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Bordeaux. Coventry, Docker, and Podman

I developed a simple process in my C++ cmake projects to run multi-stage build(x)'s in #docker to generate and publish #OCI images from the latest Alpine base image. I also have made it easy for anyone to build and test with Docker or #Podman, even those on non-posix platforms such as Windows, directly from a git checkout of my projects. I publish OCI releases, for both arm64 and amd64, for #Coventry and #Bordeaux at:

Christmas releases

There will be Christmas release of both #Coventry and #Bordeaux with improved documentation, particularly how to do setup and testing. Another change in Coventry is cleaner call tracing in debug. The big change is the 3rd milestone release of Bordeaux, where it finally becomes a platform. The Bordeaux wiki still needs updating, but gives some idea of the intended goals and features.