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Make just as much as you need, and leave the rest to the earth

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What is the best looking windows operating system in your opinion? For me personally I think Windows XP is the best looking one.
I stopped using it after windows 7. I use tromjaro now.
Hey Raimondas it's been a while.
I see fair enough. Windows 7 looked kinda nice.

Old websites!

Wow guys have a look at these!
There are some really gorgeous stuff here.

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The fediverse is quite amazing when you consider how many borders, social constructs and expectations it breaks.

Keep challenging the status quo, because people like us are the kind of people that change things.

We make things better, together ✌️ #oneLove

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The Fediverse has what I missed about USENET--that I'd find myself hanging out with the kinds of people I'd never get to know otherwise.
Fediverse has brought me to some of the most awesome humans, and I'm so glad I joined this place 🥰
you hippy you ;)

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@Tio Your documentaries are one of the best things I have found in the internet. In the top 3 for sure.

Thank you so much for making those!
Dude trust me, I felt the same when I saw that. But if you're new to this project @trom then this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Did you know that they're working on a part 2 of that documentary you saw!?

And also have you read any of their books?
I highly recommend you read "The origin of most problems" if you haven't already, but all their books are nice 😀

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Sounds very interesting! Thanks.
I did read some of the books. They are really nice. Shows a completely different aspect of the world.

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The Online has become the Offline

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Some of the genuine blogs can be found today at

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Thank you, I really enjoyed it. I am going to watch your documentaries.

In 10 or 20 more years, you will miss these times. Just like you miss the old times. Pictures, songs and videos will bring back memories. You might even wish to relive those times.

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Show the world that you are now using #Codeberg, by adding a badge to your repo's README or website: 💙
rectangle badge with the Codeberg logo (mountain on blue circle) and the slogan "Get it on Codeberg"
And there is also something like this

Fork me on Codeberg CSS ribbons
Might migrate my github repos over to Codeberg

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Wow it would be really amazing if you can do something like that!
I may. It is on my list. ;)

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Why be kind?

We all living things sometimes go through very hard times. People and animals become helpless. If we can be kind, we get an opportunity to make those feel better. Thus be more self satisfied.

I personally think what people seek is not money or power but satisfaction. Well I might be wrong.

What a wonderful age we live in. Most of the information is available to anyone in the world. Everyone have the opportunity to grab it.
But oh! aren't we busy killing each other instead.

Everyday, for me personally. The hardest part is to actually figure out what I should do rather than actually getting them done.
One I figure what I have to do everyday clearly, it's much easier.

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That's how we should all be. Kind to each other. Help each other. But we do not have time for this...we have to trade for the sake of trading...what a waste of humans. #tromlive

Newly added documentary on

We Feed People

A chronicle of how Andrés and his nonprofit rebuilds nations in the wake of disaster, providing healthy food to those affected.

Watch it here:

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The best way to counter the evil is with kindness. When the empire wants to starve and kill people for profits, let's help the community whenever we can. That's the resistance I believe in.