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Our Society is Retarded and Fucked Up.

I was interviewed for a mini-documentary + article about Couchsurfing. You can see it here:

It’s a nice video with a positive message in the end. The only thing it’s missing, I’d say, is a mention of some alternative couchsurfing platforms like and – those that haven’t morphed into an evil profit-driven company :D

I explained the whole Couchsurfing story in more detail here-
That’s why I’m in this mini-doc :)

I added some Pyrenees photos to my photo page:
It seemed a bit out of date since I had nothing there since 2019. Now 2021 is there :)

Love those Pyrenees mountain lakes :)

Over the past 2-3 months I've been coming back to the secret octopus bay and I've figured out that there are three octopuses that like human feet :D And there is one octopus that is particularly friendly. She even took me by the hand, held me in strong current, and dragged me around the bay!

I updated my octopus blog with a bunch of new videos so you can see all of this here-

Or on PeerTube:

I finished my book! YES! :D Well, I finished draft 3 of the entire thing, which is basically (hopefully) the final draft :D. Maybe I’ll change the conclusion in the end, but we’ll see, for now I am done!

I’ll spend the rest of the summer walking across the Pyrenees Mountains and thinking about it :D

I plan to leave in 1 week.

Here's our latest TROM-Cast:

This one was about movies, our personal opinions about movies, and the impact that movies have on society.

You can also watch it on Peertube -

65. Movies

We recommend our VideoNeat collections of movies and our book "The For-Profit Entertainment"

I finished Chapter 24- some crazy stories about hitchhiking through Europe in 2016 :D

I actually didn't realize how much time I spent hitchhiking around the world until I wrote this book :D There are a lot of hitching stories in there. Mostly good ones, but some were a tiny bit frightening too.

I also brought back a section that I had deleted earlier (from Chapter 8) so now the book is a bit over 150,000 words but maybe it's better that way, we'll see.

Now I'll have to make just a few small changes to Chapter 25 (the 2nd-to-last chapter) and then I'll see if I can manage to finish editing the conclusion or if I'll have to mull over it for a while longer.

I finished editing chapter 23, which was about Hawaii. This chapter included a story about the Kalalau, where I took this picture-

This was definitely one of the most incredible places I've ever seen, and the interesting part about this place is that there are a bunch of hippies living in that valley and making pizza :D
I hope to come back there one day and stay for a little while.

I also edited chapter 24 and 25 (Europe and Nicaragua) but I might go over it one more time.
And now I'm on the conclusion! ...And I'm struggling with it.

I'll try to take it little by little, hopefully finish by next week, and then we'll record my part for TROM2 documentary ;)

I made a lot of progress this week. I'm up to Chapter 23 now (page 275) and I think I only have about 4 chapters to edit! But I decided to go with a new strategy- right now I'm working on draft 2 of the 2nd half of my book (which I have never edited before). Once I finish draft 2 I will re-edit that entire section to make a final draft. Only then can we celebrate :D.

Now I just finished a part about Sri Lanka, which I struggled with a bit. I managed to cut out a bunch of pages so now the book is about 150,000 words. I don't think there's much more I can cut out but maybe that's okay.

Here's a photo of the Dambulla cave temple in Sri Lanka :)

I finished editing Chapter 17! Making progress :D
This one was about Cambodia, Thailand, Russia, Bulgaria and Morocco. Random, yes, but it made sense at the time :D

Here's a photo from this chapter-

This is from the Ta Prohm temple in the jungles of Cambodia (part of the Temples of Angkor)

I decided to include an entire chapter about climate change in the book. At first, I thought that perhaps it deviated too much from the story, but I think I’ll leave it there because it’s an important topic and it impacted my perspective of the world quite a lot. Besides, the book will be called “Big World small Sasha” so it’s not only about the small Sasha- it’s also about the Big World :D

Here’s a part of what I wrote for that climate change chapter-
I didn’t change much since I worked on this section a lot back when I was writing it.

I finished editing Chapter 12 today! This was a long one about Indonesia but it didn't take long to edit because I had already worked on this part a lot before. Now I'm done with 144 out of 344 pages!

Here's one of my favorite photos from Indonesia. This is Gunung Rinjani, a volcano I once fell in love with :)