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mastodon has what, 15 million users ?
hard to say with twitter, but FB is so much larger we aren't even round off error
and , at least in biological science, most people are still on twitter

so why do you think anyone will care ?
aside from you and me and one or two others ?

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I for one started to care more when my videos started to be banned on those platforms, alongside some of my posts. Videos and posts that were educational and I never made any money off of them. So I, being hurt, started to care more about using other platforms. Thus, pain. That combined with my understanding about how these platforms like ytb, twitter, fb and the like operate, that they are in fact businesses/markets and not "networks".

So I think that's one way for people to start to care about changing some of their digital habits: to be extremely pissed off at those platforms, while at the same time have some curiosity to try something different.

It is very difficult, but from my experience what works is to be an example. I moved and gave no fucks about the other platforms so if anyone wanted to follow our TROM project or me, they had no choice but to move too. I made a bunch of people switch to these other alternatives.

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