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Day 47 of my big hike across the Pyrenees -

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I made another thumbnail for the TROM 2 trailer 😀

This looks great! @tio are you gonna update the thumbnail now?
the other one looks great too, this one I just made because... I dk, I've been making a lot of thumbnails lately 😂
I apologize for doubting your thumbnail making skills earlier by asking Tio if he helped you make those 😄 And yeah, I agree both thumbnails are great for the trailer 🙂
hahaha no worries @Rokosun 😁
I'll leave the default one. That's based on our poster so I'd like to keep it that way. Sasha is a great thumbnailer! 😀

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The trailer to TROM II: A Message to The Aliens-

The documentary will be released in June! 😀

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Incredible trailer!

TROM II: A Message to the Aliens (official poster)

The documentary will be released in June. The trailer will be available this week.

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Hiking, Day 46 - No More Gas! 😁

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Day 45 of my big long hike 😁 -

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I start to believe that this is a prank and you guys talked to each other to say such wonderful words about me and the documentary hahaha. I honestly am surprised by these reactions. Feels weird but many thanks to you all. 😊
ohh, @Tio you just debunked our conspiracy
hahaha 😁
you busted!

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Thru-hiking, Day 44- It was so beautiful that I tripped and fell 😁

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Days 42-43 of my thru-hike:

~Ordesa Valley, a truly spectacular place 😀

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GR11 thru-hike, day 38-39. Preparing for the Storm-

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Day 37 of hiking-
Here I gorged on berries and found a very beautiful camping spot 😀

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We'll do another live with Jorditoms tomorrow (Feb 22) at 12:30PM Central European Time. Here's the link 😉

This one will be with Zurawiny who makes very beautiful videos about the GR11 trail (in Polish but with English subs).

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I think you deserve an Oscar for this episode. Just saying....

Ahaha the cow episode was hilarious 😁 They are quite (aggressively) musical with those bells, aren't they?
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haha thanks 😁 Yeah those bells are really loud! 😀

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Tomorrow (Fri the 3rd) we’ll be doing a live Q&A about the GR11 thru-hike-

Join host and soon-to-be GR hiker Jorditoms, hiker/biker Al Simo, and me to hear about our experiences, struggles, and advice on tackling this long-distance footpath across the Pyrenees Mountains.
9:00PM Barcelona time 😉

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Day 31-32 of my big hike:

Here I walked from Lac de Mar on the HRP, camped by Lac Tort de Rius, then joined back up with the GR11 and walked down to Refugi de Conangles, then camped by Estany de Anglios. (All in Spain).

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Day 30 of my thru-hike across the Pyrenees Mountains:

Here I walked from Estanh Long de Colomers, followed the GR11 trail to Lac Deth, where I swam, camped, and made a satay chicken taco 😄 On day 31 I walked to Lake Restanca and then onto the HRP to Lac de Mar.

Very impressive lakes in this part of the Spanish Pyrenees! I loved them!

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Trailer for my new video series:
New episodes every week on peertube 😀

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Day 28-29 of my thru-hike:

I had a very nice rest day at Lake Maurici- where you’re absolutely not supposed to camp! Ooops 😄. Then I walked through Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park (Catalonia's only national park, with almost 200 lakes) and camped near Lake Obago.

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These videos are getting more interesting now, with beautiful lakes, mountains, etc. And BTW, I really like those funny little dance moves you do in the sped up scenes, haha 😄

*gotta make her tent*
Sasha: 💃
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haha thanks 😁
The place where you’re absolutely not supposed to camp is the best location, so far. Stunning scene.

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My thru-hike Day 25-27-
Here I walked from Tavascan (Spain) to Lake Maurici, passing by a few small villages and finding camping wherever possible. I also learned a lesson here: never put your bag on the ground in these small villages- as there are plenty of dogs there!

I also gotta say that lake view is amazing, a perfect camping spot. These beautiful scenery is what makes it worth it 😀
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haha yeah there are many things to think about 😀 and from here on out the scenery was really spectacular 😁

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Day 23-24:

Here I walked from the Baiau Refuge, turned off of the GR11 to trek the HRP (Haute Route Pyrenees) and slept in Refugi de Baborte (also called Refugi del Cinquantenari). Then I took another variation and followed a trail called “La Porta del Cel” to get back to the GR11 at a little village called Tavascan.

A day well spent! 😄

I mean, I've seen the videos, they're well made 😃

And do you make the thumbnails too?
haha thanks, they are quite simple 😁 Yeah I make the thumbnails too, that part is not so difficult 😀

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Just a little clip of the Baiau Lakes and Refugi Baiau “Josep Maria Montfort”:

Music: Light Scenery by Olezha Chopalish

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There was snow on the ground but it wasn't snowing when you were there 🤔

Then there was a swarm of flies, that was unexpected 🪰

Do many people bring their dogs to GR 11? I'm afraid of dogs, lol 😅
haha no I don't think many people would bring their dogs to do the entire GR11, it would be really difficult for the dog, but people can do bits and pieces of it (like for just a few days) with their dog, I've seen that a bunch
What a spectacular scene!

Day 22- New video from my thru-hike:

Here I walked from Andorra to Spain and stayed in Refugi Baiau “Josep Maria Montfort”- an awesome free shelter by a gorgeous mountain lake 😀

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Day 21-22 of my thru-hike:

I went off the main GR11 trail (onto the GR11.1 variant) to save myself from walking/camping in the rain. I slept in Refuge Pla de l'Estany (a free mountain hut), then walked to Estany Forcat (a beautiful mountain lake) in the Pyrenees Mountains on the border of Spain and Andorra.
That lake is so beautiful! 😍

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Day 19-20-
I made it to Andorra! And witnessed the craziest thunderstorm of my life! 😄
If I was there I'd probably waste a lot of time looking at these amazing views and never really go anywhere, haha 😅

And I'm glad you didn't have to camp in that crazy storm, the fallen trees look scary, I hope no one got hurt.
haha I think I also spent a lot of time looking at the views, and moved very slowly because of that 😁 Yeah I hope no one got hurt too, that storm really came out of nowhere

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Thru-hike Day 16-18: Blisters and Horses!

Somewhere around here I had to raise my daily budget from 3 euros to 5. There was just no way I could get up those mountains without donuts and chorizo! 😁
My blisters were also killing me! And many horses wanted to eat my food! 😁
You have a good sense of humor 😄

And damn those mountains and rivers look beautiful, such a lovely place 😍
thanks 😄 yes they are really beautiful places 😊

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Days 14 & 15 of my thru-hike across the Pyrenees (Spain).
Here I walked from Queralbs to Puigcerdà. At one point I lost the trail and had to bushwhack through stinging nettle.

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GR11 thru-hike, Day 12-13-

I made it to the first set of high mountains going east to west across the Pyrenees! Here I walked from Setcases to Queralbs, passing by the Ulldeter Refuge, Pic de Tirapits, and Nuria (all in Spain).

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Wow lots of nice & beautiful places. And you were inside a cloud! :ablobcatrave:

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Day 11 on the trail-

Here I walked from Mollo to Setcases, struggling up the hills and battling with my blisters and busy mind 😁
I didn't expect to see a horse ringing a bell, haha 😄

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GR11 Thru-Hike
Day 9-10: Women's Problems-

Here I walked from the Bassegoda Refuge to a river close to Mollo. It was very hot and I experienced all kinds of pain!
Wow, lots of different terrains and nice bridges. Also the tiny little frogs 🐸

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Day 7-8:

Here I walked from Ermita de Santa Eugenia to Sant Miquel de Fontfreda, then on to the Bassegoda Refuge, which is a massive free shelter.

Laptop donation campaign for TROM ❤

Laptop Donation Campaign -

By Tio:

This is a donation campaign to help me, Tio, buy a new laptop that will allow me to become more mobile while having all I need to work on TROM and its baby projects. Please see the donation campaign for a detailed explanation and help if you can.

Basically I need to take what is in this photo (except those galaxies):

With all of the shoeboxes full of HDDs and cables:

And put it into this:

Thank you very much if you can help out! 😀


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Day 5 & 6 on the GR11:

I had a nice rest day at Refuge Forn de Calç (a bit early for a rest day- I know, but it was 33 degrees outside!). On day 6 I walked to La Jonquera (which was very disappointing) and on to some random shelter in the forest.
There were 🐗 🐮 🦎 🐍
haha yes 😁

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On my third night on the GR11, I had another terrifying encounter with wild boars. Then I spent my fourth day on the trail struggling with heat and water problems.

Here I walked from the Sant Quirze de Colera Monastery to the Forn de Calç refuge (which is a free shelter for hikers and bikers).
The door opens and the video ends, excited for the next one 😀

BTW, boars sound way scarier than I thought, could totally use that in a horror movie!
haha yes they are really scary!! 😁

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Day 2 & 3 on the GR11 thru-hike (ultraheavy style). Here I went from Port de la Selva to the Sant Pere de Rodes Monastery to Sant Quirze de Colera.
I spent my first night alone on this trail- and was terrified of the wild animals that came by my tent. The next day I was attacked by dogs and almost collapsed from heat exhaustion 😁
Big Boars, Brave Sasha 😀)
This series is getting very interesting really quickly!

Boar: *makes scary noises*

Sasha: *takes out her katana, AKA pointless knife* 🤣

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I knew that pointless knife will come back, like a Chekhov's gun in a movie 😄
haha 🤣🤣

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Day 1 & 2 of my big hike from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic across the Pyrenees Mountains-

Thanks @Tio for joining me for the first 20 km of the trail! And thanks for taking some stuff out of my ultraheavy backpack! 😁

aand also thank you for setting up this great PeerTube instance 😀 It turns out that uploading videos to PeerTube is much faster than uploading them to YouTube- and much less confusing! 😁
Not to mention no ads, no data collection, no google evil, and all that 😁

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I remember @tio talking about how tired he got just from those few days he was on the hike with you, I have no idea how you managed to go the entire way through with that ultra heavy backpack, I hope the antigravity is working so your back wouldn't hurt.

BTW, were you also writing your book during the hike?
haha actually I have no idea either 😁 it was very difficult 😀
I already had my book written out but I had it on my book reader and went through it while I was in the mountains, noting some changes that I wanted to make