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Our TROMjaro Theme Switcher has been fully re-written by @Rokosun in Nim and the owlkettle library. Our theme switcher is now made in a more sane way.

When you select a theme it will remain highlighted using the accent color of the selected theme. The notifications are also improved and you can see the theme icon in the notification preview.

Roko had to learn all of these from scratch, in order to make it. He is always improving our custom TROMjaro scripts and on top of that he is a proper human being: calm, nice, smart, down to Earth, and so friendly. How awesome that he is helping TROM so much without asking anything in return. That0s becuase he does not "work for TROM", we all work together to build something important and useful!


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Amazing job @Rokosun, looks fantastic! šŸ˜ Glad you fell for Nim so much, this powerful, yet simple language definitely deserves some love!

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Dude thanks a lot for telling me about this language, I feel like it would've taken me a long long time if I were to write this in something like C, but #Nim offers a very simple and flexible syntax without any major performance drawback, it actually compiles to C code which is amazing.
#nim @Roma

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Yeah, I wish to see more applications written in #Nim, and so happy that it's a part of #TROMjaro OS now. šŸ˜Œ I think, it might be a very good platform for promoting the performant and useful utilities like that. I think, I'll rewrite a welcome app in #Nim too someday.

> I think, I'll rewrite a welcome app in #Nim too someday.

You don't have to, I'm working on it as we speak, haha šŸ˜† @tio asked me if I could also rewrite our Layout Switcher in Nim, so maybe I'll do that too let's see. Overall I'm really glad to have found this owlkettle library, I'm forever grateful to the developers of that library because it is what made it possible for me to write GUI apps, the developer even made some tutorials on YouTube which were extremely helpful.

#nim @Tio @Roma
Oh I see. Great! Thanks @Rokosun šŸ‘