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More TROMjaro Thoughts

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I am very happy you like TROMjaro so much. It makes all of us who work on it, very happy :).

As for CUPS, honestly printing is something I never tested since I do not have a printer nor is anyone I know. But maybe I can add it to our to-do list to make the experience much better. What other things would you say are hard to setup or have to be setup after installing TROMjaro? We'd like to make the experience better, of course :)

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Setting up a printer to work after a fresh install, is something I am all too familiar with. I have to do it every time. Unfortunately, I have to because I need it to print off invoices and estimates for my carpentry company.

Installing TROMjaro is pretty straight forward and enjoyable compared to any other distro. Honestly, my only complaint, with linux in general, is that NO distro auto detects my printer when I plug it in. There is a certain amount of work to be expected when setting up any distro to my specific use case. Can't really complain or consider that a huge issue from anyone.

Maybe use calmares installer, and let people select which trade free/ non trade free software they need immediately upon install? Kind of like a fresh Debian install?

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I see. I will try to look into this issue with the printers so maybe we can improve it. And yes eventually we will tweak calamares to provide such options. It is on the to-do list.
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Or offer "software suites" like Fedora: Video Production/ Editing, Audio Production/Editing, Photo Editing, etc.

I can not access any trom stuff, from my laptop running fire fox, says secure connection failed. But can connect on my phone. Any one have any ideas what the issue is?
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Try clearing your browser cache, and send us some screenshots of what's really happening. Are you able to access the main website?

Tromjaro Thoughts, post install

1: The desktop environment is XFCE, not Gnome. my bad. Would love to see an ISO with a pre-configured Tiling Window manager like i3/Sway, awesome, or Xmonad. I'd quickly make the switch to daily drive one of those, because honestly, I really hate writing config files.

2: The out of the box software is pretty solid, especially the customized firefox and VPN. Definitely appreciate the 2 app stores; TROM's own trade-free web app for their curated list of awesome FOSS, and XFCE's add/remove software app for everything else.

3: The pre-enabled AUR, Chaotic AUR, Flatpak, and other repositories. If you can't find the software you are looking for, trade free or not.... I'm convinced it doesn't exist.

4: This distro is seriously quick and snappy. None of the customization done, lags it down. On average today RAM usage was less than 1 gig (out of 8) and CPU load was less than 10%.

Considering I stick with Debian/ Debian based distros, for stability reasons, I'm pleasantly surprised at the amount of effort put in to TROMjaro.

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Actually we will add a tilling layout to our Layout Switcher app. It will not be as good as say the ones that are specifically designed for this, since it will be on top of XFCE, but can be a great option. Especially if you can enable/disable with a click of a button.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I am very happy to read all of that! Tomorrow we should release a new ISO where we will explain some stuff about what we are trying to do with TROMjaro.


Being new to, I decided to check out TROMjaro. This distro is absolutely gorgeous!
I booted from a live USB just to check it out, because I've had bad experiences with Manjaro in the past, and it's pretty feature packed. Best of all, "proprietary" software isn't completely blocked because of the trade free views of TROM and nature of the distro, meaning that I can install a couple of pieces software that my life revolves around.

Admittedly, KDE is my favorite and preferred desktop environment but with the look and feel of the tweaks pre-applied to Gnome... I could probably get used to not having KDE pretty quickly.

I'll be prepping to install and making it my daily driver on my laptop for a while. Will update with further thoughts in a week or so.

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Should I wait for the new ISO to come out before I install?