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We have a new supporter for our 200 for TROM campaign! - Thank you Darby!

We need some 150 more people to donate 5 Euros a month and support our project forever. Some 20 websites, a lot of trade-free materials and services. Support if you can :)

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The counter on the webpage is only showing 46 donors tho, did you forgot to update it? :blobcatgiggle:
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No. That's how many there are. I said we need some 150 more, instead of saying that we need 154 more :)

Big thanks to those who support our 200 for TROM donation campaign - there are 44 people donating 5 Euros a month and we need 200 in total. We provide a lot of materials and tools - see the donation page. Your support allows us to keep these alive and relevant, and if enough support to continue to produce more.

Remember, among many things, we provide a video platform with unlimited uploads for anyone, a file hosting platform with 10GB of storage for any user that registers, a social network and a chat platform. Also a Linux Operating System. A lot, and for everyone. So please, consider donating 5 Euros a month if you can. It is the only amount we accept.

Thank you!


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Support Small Technology Foundation , @Framasoft , @trom the true builders and alternative providers for ethical privacy tech/software.

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