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We've updated our TROM Videos too. Now Peertube has more cool features like the storyboard - you can hover with your mouse over the seekbar of a video and see thumbnails. Pretty nice!

We are currently generating the thumbnails for all of our videos (may take a while to finish), but any new video uploaded from now one will have this feature.

You can also add chapters to your videos and more. Awesome job @PeerTube !

From now on we will post a "must watch" documentary from VideoNeat on our Peertube's homepage - so make sure you check that out and subscribe to our VideoNeat channel -

This year we will try to focus on the content for our TROM Videos and bring new creators, plus create new videos ourselves too.

So please, if you can, help us here - we only need 160 more people to donate 5 Euros a month to support TROM forever.

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