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Why am I seeing posts of people I don't follow on my home timeline?

!Friendica Support
Look at this screenshot:

Now I don't follow Anubis or Katherine, and I've never followed them actually, then why are their posts showing up on my home timeline?! And as you can see from my screenshot none of my followers have reshared or replied to the posts either, so this shouldn't be here right?
I've seen their posts before too, I believe this has been happening for months now, I just didn't pay close attention before because this wasn't my main account. And I'm also using the default settings of Friendica, see this screenshot:

Any idea why this might be happening and how to fix this?

Tagging my instance admin @Tio here.

@Rokosun @frankie
Short answer: Yes you can add Alt-Text to images on Friendica, here's how to do that -

Long answer:
So in friendica they use a markup language called BBCode for their posts, everything including images, videos, etc are referenced using its syntax. You don't have to learn all the syntax yourself because there are buttons for simple things like adding images, underline, italic, bold, quote etc. Adding descriptions to images are also supported, here is info on how to do that -
Unlike mastodon, Friendica also supports adding inline images to your posts, so it makes sense to write your image descriptions inside the BBCode tag for images.

I'm writing this post from my friendica account, and here's an example of image with description:
A photograph of the full moon taken from a telescope.

Update: OK, so it doesn't happen all the time, sometimes a mention appears like we expect - showing a username instead of the link. I think this bug only happens when 2 accounts are mentioned in a single line, will have to do more testing to confirm this though. I have attached a screenshot.

One other thing to note - it doesn't matter whether the mentions are shown correctly or not, clicking on them simply asks me to open it in a web browser instead of natively opening it inside the app itself.
@Fedilab Apps

@Fedilab Apps
One bug that I instantly noticed right now - The mentions in a post are not appearing correctly on fedilab, it just shows a link instead of the username after the @ symbol. I have attached a screenshot below.