Spain and I don't work in Spain or ever did + pay 0 taxes. I don't get it, what this city has to do with moving away from this trade-based society?