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You know why it's pointless to debate "socialism" or "utopia" or whatever comparison people throw out when you criticize market capitalism? Because the system, in and of itself, without the need for comparison, is insufficient to be sustainable for the species. #systemsscience

Absolutely nothing worse than a child in poverty. No better way to mess up human beings for their entire life than have them raised in deprivation, exposed to the characteristics we know empirically occur disproportionally in those low income…

True Freedom of Choice

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France and Germany evaded arms embargo to sell weapons to Russia

This is exact thing I was talking about these days. You cannot be "nice" in this system, you need to make a profit to go on. You can say a thousand of words how you support peace, but when it comes to the profit, you keep selling the weapons, helping others to kill.
there you go...what a fuckery. and how am I not surprised again...

Environment affects human's early-life development

If we care about our enviroment, it cares about us.

Our latest TROMcast about War can be watched here - . Very nice to see new faces. We will try to make more TROMcasts in the future. Busy with the TROM II documentary for now, but after that we should make more. #tromlive

Tomorrow we will have a live. TROMcast is back. We will discuss "war" as the topic, with the focus on the current events. We will stream at where we will also have a live chat.

Anyone can join. #tromlive