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Brain Health.

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I belong to the UK depression community(for curiosity). I will introduce them to this mental help ;) let's see go it goes.
I agree with these points. But let's not forget we can't change people by naming and shaming. I'm Dutch, so I'm used to direct criticism, it's part of our culture. But some people tend to shy away when you address their ways as bad (such as not using open-source). I hope I'm wrong of course and we can just tell people to use something that aligns with our RBE goals without drama. But humans are emotional beings :)

How many people are involved with TROM? You're doing a lot!
impressive that you are able to do all this with a handful of people! and are my efforts to change TZM more towards open-source. Practice what we preach. The server also runs on renewable energy.

I think activism is luxury. People need to have the time and energy to work on it. For some it's a bridge too far to switch to open-source software and decentral platforms. It's very sad. Also since some people stick to Discord. We should do better.
Oh that's very nice! We should then keep in touch. We do a lot in that regard. We have a ton of tools and such. We can help each other ion that regards ofc. I like that you have Jitsi Meet on your server, it is something we do not have. We are on Matrix so if you wanna join our Discussion chat here - we can give you some tips if you want, and help here and there to setup some open source services on your server.

We see the value in the open source not simply because it is open, but because many such projects are trade-free. They do not want anything in return from you, the end user. And that creates better incentives overall.
hi! Sorry for the late response. I was super busy with work.

Let's indeed keep in touch! I'll install a Matrix client this week so that we can chat. I now use Element, which uses the private server from work. Multi account is not yet supported, so I'll use a GNOME Matrix client to connect with the regular Matrix network I guess.

I agree on what you say about open-source. But let's not forget that much work is done by Intel, RedHat, IBM, etc. It's not purely trade-free :) It can be though
For example we contacted TZM, Peter Joseph, and others to ask them to move from the ad-networks to the networks we have that are trade-free. But no response. And I think they do not see the value in this. We have to showcase to the others that there are trade-free alternatives out there and maybe we can build more of them. But if you guys and others fighting this nonsense society, feel it is difficult to merely change your online presence to a saner alternative, how can we change this society? I am glad to see you on the Fediverse. What is the TZM Community Forum?

So in essence if we bring people to these alternative networks we also make a point about how facebook and the like are "bad" and why they are "bad" (because you have to trade with them - your data, attention, currency - and this incentivizes them to do a lot of "bad"); and at the same time we showcase that we can create trade-free social networks that are decentralized. We showcase how alternatives do work. Not to mention that we can keep people a bit more sane by nit having to use those ad-networks.