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Thank you so much Eduard for becoming the 77th supporter of TROM! We run a unique fundraiser for TROM in that we need only 200 people to donate 5 Euros a month in order to support us for the long run.

Distributed support so that it won't put a big toll on anyone, and a limited goal so that we do not get rich.

If you appreciate the so many things that we do at TROM (see then please consider supporting us.

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„This project argues that trade is the origin of most problems: from climate change to slavery, waste and pollution, corruption, crime, you name it. And if we understand the cause, we have a chance to come up with realistic solutions“

=> what kind of solution could this be? I‘m just curious as I couldn’t find any hint on your website. How could a word without trade look like?

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Thank you Wojmir for the 10 Euros donation! Let us remind you that we desperately need help to fund our backups for all of our projects. We need to raise 300 Euros in less than 2 weeks.

To keep on doing trade-free things in a trade-based world is a fight that requires a lot of struggles, almost like swimming against a tsunami. But what is the alternative? Give up and not do anything? That's by far the easiest solution since the water current will push you into the "normal" direction. But for now we are still trying with TROM. We have reached many thousands of minds and with very little funding required. Thus, if you think TROM is still relevant, consider to support it since I (Tio) cannot push it all by myself.

Big thanks to the few people who are still supporting TROM, financially or not.

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We need help to pay for our backups. This is a yearly funding campaign that we do, so if you can help us please see here - we only need 300 Euros for a full year of 4TB encrypted backups.

This means everything from our videos and documentaries, books, websites, including (meaning all of the files that users have uploaded to our services - from Peertube videos to Nextcloud files). Everything!

300 Euros to make sure that we have everything backed-up in a secure place.

Please help if you can and thanks a lot for doing that!

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We have a new supporter for our 200 for TROM campaign! - Thank you Darby!

We need some 150 more people to donate 5 Euros a month and support our project forever. Some 20 websites, a lot of trade-free materials and services. Support if you can :)

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The counter on the webpage is only showing 46 donors tho, did you forgot to update it? :blobcatgiggle:
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No. That's how many there are. I said we need some 150 more, instead of saying that we need 154 more :)

Updated our TROM Files to Nextcloud 28. Biggish update. We had to remove the following apps tho, since they were not compatible: files_3d, files_markdown, metadata, video_converter, extract. Whenever these are available for Nextcloud 28 we will enable them.

Take advantage of our TROM Files - you get 10GB of storage space and access to better tools than Google's Drive. All trade-free.

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Big thanks to those who support our 200 for TROM donation campaign - there are 44 people donating 5 Euros a month and we need 200 in total. We provide a lot of materials and tools - see the donation page. Your support allows us to keep these alive and relevant, and if enough support to continue to produce more.

Remember, among many things, we provide a video platform with unlimited uploads for anyone, a file hosting platform with 10GB of storage for any user that registers, a social network and a chat platform. Also a Linux Operating System. A lot, and for everyone. So please, consider donating 5 Euros a month if you can. It is the only amount we accept.

Thank you!


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Support Small Technology Foundation , @Framasoft , @trom the true builders and alternative providers for ethical privacy tech/software.

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What is the best p2p chat application that does not rely on servers? We plan to change the default qTox app for our TROMjaro. Jami is the best one on the list so far, but if you know any let us know. #tromlive #p2p #opensource #foss #privacy

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Ok but this is a very very old post. I wonder how relevant it still is.
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Not a worry at all!