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I kinda finished the presentation for ZDay! 😀 Am happy with it. Around 40 minutes long and I tried to make it fun and interesting and put things in a different perspective from what I did in our previous TROM materials. So even those familiar with TROM may find it, I hope, interesting.

75 slides, and a lot of animated stuff 😀. I LOVE LibreOffice Presentations. Trade-Free software at its best. You can make some really cool presentations with it.

Half the talk will be about what our society is made of. You know, trade...and how it influences everything. The other half is about our trade-free approach. I will also explain The Fediverse, will talk about TROMjaro and our other tools.

These days I need to get ready for the trip. How awesome that I now have a good laptop that I can take with me, thanks mostly to Roma and Gui who donated money so that I can buy it. I definitely use it mostly for TROM.

That's all. I kinda struggled with this presentation and I worked on it quite a lot. But now that it is done I am relieved ;).


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