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I start to believe that this is a prank and you guys talked to each other to say such wonderful words about me and the documentary hahaha. I honestly am surprised by these reactions. Feels weird but many thanks to you all. 😊
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ohh, @Tio you just debunked our conspiracy

Laptop donation campaign for TROM ❤

Laptop Donation Campaign -

By Tio:

This is a donation campaign to help me, Tio, buy a new laptop that will allow me to become more mobile while having all I need to work on TROM and its baby projects. Please see the donation campaign for a detailed explanation and help if you can.

Basically I need to take what is in this photo (except those galaxies):

With all of the shoeboxes full of HDDs and cables:

And put it into this:

Thank you very much if you can help out! :)


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Great new video by Tio and Dima-

Life is a Monopoly Game

"Tio from TROM explains concept of our trade-based society using Monopoly Game as an example."

Video made by @Dima

Subscribe to his Peertube here and Youtube here

Big thanks to Dima for the video! #tromlive

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Yesterday I got to preview the first part of TROM II documentary and I must say that it’s really really awesome :) I may be biased (since I’m in it :)) but sometimes it gave me the chills. And it also reminds me a bit of Adam Curtis’ documentaries. Overall I think @Tio did a fantastic job so far, and I can’t wait to see what will come next!
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You are too nice :)
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Oh I cant wait to watch it :D

Big thanks to @Future is FOSS @Xantulon and @Alexio who helped with the release of TROMjaro XFCE! They test it, help us create custom scripts, and more. All about the release here