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IPCC says we are fucked

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TROM II: The Climate Report

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One is a billionaire who is selling all of his books, the other one is a quite-broke human who has the courage and decency to provide her book online for free. Trade-Free. No ads, no data collection, no subscribe-here-to-read bullshit.

That's the world in which we live. The ones who make a fortune are trained and incentivized to not even share their "must read" books for free, despite having so much wealth.

Oh look, Bill Gates released a book about "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster"! It must be important.... so it is worth 18$ to read.

Grab @Sasha 's book from here - she also talks a lot about Climate Change, solutions, and a new kind of worldview.

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I would never take climate advice from Bill Gates or any billionaire for that matter.
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does Bill yet again promote nuclear power which is expensive and can be controlled by the few? Or has he learned that renewables are the way.

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