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VideoNeat is up again! The theme was very old and not updated in years so it was not working properly and we were unable to update the whole website for some time now. We finally changed the theme and redesigned the entire website. It looks quite similar to how it was before, but probably a bit more functional now.

Mind you it is not optimized for mobile phones and it won't be for some time. It is not a priority for now. Only after the TROM II documentary is released we can do that. But regardless this website is not meant for such tiny screens anyway. And most mobile phones can't even properly support the Bittorrent network that VN uses.

Also we need some 50 more euros for our campaign to pay for the backups for VN and all other websites. Please help if you can we have to pay in less than a week.

reshared this

What are you talking about? Videoneat is an educational website where we list scientific documentaries mostly. VideoNeat is part of the TROM project. The TROM project's main website is

If you want to know what TROM is about maybe you can read our main book: The Origin of Most Problems -

If you find anything conspiratorial I'd be very curious to know what that is.
As said we have a video presentation on the homepage plus a pretty detailed book about it. And a new documentary coming. We will improve the FAQ after the documentary is released. There is a lot of work going on now with this new documentary. Working for the past 2-3 years on it. And it is almost done. So things will improve in regards to our FAQ or other parts of the website.
I will make sure we make this more clear after the documentary is released and we will revamp the website. This is for sure something we wanted to do.
This is very useful indeed and it helps us make the information more easy to grasp. We will make sure the website will be more straight-forward in regards to what TROM is about. This should be something that we will fix before May when the documentary is scheduled for release.
The documentary is almost done. It will be posted for free of course, on I am not sure I understand this question "And any plans for cliff notes of the manuscript?"
Is it just me or does the site look more vertically stretched out now?
No idea what you mean....screenshot?
I mean I feel like the site takes up more vertical space now.
Look at the screenshot attached, just 2 documentaries are taking up all my screen and I still can't fully read the description of the first one. Would be nice if it were more compact, having to scroll a lot is bad UX.

And of course there's no hurry, you can fix this when you're free from all the TROM II work.

Oh well I suspect your screen has a very small resolution. This is not how it looks on my full hd screen.

I did not test it much for other resolutions but will try to improve it a bit the following months. Am too sick now and also need to focus on TROM II. In the meantime try to zoom out a bit ;)

@tio Wow that's such a big difference between your screenshot and mine, if you look carefully you'll notice that in mine the pictures look almost square instead of being rectangle shaped. I tried zooming out and it worked, so for now I can use this trick.

Also did you get COVID from going to the dentist? wishing you a quick recovery :ablobcatheartsqueeze:
idk if it is covid but it sure is a very bad cold 😁
@tio Get well my friend 😀
@tio @futureisfoss yes. As well - get well soon!