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Damn that was beautifully written and I can't thank you enough, publicly too haha, for being part of this. Without your contribution there will either be no TROM II or would be a lesser version of TROM II for sure.

pins our world and our human society to the backdrop of the universe, combined this cosmic perspective with 5 personal stories, demonstrated how we, humans, are influenced by our environment, and how so much of this environment is permeated by trade.

That was beautifully written thank you 😀
Thanks Tio ❤ 😀
Oh lucky you @Sasha ! 😁 Beautiful review. That was exactly my impression too even though I didn’t see much of it. Can’t wait to see it 😭
I just finished watching it. Did it in 2 days.
Totally agree with everything what you said Sasha. It's incredible work!
Also liked a lot of your contribution and especially ending and your final phrase. That's a killer!
Tio for sure deserved an Oscar.
Oh man like I told you personally I am amazed by these reactions. Thank you so much and for all of the very valuable feedback. And from all of you. @Georgi and @Sasha gave a lot of important feedback not just the praises. I am mindblown by these reactions so far.
Thanks guys 😀 @Dima you also did a fantastic job in your interviews and your experience in the music industry and living in squats was perfect for this doco. I love the way it all fit together 😀
So guys I started to watch it again tonight 😁 So basically it's the second time and I watched the first part already and I want to say that I am even more impressed, it's so relaxing to watch, so interesting to see through our stories how the environment shaped us. The first time I also watch it in one go because I couldn't stop hahaa As Sasha said, I can't believe this documentary is a one-man job. I always dreamed of a documentary like this. This is definitely my favorite documentary! I am also proud of you @Tio

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I start to believe that this is a prank and you guys talked to each other to say such wonderful words about me and the documentary hahaha. I honestly am surprised by these reactions. Feels weird but many thanks to you all. 😊
ohh, @Tio you just debunked our conspiracy
hahaha 😁
you busted!