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TROM II: A Message to the Aliens (2023)

Ok people, the documentary is finally available. Please keep your expectations low and keep in mind that this documentary is made mostly by one human being, with limited resources. We have not used any stock footage (except maybe 2-3) so everything you'll see is real and genuine.

Also, keep in mind that this is not the beginning or the end of anything, but a continuation of our work for this TROM project. We will create more materials and projects.

Watch it here
Download it from here

We hope this documentary can provide something valuable for you.

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YEESSS!! Incredible job Tio!! I'm so happy that it's finally out, after so many years of nonstop hard work. An absolutely unbelievable amount of effort went into this documentary, and you can really tell. It is an amazing piece of work 😀

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Thank you for being a powerful and smart creature in this documentary and overall, everywhere, anytime 😀 - offline or online.
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Yaaay! Amazing news 😊 From the bottom of my heart, congrats @Tio @Sasha @Georgi @Dima @Aaron. Finally, it's out! I can only envy those who will watch it for the first time 🎉 🥳

Russian subtitles are in progress, trying ma best to provide it ASAP 🐌

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THANK YOU! And thank you to everyone who was part of this documentary! To quote you "From the bottom of my heart" 😀
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Awesome job Tio, congratulations on the release !
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Like I've told you many times before, its still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this was all made by a single person! 😃 You are such an inspiration to me, and I hope others too will see the value in you and your projects ❤️

@bigworldsmallsasha @aaron @georgi @sober_pirate and Tio, all of you have such wonderful minds and incredible personalities, I feel honored to have found this project and become friends with you all. Much love, hugs for everyone 🥰 🫂
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Thank you so so much!
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Congrats @Tio and the gang ! Eager to watch it !