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For the past few months TROMjaro's HiDPI feature stopped working. Now we have fixed it. It means that if you (say) have a 4k screen and want to select window upscaling by 2x via the Appearance, then everything will scale up including the QT apps. That should be the default behavior in XFCE but it is not...if it weren't for this fix you would see the QT apps as tiny small apps with small buttons and fonts. Unusable.

We want to make TROMjaro easy to use and fucking sane. If you scale your desktop up or down, then everything should just work!

#tromjaro #linux #foss #opensource #xfce

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@teaduckie How could I forget the Internet Content Blocker? It can block Malware, Pornography, Piracy or any pages you want, just before you even open the Browser😏

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