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Our Teddit instance was removed form following the Reddit's API limitations that killed pretty much all apps and instances that tried to provide a clean trade-free interface to Reddit. Reddit, like all companies, want to keep their assets for themselves because that brings them more profits, more trade advantages. And their asset is....people, their posts, their data, their eyeballs.

Anyway, perhaps it is a better idea to not use Reddit anyway.

#tromlive #TradeRuinsEverything

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It seems that because Google banned our server IP (our invidious instance was a threat for them it seems) now you cannot import videos from Youtube to our Peertube. Endless issues. And for what!? For allowing people to watch Youtube videos without the crap hat Youtube adds on top of them.

Anyway, we need to seek for a solution. This is not a disaster by any means, but it is another warning sign of what these big companies are doing. All they want is to play the game of trade, because they are winning at it. So Youtube pretends to be a video platform, and thus we say: Cool, we installed this Youtube interface to allow people to watch the videos from your video platform, without all of the bloat. But Youtube is like "Whaaaat!? Nah! We NEED people to watch our ads, and we need to collect their data and make them give us their currencies!".

Because, you guessed it, Youtube is not a video platform. Videos are just a way to serve you ads. Youtube is an AD PLATFORM.

#TradeRuinsEverything #tromlive
100%. Probably our Teddit instance will also get fucked....luckily the devs behind Invidious and Teddit are working to bypass these stupidities. Problem is Youtube totally owns the video space....So in a way or another we kinda depend on it for now....

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Youtube and Reddit has a lot of good content on it, would be very sad if we lose access to that. The biggest problem is that most of the content on the internet is centralized on a few servers where these big tech companies hold them as hostage for controlling how people get to access that info (forcefully make us use their apps, create an account on their website, etc).
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WHO for all.

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Thank you for writing such thoughtful pieces, the world desperately needs to hear these words.

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Wow, thank you for sharing that YouTube video. Documentaries about BS conspiracy theories are the worst, its hilarious seeing these people trying to come up with various "explanations" just to cover up the holes in their theory.

Schools are not for learning.

One of the most asked questions in class is "Will this be on the test?", schools were never about education or learning new things......

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A Child with a Fatal Disease that's "Not Profitable to Cure"

In a trade-based society it mainly, of not entirely, matters what's the value of a trade. If you can trade it, you have the go ahead. If it is not profitable to trade it or you cannot trade it, then it does not have any value.

We should be able to design a better society where the incentive is to help others, progress, protect, discover, rather than a mindless "trade trade trade".


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Its horrifying to hear that there are 200 to 300 children suffering from this disease and still no one's trying to help find a cure for it just because its not profitable. Its so sad that our world works this way.

Behavior is Environment

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Carbon Offsets: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Trade trade, trade trade, trade long as we are compelled and trained to trade, that's our priority. Does not matter if it is a company or an individual. #TradeRuinsEverything #tromlive

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Thanks a lot for sharing that video, its very informative. I've heard before that these so called "Carbon Offsets" were a scam, but I didn't know they were this much harmful and outright ridiculous. I should've known, because how can you use trades to solve an issue that has been created by this trade based society in the first place!?

And all of these companies showing you ads saying "Zero carbon footprint", please don't fall for that BS. You can't "undo your emissions" by throwing money at it 🤦

cc @Ernest-Frankie @Émilie Fecteau

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From the video: "We cannot offset our way out of climate change." 😢

That was meant for media that would be trade-free an anyone can use. However for one we didn't find a good software to host that...and second it takes a lot of time and resources to do such a website...maybe in the future we will...for now we can't.
It is still a project that we think about and we have not filly abandoned...but too many things under the TROM umbrella. It is quite a challenge to maintain everything at this point. Maybe after the TROM II documentary is released we can look again into this. I'd love to see such a website.