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Sam Tripoli on Peertube

For any #tinfoilhat fans out there (Sam Tripoli) you'll be happy to know his episodes are mirrored on his very own #peertube instance and thanks to the magic that is #activitypub you can follow the latest releases directly from #mastodon :) The view counts on the videos are truly incredible since they're embedded on his main website. The part that I enjoy the most is the fact that most of his audience has no idea of technology being used

Right to Repair
#peertube #righttorepair
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Manufacturing Consent

For all those that are blindly following the current narrative of the Russia-Ukraine conflict #peertube #russia #ukraine #media #propoganda

David Graeber

For the love of David Graeber:)

A new #peertube instance that is collecting man interviews with the late great David Graeber in one place. You can follow it here: #davidgraeber #debt #anthropology #economics #society #trade

Debt: The First 5000 Years - Extended Interview with David Graeber

David Graeber is an American anthropologist, author, and activist who teaches at Goldsmiths, University of London. His book, Debt: The First Five Thousand Years, is the topic of our discussion.