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This man is asking to be killed (assisted suicide) because he will be kicked out of his home and he does not want to end up being homeless and sick -

Just a news from planet Earth where the "only" intelligent species in the Universe lives. Where they, humans, have so much shit (cars and toys, electronics and houses, food and clothes) that they create mountains of waste out of them. And yet, many people suffer on a daily basis because these "intelligent" humans do not realize that they are merely a more advanced species of ants who work all day, but never wonder for what. They trade trade trade....and that's all they do. They are blinded by the fantasy of their system that they themselves created and it is now obsolete.

We can provide for everyone with a decent life, trade-free. Now. Today. Not tomorrow.

#TradeRuinsEverything #assistedsuicide #capitalism #money #trade #slavery #poverty #homelesness

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I have no words. We’re a barbaric species. How anyone can call us civilised with a straight face is beyond me. Well, apparently, I had some words.
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This is absolute abomination and hard to believe that this is "the system" humanity has built for themselves.. when everyone are preaching about "human rights", that "human life is priceless" and yet the cases like this happen. Not even saying how many are actually dying on the streets every day. Apparently, only "consumer lives are priceless" after all. Disgusting.

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@futureisfoss Oh, ok that's weird, but I guess this is an acceptable reason not to use one. Thanks anyway for trying!
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Just to be clear, I'm not OP. But I know that content warnings are not as prevalent on Friendica as it is on Mastodon, it makes sense when you consider the fact that one is made for blogging and the other for microblogging, the UI is completely different. I think Friendica devs recommend using filters instead, as it has excellent filter support.
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Why would we add any "content warning" for this? This is a news, a sad one that is, and everyone should see this.
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Content warning: discussion of suicide

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This is too much projection tho. Too much.... We can't label some posts as "sensitive" because we may think we could make someone harm themselves....there is no end in sight if you have this approach. We can't babysit people in this manner. This is the internet and it will be full of all sorts of negative stuff.
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The good news is that this man was saved by random people from around the world who donated money to allow him to pay for the house he was living in - but ofc this should not be the case. We need to have a system that takes care of people.

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There are humans out there who can recognize this injustice, the fact that people donated money to this man is proof of that. I hope we can all use our collective will to change the system for good, at least having a safety net for preventing poverty is a must.

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Yes, they are blinded by the fantasy but we will keep taking veils, opening minds, lending hands and giving hugs when possible :)
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There is no Sign of Intelligent Life on Earth 😔
edit: mainly I'm talking about The System we have built.
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